abode vs Ring Alarm Security System Review

abode vs  Ring Alarm Security System Review

Gabe Turner: Hey folks, this is Gabe at Security
Baron. Today we’re putting two of the top home security systems to the test, Abode and
Ring Alarm. [music] Gabe: In today’s comparison of Abode and Ring
Home security systems, we’re going to be looking at some key similarities, key differences,
system components, installation process, professional monitoring options, customer support. Finally,
their respective mobile applications to make sure you have all the information you need
to make the right decision. [background music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, Google “Security Baron best home security systems.” If you have a
question about today’s review, leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s kick
off today’s comparison of Abode and Ring Alarm home security systems, checking out some key
similarities and differences. Beginning with the similarities — now both
of these systems are do it yourself installation systems. You don’t need anyone else to set
them up. They also each will allow you to self-monitor, but if you decide you don’t
want to self monitor they each have flexible contracts for professional monitoring. When it comes to key differences, the Ring
has more options when it comes to cameras that are just under the Ring labels. You’re
going to be able to do more when it comes to observing your property directly with the
system. When you’re looking at Abode, it actually has a higher breadth of options when it comes
to professional monitoring. Even fuller options, so definitely going to
have an advantage with Abode. Now that we’ve gone over some key similarities and differences,
let’s talk about the system component with Abode and Ring Alarm. If you order just the
Abode essentials starter kit, you’re going to get an Abode hub which is called the Gateway. You’re gonna get a mini door sensor, a motion
sensor and a key fob. With Ring Alarm you’re going to get a hub, you’re going to get a
keypad, a motion sensor, entry sensor and range extender. Now one thing I want to note
is that we always think Security Baron should have security cameras with your home security
systems. We threw in an Abode cam for our Abode system
and the ring stickup camp for the Ring Alarm system. With each of these systems you can
actually build them out to become more robust and more comprehensive for your security needs.
For example, with Ring you’re going to be able to get doorbells, spotlight cams. Those are typically going to come under the
Ring name. Ring has created a lot of different smart home security products. Now with Abode,
you’re not going to get that type of build out. You essentially have the Abode cam. However,
Abode does integrate well with a number of other smart home security products. Going
to decide which direction you want to go in. [background music] Gabe: Well, hold on. I hope you enjoyed today’s
comparison of Abode and Ring Alarm home security systems. If you want to get up to date on
the newest and Smart Home Security VPN password managers, Bluetooth trackers, subscribe to
our channel Security Baron. We’re dropping new content weekly. All right, let’s get back
to the video. Now that there are some key similarities and
differences along with the system components for Abode and Ring, let’s talk about actually
installing them. With Abode in the essentials kit, you’re going to take out all your components
and begin with your gateway. Plug in the Ether adapter, plug in the power adapter. You’re ready to go with the activation code
that they provide for you. The rest of the pieces are really simple. You’ll peel and
stick your motion sensor and your mini door sensor. Then you’re going to set up your Abode
cam. Personally, I use the web app. I found it easier than the mobile app. For someone who likes to do everything on
the phone, that might be something to consider. Overall, it’s a very straightforward convenient
setup process for the Abode home security system. [background music] Gabe: Now that we’ve gone over setting up
your Abode home security system, let’s talk about installing the Ring Alarm system. With
the Ring it’s also pretty straightforward. You’re going to take out your base station,
you’re going to plug that. In terms of power, you don’t have to plug it in when it comes
to it. Even that you have the option to set it up
over WiFi, and that’s what I chose to do. I set that up over my WiFi and then you go
through and you sync the rest of your devices. You take your contact sensor, you’re going
to take your motion sensor and you’ll be ready to go. The issue here is that you want to
make sure you do them one at a time. If you’re like me and you’re thinking and
you’re a bit impatient, you may actually delay your progress by trying to set up more than
one device at a time. Now when it comes to choosing the top system for installation,
it’s actually quite difficult because Abode and Ring Alarm system are neck and neck. They both are easy, convenient processes for
installing. If I have to give the nod to one, I’m going to go with the Abode home security
system. [background music] Gabe: Let’s talk about the professional monitoring
options with Abode and Ring Alarm system. Here at Security Baron, we think that everyone
should have professional monitoring because sometimes you’re going to sleep. Sometimes
you’re gonna go on vacation. You’re going to have gaps when you can’t be paying attention
to exactly what’s going on in your home. Professional monitoring can help you with
that. Now you need a couple of that of course with cellular backup. Cellular backup is what’s
going to make sure that those all important messages, notifications are getting out when
your power is down. You don’t want to be dependent on your WiFi. You want to be able to get that cellular message
out. When it comes to that particular element, Abode has got you covered both that’s connect
and secure plans come with cellular backup. Now with the connect plan you’re going to
be paying $6.60 a month or $8 a year. With the secure plan, You’re going to be paying
$16.60 a month or $200 a year. With that connect plan, you get the cellular
backup and 14 days of cloud storage. With security you get that cellular backup and
90 days of cloud storage along with premium customer support. Can be really useful when
you really need to get those answers met immediately. When it comes to professional monitoring,
options you have are the ring basic plan which is $3 a month or $30 paid annually. That gets
you no cellular backup, but it does come with 60 days cloud storage so you can watch that
video history. If you get the ring protect plus plan, it’s going to cost you $10 a month
or $100 a year if paid annually. You get 60 days of that cloud storage video
history and cellular backup. I will state that with either of these plans, you can get
the full detailed breakdown on our website securitybaron.com. Another element that might
be important to you as you look at professional monitoring is the contracting. Fortunately Abode and Ring both have flexible
contracting, allowing you to do just one month at a time if you wish. Abode takes that to
the next level, giving you three days of professional monitoring for just $8. Seven days of professional
monitoring for $15. You don’t even have to do an entire month. If you’re thinking about moving, well Abode
and Ring each have do it yourself and selection processes. You have to take them apart, put
them up in your new home and you’re ready to go. When it comes to choosing a top system
for professional monitoring, it’s really tough. While I adore on demand professional monitoring
and I would love the idea of having premium customer support with Abode, I do think I’m
going to go with the Ring in this case. It is significantly cheaper than Abode, while
still providing much of the same feature set. [background music] Gabe: When it comes to customer support and
Abode and Ring Alarm home security system there are a lot of similarities. In fact,
they each give you the ability to call them live chat. Check out their online hub center.
We will note that Abode does seem to prioritize its consumer base depending on whether or
not you have Abode secure. If you have Abode secure, you will be prioritized
a little bit higher than others in the queue, if you will. When it comes to Ring, Ring does
not seem to make these distinctions between its consumer base. However, if you look online,
Abode does seem to have slightly higher overall scores as they pertain to customer support
than the Ring Alarm system. For that we crown Abode the winner for customer
support. [background music] Gabe: The fun element we want to discuss in
our comparison of Abode and Ring Alarm home security system today are their mobile apps.
This is where we will be doing a lot of interfacing with our home security systems. We want it
to be enjoyable and intuitive. Fortunately, that does seem to be the case with Abode. Abode has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating in the
Google Play store and a 3.4 out of five star rating in the Apple App Store. Some people
seem to be enjoying that experience and getting what they need out of it. When it comes to
Ring, it has a 3.2 in the Apple App Store and a 3.3 in the Google Play store. We do think it’s important to make a note
that it does seem to have been a recent update that has taken away a lot of the utility of
the components of some of the Ring Alarm system. People seem to be having some issues recently
due to an update that was done for a mobile app and we think that you should be cognizant
of that. It’s really easy for us to comfortably give
Abode the win when it comes to mobile application. [background music] Gabe: All right, we’ve come to the end of
our comparison of Abode and Ring Alarm home security systems. I know you’re thinking,
“Gabe, I don’t know. I don’t know which one should I go with.” I have to say this, Abode
is really bringing a lot when it comes to that mobile experience. You can look at your
phone, it would be intuitive, it’ll be smooth. You get what you need out of that experience.
When you’re talking about your premium customer support, that’s only coming with the Abode.
You’re going to move to the front of the line because you’re a first class kind of person.
When you’re looking at monitoring options, you’re going to get the on demand with Abode. I’m talking three days, seven days. Who needs
a month? You can do that with Abode. When it comes to an overall robust product device
line, Ring wins. Ring has door bells, spotlights, cams, flood lights. A host of devices that
all go within that one ring ecosystem, which is pretty impressive if I say so myself. The breadth of products that they’ve been
able to release. If you want a more affordable overall professional monitoring system, Ring
is also going to win here. Overall, each of these systems is bringing a lot to the table
and I don’t think you can go too wrong either way. They’re both solid contenders for your
home security system. That concludes our comparison of Abode and
Ring Alarm home security systems. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a like and hit that
subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be Secure. [music]

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  1. The accessories Ring offers makes it the selling point for me, would love to see a review of the August Smartlock Pro. Keep it up man πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  2. Hey Security Baron! Just found out about your channel. You seem very knowledgeable about security systems! My channel's primary niche is VPN. I could give you a shoutout in my next video in the beginning recommending my audience to check you out for security system recommendations. I would hope that you would shoutout my channel, telling your viewers to check me out for my extensive VPN knowledge. What do you think? Let me know!

  3. Both are very similar and I've pulling my hair out thinking about which way I should go with… but Abode's ability to work with Google Home and not just confined to Amazon's Alexa products like Ring is, has me going with Abode.

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