Air Force: President Donald Trump’s Money Grab Is A Risk To National Security | All In | MSNBC

Air Force: President Donald Trump’s Money Grab Is A Risk To National Security | All In | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Air Force: President Donald Trump’s Money Grab Is A Risk To National Security | All In | MSNBC”

  1. He has already done everything he tries to warn us about for the next elected person. He needs to be put out in order for our country to heal and come together again.

  2. I have never saw a bunch of leftists so mad about taking money away from the pentagon. You all have been preaching it for years and just because Trump did it you all lose your cookies. If Obama did it you all would want to give him another Nobel peace prize. WTF???

  3. Anyone else notice trump taking money from the airforce weakens them to Russian aggression? This is just the beginning of Putin destroying the American economy. Russia, like the republicans came up with a plan decades ago and have systemically fulfilled it. Democrats never have a plan that goes beyond the next election cycle. If it can't be done in time for them to campaign for re-election with it they're not interested. Then they campaign for decades asking to be re-elected so they can do what they promised to do when they first ran for office. We need a new party that is for America and not self serving political parties.

  4. He's not desprate. Some things he say are true. They took my money illegally during the Obama administration. It was a federal crime that was deliberately ignored. I suffer til this day, but i have made up ground. President Trump warning about them taking money encourages me to keep on fighting and sharing my story. Thank you President Trump👍


  5. Keep an eye on the 2nd amendment and defunding the national guard rangers air force. You Trumpers won't be chanting his name soon. Stop with the polarized bs and stand for your constitution.

  6. OMG! But where are the mental authorities??? And what are they waiting for after earning all these kind of psychotic comments???

  7. Is this Trump's rhetoric of turning the nomination for a second term in his favor? Spouting all the things he has committed in the last 2 years, 236 days, 23 hrs, 16 min 4, 5, 6….seconds. Taking our money, destroying our environment, cutting our healthcare, shutting down our government causing bread lines, refueling military cargo planes near his resorts, separating families, causing the death of children at our detention centers, refusing to stop the mass murder of our school children and innocent people by supporting the NRA. The list goes on. Trump, you better believe we want someone better than you governing. Dummy, these are your shortcomings that you are accusing Democrats will bring to the office of the POTUS if elected.

  8. “You have no choice” “ there gonna take your money, there gonna hurt your family” this man is delusional and he seems worried. I bet all you Brain washed puppets actually think there gonna hurt your families though.

  9. The President as usual was 100% right. The Left wants America bowed & broken. In response to Make America Great Again – the Left is fond of saying: “America never was great” There’s no future with the Left. Trump 2020

  10. I doubt the air force would drop to the low levels of MSNBC.. I also doubt that Trump would pull critical funds for the wall. The problem is democrats will not do what is necessary for our country because republicans would get credit.. How stupid is that ? Refusing to do what they were hired for is not a reason to keep them.

  11. Foreign countries are emptying out their prisons and hospitals with people who have incurable diseases. California now has leprosy. Central Banks want to eliminate most of the worlds population and control everything such a our food and water. Welcome to slavery. Democrat voters need to smarten up before it's too late because the Democrat Party is all-in for this. President Trump is trying to prevent this.

  12. Has anyone thought maybe this was a suggestion? An option of interest? Not a set plan that he’s definitely going through with? These people will find anything to make Trump look like a terrorist.

  13. I don't agree to what he says but with all that money he embezzled he could have easily paid for the wall, he's too busy playing golf in Scotland.

  14. These projects are not vital and that's why money is being shifted. This kind of thing happens ALL the time but because it's Trump and the wall…. 🤦‍♀️

  15. Apparently, Latinx immigrants are more of a threat to national security than Russia, Taliban, and other Middle-Eastern and European terrorist organizations.

  16. he was describing his self to a t,except the sane part.he is the biggest joke ever pulled on so many at one time.UNITE VOTE HIM OUT TOGETHER,WE CAN.

  17. Silly report. It could easily be avoided, but coming up with unwise decisions is what the President does best and most often. It is only expected to follow the countless other ideas of a President with a low IQ and weak character.

  18. God😠😠😠 Trump is a liar
    When are American people going to say enough
    Whitehouse, Republicans, Trump's administration will never do a thing
    Trump is destroying America

  19. hahahahahahahaha this Fake news Deepstate garbage is so FUNNY! You people have lost your dang MINDS!!!! so glad Im not a democrat anymore! hahaha No such thing as democrats anymore more, just ANTI AMERICAN SOCIALIST Jokers! SICKENING!!!!!

  20. Whats The POINT ? Anti Trump Again? The 9 countries who have the H BOMB are a threat to each other. Drugs do come from south if I recall the R. Reagan Years . however these people need Hospitals they don't have the Means , how about command and Unite as per requests.

  21. Entire Dem party guilty of power-madness, including Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Comey & the rest. Their low-intelligence brainwashed voters also. Sad our schools produced this anti-American trash. However, smart Dems (I said smart) will vote Trump 2020 to save US from Predadory China and the decades-old illegal invasion. Thanks voters for the TRUMP REVOLUTON!

  22. Remember Vote no matter what you hear Or see in the polls !!!
    2020 Blue Wave💙💙💙
    Senate and House 💙💙💙Vote !

  23. you've already lost the argument when you start name calling racism has nothing to do with it, there are an estimated 50,000 Irish visa overstays they can go home too as far as I'm concerned

  24. desperate man?..Donald Trump desperate? .. LOL it is the other way around… …. money grab? approved by the US supreme court, what a joke this channel is?

  25. Cant lead, cant legislate, incapable of insight or empathy…
    Trump has always been a grifting, lying, criminal fraud. Incompetent, ignorant, arrogant, selfish…

  26. Everything he said the Dem are doing he’s doing,the men and women who fight for us and leave there family too protect us now have too worry about their family members being snatched by ICE and the child care being stolen bye Trump. While he feels his Pockets with taxpayers money in his failing properties.

  27. Dear god

    The left media are so so desperate to criticise Donald trump

    But the American people are not going to listen to this nonsense

    Re elect Donald trump folks 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. It's being done, too late to stop it. Supreme Court rules that he has the authority to do so. Too much crying over spilled milk. Besides, almost all the money involved was for stalled programs that arn't actually going anywhere. Construction for projects that are held up over environmental lawsuites and such. And you know what the services do with that money at the end of the year when it doesn't get spent? They spend it on whatever their little hearts desire, and ask for that money all over again. That's why they are always getting sued over projects, they planned it that way from the start.

  29. Don't blame on Donald, Trump is just doing what he does best. All the Lefty's and the Dems are solely responsible for this mess incl. MSNBC, CNN etc

  30. Trump needs to build the wall to protect the country from being flooded with illegal immigrants from the south. Money shouldn't be a problem at all since Federal Reserve can always print more money out of thin air.

  31. who is this ghost wandering around in the night ,watch your step Mr. falling at your age not good, but who cares ……no ….one really karma …….k.c.

  32. 2 Timothy 3 King James Version (KJV)1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

  33. He is saying exactly what he is doing right now. They will take your money, hurt your families, country bankruptcy…..You should listen to him because every time he accuses others, is exactly what HE IS DOING NOW!!

  34. Donald Trump is a cheap criminal. His presidency is an American tragedy. His followers are crackpot fascists who mindlessly demand everyone they dislike be “locked up”. America’s brain dead evangelical christians have been completely bamboozled by this soulless hustler Donald J. Trump. They’re now running around like dying chickens, waving flags and screaming MAGA 2020, humiliating the United States around the world where Trump is seen as a cosmic joke.

  35. What??? Is he awake.?? If so where is his face? OK if he has no face he is not qualified to be president. Listening to him speak is embarrassing and I start to have goose bumbs.

  36. Trump is pulling off the largest smash and grab robbery of The United States of America, as his supporters cheer him on! What he's stealing from our pockets, he's putting in his.
    Impeach #PresidentPAB! Lock him up!

  37. Trump and what Are you doing to the people Of the United States Now ? And Tapped into the Reserves So you can RUN and those ratt's yea brought to help Screw thing's up it's about to come all Undone .you'tr Only Gonna have two Choices RESIGN Or Be Impeached I said this over a Year a go 🙂 The Dem's Know what there Doing Just Not Gonna Play you're Games Any More .One Stroke Of The Hammer And You're Gone And Don't Forget that .

  38. Trump is handing the Russians everything they would want on their wish list that could weaken the wests defences: Divert money away from improving America's military infrastructure, destabilise NATO, confuse the population as to what is and isn't true, cause confusion in the White House amongst his own staff, and slowly bankrupt the economy. The Russians don't need spies anymore, Trump has private meetings with senior Russian officials that even his own aides don't know what was discussed. Trump is selling out his country just to line his own pockets, he openly trusts Putin's word over any of his own advisers. America used to be paranoid about 'Reds under the bed' now they have a POTUS who is Russia's biggest asset against the US.

  39. Madcow is just that MAD, so she takes it out on America, we know she's trying to be a man, but iregular periods tell her otherwise, traitors news.

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