Abloy High Security Key Control | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

Abloy High Security Key Control | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

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  1. Biometric and electronic locks are the future for commercial application. Big corporations and government agencies are ditching keys for biometric locks.

  2. I have the Abloy protec2 deadbolt with mul-t-lock expanding bolt and i couldn't imagine going back to store bought locks.

  3. Miro los videos y trato de entender algo. me gustan los videos pero en si ni entendi mucho creo que hablan de un nivel de seguridad mas alto en Abloy alguien que me corrija. gracias.

  4. @2:30: What did you mean by "on 3D or whatever"? You mean the key can't be replicated in 3D? Really? Not even by molding and casting in aluminum?

  5. I was considering these type of keys lately. Unfortunately, I can't find a dealer near where we live in Bay Area. There is one in other city, but they close at 5pm everyday and not open on Sunday. If we have emergency such as lost key for many reasons, lock out, etc., we don't get access to our house late at night cause the locksmith dealer is closed! While this is a secure key, I decide not to use this kind of keys because of the unforeseen hassles!

  6. im almost 40 years old. i have never seen anything other than abloy locks for outside doors here in finland. its like if they had a monopoly. if they had, i dont care. ive seen some youtube videos, i have some pick sets and jack knives..

  7. So what if you buy a house with these locks and don't get the card? Are you just screwed for getting keys for the house forever/ forced to replace all your locks? This seems like a bad solution to say the least

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