AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Wireless Sensor

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Wireless Sensor

This thing is like two times bigger than a
regular Ajax motionprotect indoor sensor, you can see a video-review on it right behind
that hint. And that’s a sole Ajax Device for outdoor
application. It is not produced inside of any Ajax kit
and thus we conclude it’s something from other league. The Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor is right here
in our studio and we are going to find out what it is, what it does, it’s working principle
and also run a practical usage test along with the activation and tying this up with
our Ajax Hub. And before we start – go to the Pipl Systems
Website, order any of all twenty five Ajax Devices, specify you are subscriber and get
your special offer right away. I’m Daniel, breaking in You are probably wondering why did they take
their MotionProtect Sensor and duplicated one on top of another. Because this is how it looks. And that’s what it basically is. Two Infrared sensors in one device. A doubled price along with that. The first thing that Ajax MotionProtected
Outdoor is aimed for – is to overcome the infrared sensor’s number one problem – the
outdoor motion detector sensor’s accuracy, the false triggerings. You know, trees and bushes’ leafes fluctuation,
birds, pets and similar. There is also such problem ocuring as objects
in sight are getting sun-irradiated and that causes infrared sensor to react on a irritant,
because infrared sensor mechanism is based on catching heat-emmiting objects. And that is why we have two infrared sensors
built-in – they are working simultaniously in a hundreed percents syncronisation with
each other. The recommended height of sensor’s install
is about eight to one point three meters, which is approximately a stomach or a chest
area of an average person, so the top infrared monitors a straight line direction and a bottom
one is pointed to the area of a shin and feet. As a result – the mechanism looks like this
– the event of alarm happens only if both sensor’s beams are simultaniously crossed
by a person, and of course, the detection range is customizable via the toggle under
the device back cover, here is it. On a scheme it looks like this: Now enough of theory – pure facts, the numbers. Two infrared sensors, three anti-masking sensors
to recognize an external attempts to block the view of detector. The Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor detection distance
makes up a three to fifteen meters and is fully adjustable with this toggle in frames
of this range. The device id IP fifty four rated, meaning
rain and dust-tightness. The operational humidity parameter reaches
up a hundreed percents due to a sensor type, and that’s what makes a difference – this
guy operates with an incredible accuracy even in a high-umidity environments and withstands
temperatures from minus twenty five celsius or minus thirteen farenheit to plus sixty
celcius or a hundreed and forty farenheit, thus it is suitable for either low and both
high-temperatures regions. The range of signal transmission reaches up
to seventeen hundreds meters in open area, owing to Ajax Jeweller radiotechnology, and
can be extended with the Ajax Rax extender device. The device’ detection feature is immune to
animals up to eighty cantimeters or two point six foot high. The sensor is protected againt harmful actions
like masking and everything vandalism-related and also guarantees an ingress protection. As all of the rest Ajax Sensors – the pings
frequency parameter makes up a twelwe to three hundreds seconds. Regarding the alarms signals transmission
– that happens in zero point fifteen miliseconds. Of course in stock we also got a tampering
alarm, and an Ajax-regular smart bracket. The built-in battery rate here is equal to
five years. If we are talking specifically about how does
the device protect you and your property – then we talk about a three-step algorythm. At first, it checks whether both infrared
sensors are witnessing the movement, and if that’s happening simultaniously, we got a
first emergency sign, next – data is getting analyzed by SmartDetect algorythm, made with
the allowance of outdoor interferences. Here those waveforms are getting compared
and matched to each other. That’s a second sign. Third – L.I.S.A, LISA. Live Intelligent Spectrum Analysis that initiates
a comparison of signals’ frequency components. As an output – the third and a final sign. And all that happens in miliseconds before
delivering user a notification So the first thing, well the first thing to
start off – well get the Ajax Systems’ free app from the App Store, Google play – install,
after what sign up, create user create password, and the system will let you in. I mean that’s the main thing that’s your control
panel of the whole system because we all have smartphones nowadays. Now what you do next, put down the phone – you
gotta get Ajax Hub activated. So as you can see – my Ajax Hub, lights well,
the logo in here lights with the green, meaning the power is transmitted here and the Internet
is transmitted here. The Hub is online, powers restored and everything
is great. And also thу tamper alarm back here is closed,
so what you do next – yoг go into the Ajax App, ow, you can see my Ajax Hub is already
activated in here, you can see it’s right on that screen, there appear in front of you
too. On the right side of the screen? Alright, so the Hub is activated – you scan
the QR code, you name it and there you are. As you can see – Hub, Daniel, and next thing
you do – create a room. My room is studio, but anyways you got to
have a room to tie the sensors with this room and you can even set a photo in here. And now let’s add a sensors – add device,
add device button, naming it, well I got it in the buffer, and paste MotionProtect outdoor. Next we do – scan the QR. For this purpose – take this cover lid back
off and here you can see the QR-code locared in here. I’ll take the phone and we scan the QR located
on the back, and next – we tie it with the studio room, pressing the OK. Next thing you got to do – see this on/off
button? Hold it near the Hub, press and hold the button,
and next – yes. Now it will start to adjust itself so we got
the MotionProtect outdoor tied up with our Ajax Hub. Don’t forget to close, oh, allright, close
the lid back up – well because of the tamper. And now you see it’s blinking with green here,
here, and here, well on the visible parts of course. So you gotta just let him do that – he adjusts
itself to the interference, to the interface in the room to the environment. Right, so we’re just letting him do this – oh
it’s pretty much done. And now you can see there and in here our
Ajax MotionProtect outdoor is already tied up with our Hub, with our system, with our
user, well user account, yeah, and now I’m just gonna arm the system and see how is that
happening, well the spotting intruders and like test it out practically – so we go into
the control and we press this full circle button. Pressing, you get the notification that Hub
is armed by Daniel and now let’s imagine I just went to a job in the morning, I’ve armed
my system in the morning, I’ve closed the app, yeah, I got to the job, yeah, and here’s
my phone here’s my working table, yeah, and the sensor let’s imagine it’s in home and
someone gets, someone breaks in – this is what happens to the guy. He is getting spotted and I’m getting notified,
as you can see. So this is how it happens, although the other
specifications of this thing are available earlier in this video and now we’re going
to conclude the whole thing that happened today. So, counting and summing up all the device
charachteristics – the conclusion suggests itself. Ajax have done and amazing job implementing
2 infrared detectors, three masking sensors, three-step algorythm of a threats recognition,
anti-humidity along with the operating in low and high temperatures, great communication
transmission area size, an extremely fast alarm signal transfer and finishing this with
a 5 years battery lifelong on top of that. I’m not even gonna conclude myself – everything
is clear. Order up Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor or any
of all twenty five Ajx Devices on the Pipl Systems Store website, link is in description
– special offers are applied to the ones, who specify that they are subscribed. Thank you for watching. Your protection and your knowing of what surrounds
you – our main goal in the Pipl Systems.

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