Affordable Smart Home Security Products You Need!!

Affordable Smart Home Security Products You Need!!

hey what’s up you guys how are you guys
doing welcome back to my channel Taylor here so for today’s video we’re
gonna discuss a very important topic and something that I know is very crucial to
everybody which is home safety especially when whenever you’re
traveling and you’re leaving and you’re going on vacation or something like that
you always worry about like you know is your home gonna be safe and you want to
find ways to protect your home that are more affordable options while at the
same time giving you peace of mind that your home is safe or that you’ll know if
something it’s happening and so I have a couple of pieces of tech right here that
I think will help you gotta help set you guys mind at ease and give you the
control over your house even when you’re not there to know that everything is
okay and if something does happen you’ll immediately know so let’s go ahead and
get into some smart home safety basics 101 so the first thing the first thing
that I’m going to show which I think that honestly every home needs something
like this is a smart lock now the one that I have is the August smartlock pro
this one I actually really like because basically I live in an apartment so I
can’t actually change like the locks or anything else like that like the the maintenance people in the office and
whatnot stuff to be able to get into my building so I can’t change locks but
with this that one actually does is it actually just goes on you take off your
lock your lock on the inside of the door and then you place this one on that you
put this one on there instead so you don’t actually change the lock nothing
comes off from the other side where the keyhole is it still is the same on the
front side of the door but on the back side you basically have this the –
silver it’s basically a knob and you can actually turn it if you want like if for
whatever reason you can’t unlock it um or the batteries of diet or Bluetooth
isn’t working or whatever you can actually like just turn this so this is
honestly one of my I have I have a ton of smart home equipment actually and
this is actually honestly one of my favorite of all of them other than
probably my vacuum cleaner and that’s just because I’m lazy no I don’t want a
vacuum so yeah my vacuum cleaners probably easily my favorite just in
terms of laziness but in terms of safety and security and things things I love
this uh basically it’s very easy to install like I said you and I can if you
guys want to see a video of it I can make a video of me like installing and
setting it up and everything and showing you guys how to use it just let me know
but essentially you just unscrew the the lock that’s on on your side of the door
that’s on the inside of the door and then just put this there instead and it
just screws in and everything and it is beautiful so basically whip it whip this
comes with is it comes with the lock itself and then it comes with a a Wi-Fi
bridge a little white box basically that you plug into as close to the doors you
can get I actually am fortunate to have like a bathroom that’s right next to my
front door so there is actually like a plug that’s right there on the wall
right on the other side of it actually at the same level as the lock is so I’ve
never had an issue with communicating or things like that it tells you to be as
close as possible so I’m not entirely sure if there’s not a plug relatively
close to your front door how feasible it is but for me it’s worked fantastic and
then it also comes with a little sensor that you actually put like right next to
the door and it also comes with actually with a
little sensor that you put next to the door that will actually let you know if
the door is open or closed or anything else like that so basically the way that
it works once everything’s set up is through your phone or through online
through your Google home or whatever you can lock and unlock the front door and
it also works through Bluetooth which is actually very nice because in the event
that the Wi-Fi goes out or in the event that the power shuts off in Europe in
your house then you can whenever you get close enough to the door it will
automatically unlock based off Wi-Fi as well so it’s very nice so basically
without going into too my without going into too much detail the app is really
awesome this is the way it looks because the door is is um locked and it’s closed
so as you can see it says closed locked but if I if I press the button then that
will unlock it and see it’ll say closed unlocked and so if I wouldn’t open the
door then it would say open but I’ll go ahead and lock it back again but it’s
just that simple to unlock and unlock the door which I love and then you can
actually have multiple in there which is why it shows like this keychain I just
call mine tailor spot because I’m lame and then as you see I can give I get my
little on Apple home notification as well because this is connected to my
Apple home now the other thing that you can do is basically it shows you the
activity of the door being locked and unlocked so if it was actually manually
unlocked or locked which is someone actually came and I turned it with their
hand or they unlocked it from the other side using a key then we’ll show that
otherwise if it was auto unlocked like right here it says auto lock that means
that I just shut the door and the door locked on its own I have except two auto
lock after thirty seconds just in case I forget something or whatever the case is
and so then it also automatically unlocks and it will it’s actually very
cool because it will show you the activity of saying who did it if if if
you have several people in your house or or if you have several people have the
app or have Apple home then whenever they come and their phone unlocks it
then it will actually tell you who it was so it’s very good idea if you have
like kids and stuff like that and you want to track whenever they get home
then it will automatically show that that person unlocked the door based off
of the activity in the history and then one of the other cool things that I
actually really love about this is that have a guest list where you can
actually invite them based off of a phone number and or a contact and then
you can actually grant them access so you can give them like all like a guest
access you can make them an owner you can say what they can can’t do based off
of like the app or things like that you can actually put it for a temporary
amount of time so let’s say that you’re going to have somebody coming over like
let’s say you’re gonna be out of town for a week and somebody’s gonna be
coming over to check on your house or whatever then you can grant them access
for you know that week it’ll give them temporary access to your house and
you’ll be notified as soon as they come in and everything else like that I’ve
done this several times whenever I’ve left and traveled you’ve given my
friends and family access to to the to my apartment that all all that they were
able to do is unlock the door so they could unlock it and then whenever they
shut the door at automatically locked on its own so they didn’t need to lock it I
was aware whenever they were in and out of the apartment
so it was fantastic and then there are also several different types of
different things you can say on here from smart alerts to alert alerting you
whenever the door you can create different alerts based off of what your
preferences of when you want to be alerted you can have the door auto lock
and unlock I have mine set to basically on the the away mode which basically
means that whenever I whenever I leave whenever I get out of Wi-Fi range then
it automatically puts the the lock in a way mode and it doesn’t unlock until I
come back and it and then the door will automatically unlock so I don’t actually
like really carry my key anymore or anything I haven’t found a need to it
gives you plenty of time if the batteries are going to die and even if
there’s no electricity or Wi-Fi like I said it works off a Bluetooth so this
has worked very well for me I haven’t had a single issue with it whatsoever
it’ll tell me if the door is open it will tell me if the door is locked or
unlocked so yes I very much like that and it alerts me as soon as it’s open so
the one that I have is actually a third-generation so it is a little bit
more expensive at 260 dollars however there you can get the first
generation the second generation off of Amazon the first one being like a
hundred dollars on the second one being I think like 200 and then there’s also a
couple different types other that don’t necessarily look like this
have a little bit different kind of lock on there and those are range somewhere
in the hundreds of hundreds of dollars so I’ll link some of those down below
but I definitely think that this is definitely worth getting just because
one of the main reasons that I did get this like I said I live in an apartment
so I can’t change the locks if I could change the locks then and I lived in a
house then it would be probably be different and I would I might get like a
different kind where it locks on both where it locks on both sides and you
hold your phone up to and everything else like that but for my purposes this
works great I’m notified as soon as people go in and out of the apartment
it’s it hasn’t once failed to notify me even annoyingly when you’re going in and
out of the when you’re going in and out of the apartment and things like that it
lets you know as soon as the door is open and I very much so like that
especially if I’m not here and it connects with everything it connects
with apple homekit it connects with Google Voice with Amazon with or with
Alexa with all with everything so it’s it’s very nice as well like if I’m just
sitting at home I can yell at Google and tell it to unlock the door lock and
whatnots let someone in so that’s fantastic so this I definitely think
it’s worth getting especially for safety and I’m not I’ve been wondering about
whether or not you know someone is going in and out of your your home and now
granted this is just a lock so it’s not like going on your windows or things
like that but there are the types of sensors and stuff you can get for that hey Siri lock the front door now the second thing that I’m going to
recommend is the nest indoor camera now this one works very well for my purposes
and for the fact that I am in an apartment so I only have one I just have
the one that is facing my front door and it’s kind of on like a shelf with some
other like knick-knack stuff and whatnot so it’s not easily noticeable which is
one of the reasons why I put it there but it actually does have an unmounting
plate that it comes with and you can mount it if you want and base but
basically it it it is a part of the nest family of smart home things I also have
a nest thermostat which I love and totally get one if you guys want me to
make a video on that I will but it does actually work in terms of saving you
money and all the settings you can put on there I love it and I love yelling at
Google to turn up on the air and whatnot because I’m again lazy but this works
fantastic basically you download the nest app and you essentially plug in
play it’s actually very easy to set up you it you’ll scan it on your phone
whenever it turns on you’ll scan the code to connect it to your phone and
then you’ll choose the Wi-Fi network that it’s going to be on and as soon as
that’s connected to Wi-Fi it automatically runs itself it it will
track everything that you wanted to track and it is very great now I do not
have it streams 24/7 and depending on your Wi-Fi coverage of wherever the
camera is wherever you are it’s actually pretty fast and accurate it can be
almost basically instantaneous as in like um my I got my brother and my
sister one for Christmas and they used it and they actually have like some
friends go over to their place like check on their dogs and when their
friends were there they it actually has a microphone and a speaker so they
actually could speak to them and then someone can speak back into the Munchkin
to speak back into the camera and they were able to actually have like a real
time conversation basically that way so it’s very nice and also the microphone
thing is actually pretty helpful in the event that you want to like war
someone maybe if like someone’s trying to rob the place you’d be like I’ve
called the police or whatever hopefully to deter them and get and get them to
leave or maybe have some sort of panic alarm play like the alarm on your phone
or something and play to the microphone just different options of things that
you can do but the app is actually really intuitive and it’s one of the and
one of the things that I really like about it because basically uh right now
it’s off because I’m home I haven’t actually set to turn automatically turn
off whenever I’m home and and then turn on whenever I leave basically the this
is the way that it looks right now it’s just facing like my door
but as you can see it has a pretty wide camera angle lens which is very nice and
you’d be able to see if someone comes in the front door then I’d be able to see
that and it also and it also has like a lot of customization options so you can
look back so the video history it looks like this would go back like five days
and then there’s the button to talk you can actually make it bigger this way so
you can see more and then you can actually move you know kind of like that
and then it also shows basically that when when the camera was on when I was
at home where there was motion so that’s the other very important thing that I
love about this is that you can actually filter by I set a zone which my zone is
the front door if there’s activity there then or motion then it’s supposed to
notify me and if it’s supposed to start recording so it’s got that sound motion
talking in person and then you can actually set up all of the then you can
actually set up your preferences of recording so I can turn the camera on
and off I have the home away assist on which is again like I said whenever I
leave then the camera turns on automatically whenever I come home it
turns off because there’s not really a need for it to be on when I’m home at
least during the day then there’s also the schedule option where you can
schedule it for whatever time if you want to start recording so let’s say you
have the automatic on and off but let’s say like you know your kids are going to
come home at a certain time like they come home at 3:00 but you’re not homes
and you can have it start recording at 3:00 as soon as they get home and
and it’ll turn on and actually turn off at like 6 whenever you get home or
something so you have that then there’s notifications which with the
notifications honestly my favorite part of the camera so you can choose the
notification type which is push or email and then when to send it is it can
either be always or window into home – when no one’s home and then basically
the app you choose the activity so there’s like sound you can have a person
talking in dog barking or all other sounds and then there’s also motion so
it’s got people and then it’s got all other motion and honestly um to me those
actually work really well because like I like I said early in the video I have a
smart vacuum so if I’m not home and the smart vacuum is is going it’ll actually
like detect motion and say motion but like if there’s a but if a person walks
by it it’ll actually like say person so it actually like does go through those
now I definitely really like this camera and I think with all of the options and
things that that you can do with it and how good the video is and how long in
the fact that is 24-hour streaming and all the customization options you can do
I really think that this is definitely one that’s worth getting it is a little
bit pricey at 165 dollars there are NESTA’s have a couple different options
notes of cameras and also they also do have outdoor ones and there are plenty
of other companies that do make indoor security smart cameras as well but this
one is able to do a lot more at the price that it’s at then a lot of the
other cameras can that are around the same price as this so that is one of the
reasons why I also went with this one the nest camera has not disappointed me
in any way or anything else like that so that is why I definitely do recommend
this camera just because I’ve used it personally and I really really like it
and it’s worked out really really well for me so yeah but there are cut there
are a few different nest options so if you want something a little bit cheaper
they do have those they have options for that as well I will link a couple down
below for you guys to check out on Amazon but I think that for I think that
these two what are definitely things that allow me to feel more comfortable
and safe when I am home and when I’m gone and I do think that the that if
you’re looking into if you’re looking into trying to
start start getting a smart home and start doing it start getting your home
to be smart or your apartment to be smart or whatever then I would
definitely suggest get in with going with these two first especially for
safety and security that’s always that should always be anyone’s primary
concern and both of these I think do a fantastic job of this they watch and
monitor the you know main entry point of your house or your apartment or wherever
and I think that that is fantastic so I definitely think that these are two
things that you should always start off and getting and I mean collecting
together you know it’ll be three four hundred dollars but your your house will
be a lot safer and you’ll feel a lot better I think I know that I did
whenever I purchased them so I would definitely suggest getting these I will
link them down below be sure to check them out if you guys want to see any if
you guys want to see setup and tutorial videos of either of these or even of any
of my other smart home products I have a ton of smart home products or of the
nest thermostat then let me know comment below and I will be happy to make those
videos for you guys and thank you guys so much for watching if you did enjoy
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