Ajax Alarm System Review: Ajax Hub 2 [2019]

Ajax Alarm System Review: Ajax Hub 2 [2019]

It’s been three years since Ajax Systems released
a Hub in 2016, there it is. After that we’ve also seen the enhanced Ajax
Hub Plus version coming out, which main features are a Wi-fi support, system’s scale increase,
and a second backup backup sim-card slot. And you can see a video, dedicated to the
Hub One and the Hub Plus following the hint in there, or click the link below. So, it’s a September 2019 – Apple announces
new iPhones, and the Ajax Systems releases Ajax Hub version 2. And maybe that was on purpose, maybe not,
we don’t know, but what we know and what we see is a Hub 2 version 2 in front of us and
now we’re going to glance through the updates we have and compare it to the Hub 1 and the
Hub Plus. And of course we’ll be launching sales for
the Hub 2 soon on the Pipl Systems Store along with all others 25 Ajax Devices, where you
can go following the description link. I’m Daniel, [laughs] breaking in And
so here I also have Ajax Hub 1 and the Hub Plus for the instance and comparisons, and
well, regarding the Ajax Hub 2, I’m quite sure we are going to see a Hub 2 Plus version
as well, and I’m gonna answer how do I know throughought this video So the box is white, independently from the
device color, the same way it’s done with the Hub 1 Box. Although, similar to the Hub Plus box, Ajax
have added a supported cellular standards marking on the box front in the bottom left
corner here and here, and they have also changed a description markup on the back, where the
main features are highlighted in here. Now let’s open up the box and see what’s inside. And as I already know from Ajax – nothing
changed so far, and I think – why would they change something that works good yet? And so they didn’t. The Hub 2 looks hundreed percents identical
in compare to a regular and a Hub plus versions. Although, what is different is located on
the backside cover, that slips off pretty hard as well as in the previous generation,
and you got to put some effort to uncover insides. On the manner of Hub Plus, here we have double
sim-card slot, along with the location of all other inputs and buttons, that didn’t
change too. Power button, power button, sim card slots,
LAN-cable, power cable, and the tamper button. Along with the box we also have, let’s see
what do we got in, oww, there’s a one more brick in here and also you got a few dowells
and a screws waiting for you as you slop the cover off. And here you probably have the, aw, yes, of
course, white LAN-cable and a white power cable, that you, again, insert here. This one goes here, sim cards, power, and
you got everything, and here’s the hub plus for the instance. Well even though the visu, visual appearance
remained the same, what we really curious about is a filling, well, the specifications,
and this is where a Hub 2 reveals himself. The new and exclusive function it has – the
brand-new MotionCam sensor support and, if you haven’t heard about it, that’s a device,
based on the infrared sensor and is basically a combination of the built-in six forty, six
forty by four eighty pixels resolution camera and the infrared sensor. Triggered by the movements, infrared sensor
launches the camera to take series of photos, and, and after what sends it to the Hub and
to the phone then via one of internet channels, which is a wired LAN-cable, and one of sim-cards. We’ll definetely make a video about the MotionCam
in conjunction with a Hub 2 point 0 right after we’ll get our hands on it. So yeah, Ajax Hub 2.0 point zero has LAN-input,
as well as 2 2g-able sim-slots, working in parallel and replacing each other in an emergency
cases. So that’s what meant by this 3 communication
channels inscription right in here And speaking of updates – we got all-new Ajax
Wings radio-transmitting technology support here, that guarantees that photos, taken from
the MotionCam will be delivered even if the internet speed will decrease down to 5 kilobytes
per second. What else new, but not exclusive – the scenarios
support. This feature comes with a firmware update
and will be also available on older devices like Ajax Hub and Hub Plus a bit later. So what is it? Well, at the release moment, this is a set
of work algorythms for the Ajax Relay, WallSwitch and the Ajax Socket. This scenarios are getting activated when
you arm your system on your phone, or the keyfob, after what it’s automatically able
to lock or unlock contacts on the Ajax relay or turn the Ajax socket on and off. Of course, within a firmware updates, more
scenarios will be added. And speaking of Hubs distinctions, here’s
a pivot table for your information. Hub 2, as well as Hub Plus supports thirty
scenarios, while a regular Hub is capable of only 10. Hub 2 supports up to a hundreed simultanious
devices connected, up to 50 users, up to 9 groups, a third-party cameras or the NVR’s
connected amount reaches up to 25 devices, the battery here lasts 16 hours with the electricity
grid down, and that’s the only device that supports a MotionCam at the moment. At first, actually, we were going to record
the activation and connection as we always do, but after we found out that like, actually,
nothing new happens aтв goes the same way here – we figured out we shouldn’t waste your
time. For the ones who have ever faced Ajax Systems
devices, the process wouldn’t cause any difficulties – guys, it happens the same way it is with
the Hub 1 and the Hub Plus. And if you haven’t faced it, or just want
to remind yourself – go for that link behind a hint in there, or the description link – you’ll
find a complete Hub One and Hub Plus distinctions, activation, connection, and sensors pairing
process. But to be exact, there will be a video featuring
Ajax Hub 2 activation and MotionCam pairing, so stay tuned That’s an awesome device, probably, well,
even a revision model, taking into account a really slight price distinctions with a
regular ajax Hub, and well, I don’t know yet know what the exact numbers will be, but the
difference won’t be more than 5 or 10 percents. What I’m really excited for is a conjunction
within a MotionCam device, and, for a Hub 2 Plus version. And soon, we’ll release a video featuring
MotionCam 2 Plus the Ajax Hub 2, so subscribe, click the bell icon and stay tuned for updates. We got all of the Ajax Systems devices and
a worlwide delivery in a Pipl Systems Store for you within a special offer if you will
specify that you are subscribed. The link is below, in the description, and
we are waiting for you in a Pipl Systems store. Thank you for watching. for being with us today. Our main goal is your protection in Pipl Systems

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