*Knocking* Hello! You must be Dylan. I am. Welcome to my 727 home, come on in. sterile procedure Sterile procedure though. Your feet are dirty, but that rug is dirty so your feet on that rug is perfect, but this area is clean and so
you’ll need slippers. Your pair of slippers there which you’re welcome to use. Hi, I’m Bruce Campbell and this is my home. ♫Music Playing♫ When I was young I didn’t want a
mortgage. I could have purchased a home and children mortgage like most people
do, but I was happy enough living in a very humble and very inexpensive mobile
home and saved money and invested. My intention was to wait until I could buy
a home with cash. Then I would never be tied down to the shackles of debt. By
that time I had stopped thinking in provincial terms. Aerospace technology
seemed like a wonderful option. This is a home which can fly at 900 km/h at 11
kilometers high in the sky. They retire at the rate of about three per day. My sense
is that the majority of those probably almost all of them are flown to death
camps and generally promptly executed promptly shredded and that’s a shame. Hi I’m Bruce Campbell and this is my Boeing 727-200 jetliner home.The aircraft did
not land here of course. It had to be moved here from a site close to the
Hillsboro Airport. Wayne Griffin house movers and Swanson trucking managed to move the aircraft from the staging site next to the Hillsborough Airport through
this path which you can see was cut in by forests up to this site. Deferred for
a long time is the permanent support structure for the front landing gear. The
front landing gear will remain intact on its natural rubber and the support
structure will be made of concrete. It’ll terminate at the top with a ball
shape but the idea is to enable the aircraft to dance freely in an earthquake. After an earthquake, newscasters never say, “Oh gosh it’s such a shame all
the aircraft at the airport were badly damaged and there’s so many vehicles
which are shaken and damaged.” That never happens. These are independent vessels. They’re on their own suspension system. They ride it
out. It’s no big deal. No damage occurs unless something falls onto them. You can see a stanchion which provides services. This is the normal Boeing service door for water and I expanded its functionality a bit by
adding an electricity connection as well and a telephone connection which is
superfluous really in a cell phone era. My water comes from down there. So I have a natural water well, it’s gorgeous water. It’s a real blessing. And you can see the
well structure. There’s a blue pressure tank. If you look carefully you can see a
jack point. I’ve removed the cap of the jack point. The aircraft can be
supported there and in fact that’s probably what we’ll do. We’ll probably
build a relatively narrow support structure, right about here. We must be
very careful of course because if the aircraft falls during fabrication it
could be deadly, probably would be deadly if we’re underneath at the time. This is
the service door for the aft lavs for both of them. So there’s one sewer
connection for both lavs and then there’s a large 4-inch round connector. It’s just a
quarter turn connector. You put it on and twist it one quarter turn it’s
sealed. This is a gray water drain mast and it just drains out onto the ground
and when the aircraft was in service it drained into the air. On rare occasions
I’ve had conversations with people who assume that all the water just is dumped
into the air. That’s certainly not true. Sewage water is not just dumped in the
air from jet liners. And my air stairs and the air stairs retract and extend
but not through the native mechanism at this time. Hopefully I’ll be able to
restore that mechanism but it was badly damaged by the salvage company and the components removed. I’ve been able to reacquire the components in this case
via the salvage companies. They were kind enough to replace those after we had a
discussion. If you go to the Wikipedia 747 four hundred page, you’ll see that it implies that once the engines are removed the rest of
the aircraft has essentially zero value. The real concept for Humanity to pursue
is to take just one small step forward from the death camps and turn them into
aircraft home development parks. The logistics are almost identical. Once they
land, taxi or tow them to wherever is appropriate for the aircraft. The quarter-turn and the water is connected. Quarter-turn and the sewer is connected.
Push plug and electrical power is connected. Now then a few minor
modifications and you are ready to go. So, here it is. This is my shower. My very crude primitive shower and I intended to finish it. Once it became functional as a shower
then suddenly the priority dropped way down compared to other things.
My lavatory. Guest lavatory. This aircraft is equipped with three lavs. The toilets
are only functional in the two aft lavs. The forward toilet is not functional. The
aft galley my aft galley is filled with all kinds of industrial or construction
related material at the moment. In the course of the front landing gear support
structure fabrication I’m trying to keep as much mass aft as I can. At some
point or other it will evolve into either a laundry room or for some other
purpose or maybe a little kitchen. I don’t know. I’ll let evolution take its course. This is the aft cargo
compartment below us. Boeing says if you lose a one ounce sugar packet, well I
think Boeing says this, I heard this someplace I’m pretty sure it’s true,
thirty sure it’s true. If you lose a one ounce sugar packet in a seat cushion
for one year your aircraft will have burned an extra four liters or about one
gallon of fuel during that year hauling that sugar packet around. The mass is critical. Boeing would never use something as heavy as these acrylic
floor panels. These are mine. These were something that I just had. My workbench
which is terribly cluttered right now leaving me almost no actual work area
and lots of projects. An instrument to repair. ♫Music Playing♫ My makeshift kitchen. My five decade old
refrigerator. Serving cart, you can see that’s a bonified 727 serving cart
which is filled with food. Good food and bad food, but filled with food. That’s
basically all my food storage. That’s enough to last me about four
months just on my own. This aircraft entered service when Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind.” That was 1969 of course and that was the first year of operation for this aircraft so it was a long time ago. This is an original lighting structure. This is original with this aircraft. These are not original of course. These come
from China. Total power consumption with the original incandescent implementation
was about one and a quarter kilowatts. These are about 300 watts total so a lot
of power saving. It’ll get better because eventually I’ll replace these with
individually regulated LED bulbs. This is my futon sofa. It folds flat if I need
space for two, which occurs from time to time. A working system which I really
don’t use too much. My nomad lifestyle. Very crude, very cheap suitcase. This is
the landing gear, the main landing gear bay. You can see that there are a
couple of view ports. You can see two red lines which are
lined up. If the lines are lined up the gear is down and locked. So this is
basically my living area at the moment again because I’m keeping mass aft as
best I can until the fabrication of the front
landing gear support structure is finished, which I hope will be within a
month. Emergency exit doors. Right wing is a frequent work site and recreational
site for me. It’s also our concert on a wing site. Forward lavatory. We have water, but the toilet’s not functional and will not be functional because it’s not connected
to a disposal conduit. And flight deck. And this was a three crew flight
deck. It’s obsolete now. There are no jet liners I’m aware of in civil aviation, which have a three-person crew. They’re all two-person
cruiser, but this aircraft had a flight engineer. Things were more complicated in those days. He had his own station. He monitored engines and other
infrastructure for performance. The display is not native to this aircraft.
There were no flat panel displays in the age of this aircraft. Flight deck was
fully skeletonized by the salvage company, but I’ve managed to restore some things. Maybe, very roughly, 35% I suppose and yet I do love my bird with all of
the flaws and all of the fundamental foundational problems. It’s still a
wonderful living environment. Just the sheer beauty of aerospace technology. The exhilaration. We trust our lives to these things and generally we feel
perfectly comfortable doing so. These are sealed pressure canisters. Dust can’t get
in let alone insects or rodents. Fact that they are sealed pressure canisters means they also float wonderfully. They’re good boats. This is a difficult
concept for people to accept because our experience is that when jet liners
impact the water they sink. Usually they do because they usually impact at high speed. They don’t impact the water on purpose so usually there’s a very
serious problem and for a country like Nippon, like
Japan, that’s important because tsunamis are a
simple fact of life there. These are high capacity structures. A 747-400, in an emergency, can hold about a thousand people or as many
people as can scurry to it will be saved. It won’t save all lives of course.
Maybe only a modest proportion, but it will save some lives. Any person who survives who would not have otherwise is a big, big victory. So we have this unusual
situation in which these lifeboats are retired at the rate of about three per
day, flown into death camps and executed. And, we also have a country
which desperately needs lifeboats. This is a very valuable resource. It’s an
exhilarating resource. Let’s not waste it. Let’s utilize it to its fullest
potential. We’re not doing that now. There’s opportunity here and I encourage anyone who is interested in this to go to and other resources
and look at the logistics. Consider the vision. Come visit me if you like. You are
perfectly welcome to come visit.

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