ADT vs Vivint Security System Review

ADT vs  Vivint Security System Review

Gabe Turner: Hey, everybody, this is Gabe
at Security Baron. Today, we’re putting two giants in the home
security game, head-to-head, ADT versus Vivint. [music] Gabe: In today’s comparison of ADT and Vivint,
we’re going to look at their key similarities, key differences, installation, professional
monitoring, customer support and, finally, their mobile apps, so you have exactly what
is necessary to make the right decision for you and your family. If you like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, google “Security Baron best home security systems.” If you have a question about today’s comparison,
leave us a comment, and I’ll get back to you. Kicking off our comparison of ADT and Vivint,
I want to jump at the key similarities. With ADT and Vivint, there are few. The main similarity between ADT and Vivint
is that they both do quite well in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for
their mobile applications. Moving on to the key differences between ADT
and Vivint. I want to discuss two things. One, installation. Vivint requires you to have someone come in
and install their system professionally. It is not do-it-yourself as is the ADT system,
where you can put it together as soon as you get the package. Two, they have very different professional
monitoring services. ADT requires you to get professional monitoring,
whereas, Vivint allows you to do some degree of month-to-month or even self-monitoring
for yourself. Those are the key differences between ADT
and Vivint. The first element we’re going to compare between
ADT and Vivint is the installation process. ADT is do-it-yourself installation and the
hub comes pre-programmed. You take out the hub, pick out your app, and
you start to put the pieces in place. Take your door sensor, put it on your door
frame, take the motion detector, put it in the corner of the room, and voilà, you’re
ready to go for the first few elements. When you get to that camera, it’s a little
bit more complicated, as the cameras are generally manufactured by, and you have to
add another Ethernet cable. This is the lengthiest part of the process
of installing the ADT system. We, honestly, just suggest that you use a
computer to set all of that up, but overall it took me about an hour to set up the ADT
system, and it wasn’t too difficult. Installing Vivint is a different process altogether
because it is a professional installation. I had a technician come to my home. He was punctual, he was polite, he set up
my hub panel, hid the wires, so that I don’t have to really have that eyesore, put my motion
detector in the corner, set up my window and door sensors. Ultimately, it was a great experience. Generally, you do have to pay for that. It’s about $129 for Vivint to have a technician
come to your house, but we suggest trying to negotiate that and avoid that fee. It’s a very different experience with Vivint
in setting up your home security system. When it comes to who wins the installation
contest between ADT and Vivint, it’s a toss-up. It’s going to very much depend on which type
of experience you’d rather have. Do you want to put the system together yourself,
it takes you about an hour, or do you want to set an appointment, and possibly pay someone
to come and set it up for you? Depending on the type of person you are and
how much time you have, and what you want to do in relationship to your home security
system, that will determine which one is the better experience for you. Hold on. Quick break. I have a quick question regarding installation
habits. Do you prefer to do-it-yourself or do you
like someone to come and install the system for you? Leave us your comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s get back to the video. The next element of comparison that we want
to do between ADT and Vivint is professional monitoring. Professional monitoring, that 24/7 team has
got your back that can lead to proper authorities in case something is going down around your
home. On top of that, both ADT and Vivint, have
battery and cellular backup. In case your power goes out, your landline
goes down, you can be sure to be protected. Vivint has various options for professional
monitoring, but they only reflect the number of cameras that you have. They’re going to give you all the features
necessary. For $49.99, you get two cameras and live streaming,
and all that is necessary to take care of your home including controlling your locks,
even some of your lights. All that right there in the mobile application. For three cameras, it goes up to $54.99, and
for four cameras, it goes up to $59.99. ADT, on the other hand, does not publish its
professional monitoring prices. We do know that you can get a basic security
package for approximately $28.99. If you wanted to do something like a full
package with all the features necessary, with an indoor and outdoor camera attached, it’s
going to cost you $57.99. ADT is definitely negotiable. We suggest, if you want to go with professional
monitoring with them, give them a call and talk about what features you need and with
what cameras. Let’s move into contracts. Comparing ADT and Vivint, ADT gives you a
three-year contract that you’ll begin to pay after your first six months with ADT, while
Vivint has long-term contracts of 3.5 and 5 years for professional monitoring. The distinction that we must make here is
that Vivint does allow you to do month-to-month contracting if you pay for all of your equipment
upfront, which is around $1,000, $2,000, just to be clear about that. It is month-to-month contracting, but it still
can be quite expensive. It’s hard for us to make a distinction between
contracts, but it’s not hard when it comes to moving policy. For ADT, you just pick up and go, take your
system apart, move it into your new place, you’ve done it yourself before, you’ll do
it again, and it’s easy as can be. Whereas, with Vivint, you’re going to have
to pay another $129 to get it installed in your new home. Here, it´s really clear that ADT has an advantage. You’re wondering, “Gabe, which is the best
system for me when it comes to professional monitoring?” Honestly, it’s quite difficult because each
has their advantages and disadvantages. ADT does give slightly shorter long-term contracts
for professional monitoring. You can probably get a somewhat more affordable
monthly contract with them, considering that they just start around $30, while Vivint is
more expensive, does essentially give you that month-to-month option. Once again, I want to call a draw between
ADT and Vivint when it comes to professional monitoring. The next element I want to discuss regarding
ADT versus Vivint is customer support. ADT and Vivint both have online help centers,
They both allow you to live chat and call someone directly about your problems. ADT even gives you the ability to facetime
with someone. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I
wonder how many have video chat is. When we talk about ADT versus Vivint, we just
have to look at the numbers. ADT here pales in comparison to Vivint. Vivint has a 3.8 rating on its Google reviews
and most of those customer support reviews were positive. When it comes to ADT, even in my own experience,
I felt as if they were really missing the bar. ADT does have a much better live chat functionality
or rather efficiency than the phone calls. When we called ADT, we got a lot of runaround. When we talked to them live, we seemed to
eventually get to the answers we needed. That’s something to keep in mind, that 3.8
for Vivint, that 2.5 for ADT. When it comes to which is the top system for
customer support, Vivint wins in a landslide. The final element of comparison today between
ADT and Vivint is the mobile application. I’m happy to say that they both do really
well in this category. The ADT Pulse app has a 3.9 in the Google
Play Store and a 4.8 in the Apple App Store, which is simply tremendous. Not to be outdone, the Vivint mobile application
has a 4.6 in the Google Play Store and a 4.5 in the Apple App Store. People seem to rate about how well the apps
work. I even personally remember how easy it was
to maneuver inside of both the ADT Pulse app and the Vivint app. I really enjoyed it just looking at my house
from abroad or from wherever. That is really useful. You want to know which one is better. Once again, we have yet another tie. Vivint and ADT both have wonderful mobile
applications, so it is a toss-up. Now, let’s do a recap of all the elements
we have covered in today’s comparison of ADT and Vivint. Installation, this one is a toss-up, as ADT
is a pretty simple do-it-yourself installation process, while Vivint is a pretty simple professional
installation experience. Professional monitoring, this is a toss-up
between ADT and Vivint because, ultimately, the features and contracts are roughly the
same with the only really distinction being in moving policy. Customer support, Vivint was the clear winner
here against ADT, because of its higher Google rating of 3.8 to ADT’s 2.5. Mobile application, this was a draw between
ADT and Vivint because they both have superb ratings in the Google Play Store and Apple
App Store. We’ve come a long way in our ADT versus Vivint
comparison. The only clear winner, in any category, has
been Vivint when it comes to customer support. Vivint is strong. It has no installation because they come and
do it for you. It’s professionally done, they’ve got a solid
mobile application, and, of course, that absolutely blockbuster customer support. ADT is no slouch either. It has a solid mobile application, it’s got
pretty easy do-it-yourself installation, and it’s an iconic name in the game. Overall, you really can’t go wrong if you’re
trying to make sure you have a system that’s going to protect you and your family with
ADT and Vivint. [background music] Gabe: That concludes our comparison of ADT
and Vivint. If you appreciated today’s video, give us
a like, and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be Secure. [music]

11 Replies to “ADT vs Vivint Security System Review”

  1. I love installing my own alarm system. I have a Honeywell Alarm System monitored by Alarm Grid. I love Alarm Grid!! 😻

  2. I rather do it myself and skip having a stranger come to my house. I loved the other home security you reviewed where you were on the phone with a support person while you go through the steps for the setup.

  3. That is Protection 1 system, they just use adt monitoring. How about comparing ADT’s real system. ADT’s real system they come and install it for you.

  4. Vivint usually waves the installation fee extra three bucks
    for that new motion detector that catches criminal activity am already signed
    Plus they do a lot of charity work and really care about there customers
    I was scarce at first but when I just got mine installed the sale representative
    Showed me JD Rowling web site and Forbes mag for there number one costumer service
    2019 so my loyalty with vivint🤷‍♂️

  5. I live in a building protected by ADT, so far people have trashed my vehicle, they have Nord police calls, they recorded fights on this building. They have seen everything that goes on in this building. Drug deal gang fights managers fighting. Either they're on permanent vacation or they're sitting back laughing at the other end of these cameras. I've made police reports in the owners of my building claimed that they do not know the codes. I live in Barstow and the police department I have asked them for video proof. They according to my building management had no way to contact him. I live in Barstow California. Under the protection of ADT. when I pay rent I pay for security in ATD is not security. They may work for homes but for businesses they stink. Too many police reports in rage and visuals that go on on answered. And yet their name and number is stuck on the manager's door.

  6. Would have been good to see their products working, I'm trying to find videos online if actual customer footage and not the companies videos since they usually upscale their footage

  7. Had Vivint give me a quote they charged me $1,700 for equipment. ADT gave me the equipment and free installation. $5 more on ADT monthly charge, but no equipment charge so I kept ADT.

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