AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax CombiProtect Sensor 2in1

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax CombiProtect Sensor 2in1

So I didn’t review this guy together with
the Ajax MotionProtect and MotionProtect Plus, here’s a hint to that video, simultaniously,
because I’m confident this is quite a different device and it kind of ain’t fair to compare
it to other sensors, because it offers some maybe slight, yes, someone says, but probably
crucial differences in compare. So, the Ajax CombiProtect is named this way
to disclose it’s intent right away in the name. Now let’s find out what this is, what it does,
what’s the working principle and run a practical usage test along with the activation and tying
this up with our Ajax Hub. Before we start – go to the Pipl Systems Website,
order any of all twenty five Ajax Devices, specify that you are subscriber and get your
special offer right away. I’m Daniel, breaking in So I’m not gonna list all the distinction
it has regarding the Ajax MotionProtect Sensors, because you can go behind that link and see
everything yourself. Now here I’m gonna focus on a unique features
CombiProtect offers to you, yo me, to customers. And basically – it’s two in one, the MotionProtect
infrared sensor in combine with a GlassProtect microphone sensor, that have been added here
and then brought to a front in here, here is it and here is it, that’s physically a
microphone hole. So that’s infrared sensor and a window intrusion,
or a broken glass sound recognizer. The infrared sensor working principle lies
in detecting an infrared light or a heat emmiting from objects in its field of view, like this,
and as well as we are warm-bloded – we are emmiting heat with our own bodies, and the
infrared sensor created that way to see and catch that heat in it’s sight, which is a
twelve meters distance for the Ajax CombiProtect and the same twelve meters foe the MotionProtect. And thus we conclude that the exact infrared
sensor, on here, has no changes at all And the same with the Ajax GlassProtect – nine
meters broken glass sound detection omn here, and the same nine meters in here. Altough, what you got to know before purchase
– the real sound recongition distance rate is between three to five meters, but not nine
completely as they say on the box’ back here. So you install this one the same way you did
with the Ajax MotionProtect, except that now you got to bring it closer to a window in
room, due to a real three to five meters broken glass recognition rate. And what else happened here – battery life
decreased from up to seven years, you can see it tight here, in a Motion and Glass Protect
to a up to five years on CombiProtect. And that’s reasonable, because as we got two
full-fledged and uncutted sensors in a single device. I mean, it’s good it’s not a double decrease
to three point five years. Now let’s test this CombiProtect device out
and see how’s that happening Alright so the first thing you gotta do to,
well, work with the system, work with the Ajax system – go to the app store, go to the
google play, download the free Ajax systems app on your phone – then sign up, register,
create a password and create a new user. Then you will enter the device adding screen. The first thing you gotta do – you gotta have
a hub activated, tied up, powered on and Internet transmitted. So after you got the internet transmitted,
the power transmitted, the Ajax logo on a Hub lights with green and you are ready to
go. You slip off this cover and scan the QR code,
name Hub and then you’ll have the same setup as I got here right now. From here we add the sensors – add device
button, you can see it right here on screen. So now we’re going to add a sensor there’s
no like actually visual difference between the motionprotect, here’s black and the combiprotect,
it’s white. I mean this one could be black this one could
be white – it doesn’t matter. It depends on your interface, on your apartments’
color, yeah. But the real difference is this microphone
hole on the front panel of the CombiProtect and that what distincts it from this MotionProtect. Now let’s activate the device – pressing the
add device button, add device and now I’m gonna scan the QR, get that happened, slipping
the cover, the lid off, to reveal the QR-code located in here. Next we do – we are just scanning it, naming
it, of course this is a combi and selecting a room to be tied up with. Next – got this switch on/off and what we
do – you get this close next to the HUb, switch, and there we are. CombiProtect has been successfully added to
the system, and next and the final thing you do – close the lake, the lid on the back,
because well I guarantee the system won’t work properly of you won’t do this, so yeah. We got our sensors activated, everything is
great, Hub is online, sensor is online, notifications on. Now, here’s our buttons – circle the full
circle is arm the system, this disjunct circle is disarm, night mode was this little “C”,
that little caption inside of a circle and the panic button. Now what we’re doing – of course we are testing
the device out, so we go for this button, it’s on the system. The system is armed, we’re gonna wait a few
seconds, believe me it wotrh it, because well yeah, just like that. I give no any description for that. But now we get a make some motion to the device
and it should be it activated. Come on, dude, what the hell, and yep, motion
detected Combi in studio, motion detected, motion detected. You see – when a detection motion it lights
with green in here. So it was alright, yeah, there was a delay,
but it was delayed because I’m on a distance of like I don’t know, a 1/2 feet to this thing
but, well, to be working, the operational range is twelve meters or about thirty five
feet, so actually when any intruder gets like let’s imagine, a rectangle here, yeah, it
will spot it perfectly, believe me I know what I’m talking about. I’m just , I’m not just trying to sell you
this thing, no, I just know how it works, got a lot of practical experience due to this
thing. So yeah – you got a notifications you got
a notifications of a broken glass, you got a notification of motion – so I wouldn’t really
take one of these, I mean it why do you need it you need? You need only a one device. So this how ot happens – disarm and now let’s
conclude the whole thing we’ve seen today And so the funniest part of this device review
is the price. Now let me be the scales for you. I mean, this thing, the thing is that this
device costs almost two times lesser than these two. And that’s fair, it’s two devices on this
hand, but they are hundreed percents fully-fledged replicated in this one with no cutouts and
no exclusions. Brilliant. My grade for this one is brilliant. Order up on the Pipl Systems Store website,
link is in description – special offers are applied to the ones, who specify that they
are subscribed. Thank you for watching. Yout protection and your knowing of what surrounds
you – our main goal in the Pipl Systems Store

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