About Cats Protection

About Cats Protection

Cats Protection is the UK’s largest
feline welfare charity, helping tens of thousands of cats every year. Cats
Protection was formed in 1927 and we now have over 280 branches and centres
across the UK, only made possible thanks to our dedicated volunteers and staff. As
the leading authority on cats, our primary aim is to help people better
understand their needs in order to improve the welfare of all cats.
Alongside this, we work to reduce the overpopulation of cats by promoting
neutering. Our third aim is to continue rehoming cats until our work on
information, education and neutering reduces the long-term need for this. Neutering is the only effective way to
reduce the unwanted cat population and Cats Protection recommends all cats are
neutered from around four months old. Cats are prolific breeders and if left
unneutered, a female cat could have up to three litters a year, each containing
five or six kittens. In just five years, this means she could be responsible for
20,000 descendants. Neutered cats are also safer cats. They are less likely to
roam and fight, reducing the chance of them getting lost, being hit by a car or
contracting diseases such as feline leukemia or FIV. Cats Protection runs
many neutering schemes across the UK, including offering financial support
towards the cost for owners on a low income and operating neutering programmes
to control feral populations. We believe that only by helping people understand
cats’ needs, can we improve the long-term welfare of cats in the UK. Our national
Helpline offers free advice and information to cat owners. In addition, we
produce education packs used by a large number of schools each year and
distribute a wide range of leaflets and publications about cat care. Despite our work promoting neutering, we
still have thousands of cats and kittens looking for new homes at any one time. We
never put a healthy cat to sleep. Instead, we continue to work to find them a new,
loving home, no matter how long that takes. If you’re thinking of welcoming a
cat into your heart and home, you can adopt with confidence from Cats
Protection. Every one of our volunteers and staff has a wealth of experience so
you can be sure your new pet will have had the best possible care.
Prior to homing, our cats and kittens will have had a full health-check, been
vaccinated, treated against fleas and worms, microchipped and if old enough,
neutered. There are many other ways you can help Cats Protection across the UK,
by becoming a volunteer. From hands-on work fostering or driving, to other roles
such as fundraising or PR, becoming a volunteer is a great way to make a real
difference to the lives of cats in the UK. Even if you only have a few hours to
spare each week, we would love to hear from you. Cats Protection: working for a world
where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

8 Replies to “About Cats Protection”

  1. You guys are amazing. One of your beautiful cats chose us today, we are picking her up in just under a week. We are so happy to provide a forever home for her, stable and loving, stimulating but relaxing. But it doesn't stop there. If like us you adopt a cat, please continue to try to donate to the charity shops, or give up some of your time at a local shelter, money donations, whatever you can do. Even just educating your family and friends about the importance of proper cat care and neutering for cats not intended for breeding etc. Together we can make it happen.

  2. I am adopting a cat I'll show her apeerance
    Age: 5 yrs
    Likes: Cuddles, people
    Dislikes:No particular dislikes
    Other Comments: Chamomile sadly suffers from a skin condition wich is related to stress, and is currently undergoing ongoing veterinary treatment. Part of this includes daily medication to try an alleviate her symptoms from which we have already seen an improvement.

    Hope I will get a new house soon!

  3. i love being apart off cat protection.i work for theses people.and il continue to keep working with u guys for theses beautiful cats love my job so much x

  4. I'm looking at all these videos and im adopting my second cat on twenty seventh of June don't worry CP my first cat is a laid back ragdoll kitten and she loves others

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