AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax DoorProtect Sensor

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax DoorProtect Sensor

Recently we have decided to film a series
of videos, dedicated specifically to the Ajax Systems, and the goal is to film every single
device out of all twenty five approximately, that Ajax Systems has at the moment. And thus, we continue with the Ajax, this
time it’s DoorProtect and the Ajax DoorProtect Plus – you are going to learn the devices
intend, functionality, see the start-up activation process along with a working principle, and
also find out what distinctions do regular and plus versions have. And of course we got all the Ajax twenty five
devices officially on a Pipl Systems Website within a worldwide delivery, so go check it
out, go check us out, go following the link below, we got the best prices available for
our subscribers. Daniel here, breaking in Subscrive to Pipl Systems Youtube Channel
and get your special offer on every deal And well I don’t really want to rant too much
about this one, as the device is quite simple, so as it’s working principle. But what they don’t say in the product name
– it’s also a window opening detector, used for doors and windows equally. And that is why we have this magnetic, additional
magnetic contact in box besides a main sensor, which is this one. I mean, this is just a tiny magnet, and that
is why it perfectly fits for on-windows install. The same as this one. Even though it’s made in the same form as
a main sensor – it’s just a magnet too, intended for install on a door. Now, this is the main and the onliest sensor
in here, and well you know, the working principle is based on a reed switch, which is able to
detect when the contacts are closed or open due to a magnetic field principle. The DoorProtect Plus box contents are hundreed
percent identical to a regular version, except the sensor’s filling, because what is, what
this one has in addition – is the accelerometer, which makes a sensor be able to feel a tilt
applied to it and also detect an impact applied to an adjoining door or a window. For now, that’s all functional distinctions
they have, but what we are curious – how does that accelerometer affects our interaction
and working with the device? And as you can see here, the accelerometer
in stock decreases the battery life from up to 7 years in a regular version to 5 years
in plus version. But with the accelerometer it opens the possibility
to detect if the adjoining door or the window was harmed, and also it opens the possibility
to arm the system with this sensor in a kind of half-open position. Meaning, if you have opened your window in
the ventilation mode and the main sensor has a gap between a magnetic contact, you won’t
get an alert that the sensor is open, because it is able to remember it’s position, and
if something changes after that, I mean, if the window was harmed or tilted more than
expected – then you’ll get an instant intruder alert. So yes, you hand it, you hang it on a door
or a window, arm the system, and if some intruder opens it, you’ll know that instantly, due
to a reed switch working principle. The operational range of both sensors is twelwe
hundreed meters within twelwe seconds ping frequency, and you can also pair it with a
wired NC detectors. Now let’s pair it with our Hub and test the
working principle real-time And as I’ve already mentioned, the working
principle is based on a reed switch, and these contacts disjunction starts the chain, when
a sensor transmitts the opening signal to the Hub, and after that, featuring the Ajax
Jeweller radio technology, and then sends it to our phone in the form of the alert. So, got a coctact junct, disjunct, sognal
here, and signal here. And now we got Hub added, we got our Ajax
phone app installed, now let’s just pair it up. So what we gonna, so what we are doing, the
sensor in front of us, pressing the add device button, add device, ow, before that, yes,
I forgot, add a room. So yeah, after you activated the hub, you
add the roo, and now we can add the device. What a fault, come on 🙂 Add a device, name
ID – this sensor is DoorProtect, an so I’m naming it this way. Now I’m gonna scan a QR-code, so we take the
main panel and QR code located on the back and pick a room, this is a studio. Next you do – open up the lid, slip it off
and here you can see the on/off button, so now you get a switch it. Pressing the okay and now we are enabling
it right here and there we g. Has been, the device has been added successfully. Now we close a lid, and this is pretty important
part because I’m telling you the system won’t work properly if you won’t close the lid and
now doing this and here we go – the sensor is added to our system to the hub we have
in her. What we do next – we’re gonna test the system
out, we’re gonna see if doorprotect os ok, is online, fully charged, with a single transfer,
aha. We have three out of three and now let’s arm
the system and I’ll just show you a working principle. So, we are arming, the system is armed, here’s
the door protect sensor. What we do – we disjunct, and there we go
– studio open, door protected in studio. The notification, also in a settings and here’s
the close notification. So also you can enable such function as siren,
siren alarm alarmed, so if system is armed and this sensor got that gets dosjuncts, it
notifies you with a loud alarm but I won’t do this now Simple, yet the most effecient kind of detector,
that is based on a reed switch working principle, and you also got here an option to install
it on the window. Simpe, modern and futiristic design, black
and white color body options, plus an Ajax user-friendly device ecosystem with a few
Ajax-exclusive technologies, low price and long battery life makes it a perfect pick. And that is why Ajax Systems has such many
awards. And by the way, we got all of the 25 Ajax
Systems devices and a worlwide delivery in a Pipl Systems Store officially for you within
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you in our store. Thank you for watching. Our main goal is your protection in Pipl Systems

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