& 2GIG Home Security Thermostat Features & Benefits & 2GIG Home Security Thermostat Features & Benefits

This is Jake Schucker with Reliable Home Security
and today we are going to cover some of the features and benefits of the Z-Wave enabled
thermostat that learns into As you can see we are currently at the home
page so once you’ve logged in this is where we’ll be taken to the main security tab
and we would like to select empower to take us to our home automation devices. Once we selected the empower tab as you can
see all of your home automation devices are listed here from lights, door locks, which
are not currently on this one and thermostats so we would like to select thermostats and
this is the main home page for the thermostat here. We’ll start by going over the heating schedules.
If you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see energy-saving templates so there is actually
four different templates you can choose from they are adjusted depending on how aggressive
you’d like to be as far saving money on your energy. So whichever template you decide to choose
we’ll go ahead and choose the most aggressive energy saver we just want to click apply this
template, as you can see up in the green here it has been applied and just go back to the
thermostats tab and you can see now that template is listed here. You can make adjustments to the template by
simply just clicking on the degrees for that time frame say you want to turn it down to
sixty five degrees for saturday and sunday. We can also adjust that timeframe if we like
by clicking and dragging the window and if you’d like to apply that for different days
we can just go to the end of the row and click on this tab here and setup for different days
of the week. so, as an example of say we want this to be sunday and saturday so i’ll just
click on saturday and go ahead and hit apply. As far as cooling schedules go it’s pretty
much the exact same setup all except this is for the air conditioning but you can control
all of those mainly as well and choose from the the same four different templates that
are set up for cool are just similar as the heat. So the next thing we are going to cover with
the thermostats is if you scroll down to the bottom or towards the bottom again you’ll
see the away from home thermostat override and what this is used for is to really utilize
your energy savings with the thermostat so we just cover how to run through the cooling
and heating schedules but we could also set up a rule as you can see when the selected
occurs you can win the system arms away say when you’re gone for the day we’ll tell
it to override the template and turn the heat down to sixty two or you know turn the cool
mode up to seventy perhaps and then when you come back home and you disarm the system as
you can see the checkmark for system is disarmed it will resume the schedule and to turn that
on we just need to switch this from the off to on and make sure that is on for the schedule
and just save it and obviously you can set your temperature accordingly for what you
like it to turn down to for heat or turn up for a cool so it saves energy while no one
in the house and overrides the template. And we want to save to utilize the override.
So the next tab over on the home screen from the thermostats is extreme temps and basically
what this is designed to do is depending on the weather forecast you can see on the right
hand side here. If the weather is projecting for it to be a hundred degrees tomorrow or
or ninety whatever you decide that you set it for. In that scenario we can increase the
the thermostat target temp by you know one degree ten degrees however aggressive you’d
like to get for energy-saving management. So the idea here is if to be a hundred degrees
out you know possibly in you know set of setting our thermostat to keep the house cooled seventy
degrees all day. We could set up for maybe seventy four, seventy five because you’re
probably not going to notice that much difference between seventy and seventy five when it’s
a hundred degrees outside so we can set it a little bit higher temperature to save the
air conditioning from running non-stop to try and keep it at seventy all day. As you can imagine we can do the same thing
for extreme low temperatures over when it is projected to be you know thirty two degrees
or negative ten as you can see here whatever you’d like to adjust it for the same scenario
applies. We can adjust it by one to nine degrees depending on how aggressive you’d like to
be to change the target temp again and so if it’s normally seventy degrees in the house
then maybe we can get down to sixty-eight possibly to you know don’t make sure that
the heat’s not running constantly because it’s so cold outside and adjust those schedules
you know by overriding it with extreme temp so the extreme temp will override your heat
or cold schedules you have in place awards the temperatures reached that is projected
for on the weather forecast up here on the right and of course when you’re finished setting
your extreme temps and what degrees you’d like them to adjust by we can go ahead and
hit save and that will now save the current extreme temperatures that you set up. So the next tab we’re going to cover on
the thermostat is the setting and alerts tab. Lets go ahead and click on setting and alerts.
So as you can see we can setup different notifications for different people in your address book.
As you can see i’m llisted below as well for one of our technicians. You can also enable
push devices from your iphone and androids. As far as the notifications go that you’ll
be able to set up if someone changes the target temp you can select that you’ll also know
if someone changed thermostat mode. A great feature is a notification when the
temperature in the house is exceeding one of our temperature thresholds when it’s
too low or high threshold as you can see it’s currently set at a fifty and seventy-eight
for us. But a great example would be lets say you’re
out of town and you know your house should be set at sixty five the whole time while
you’re gone and for some reason you know its the middle of summer and thermostats reading
seventy eight degrees in the house well, possibly its the middle of winter and now its reading
as low as fifty degrees in the house. We can set up to you send notifications, text messages,
or emails when it reaches either one of those temperatures to let us know that all is that
something’s not working properly our HVAC system is down so this notifies that. So you can adjust the temperature extremes
to whatever temperature you like just by clicking and dragging on it you know accordingly and
then when you have everything set to where you like to have it then go ahead and hit
save down here at the bottom that will save your notifications and your temperatures. The last thing that we will cover today for
the thermostat is if you scroll down to the bottom of the screen as you can see this checkbox
to turn off the thermostat for one hour. In the event of a fire, smoke, carbon monoxide
alarm. This is a great feature if you do you happen to have monitored smoke or CO alarms
in the house. If these alarms are detecting smoke or CO leaks in the home they will automatically
shut down the thermostats so it doesn’t re-circulate those poisonous gases you know
throughout the vents in the home through the heating or air conditioning. Lastly at the top you can manually control
the temperature by clicking on the mode so you can turns auto cool turn your schedule
on and off that we set up earlier for the heating and cooling schedules. You can also
specify a target temp so you can manually override any schedules you might have in place just by clicking up-and-down
with that and setting it accordingly.

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  1. I have a question about software using the smart thermostat. This is what I am looking to accomplish. I have a whole house fan that I would like to put on a plug in appliance modular. I would like to be able to tell that modular if the temperature gets a certain degrees from the smart thermostat to turn off the modular. This way I can turn my whole house fan on and it will only run a certain amount of hours until the house is cool to a comfortable degrees I desire then shut off. Do you know if this is possible?

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