A Redditor’s Strange Experience with Security Cameras

A Redditor’s Strange Experience with Security Cameras

[epilepsy / flashing colors and lights warning] [no more flashing lights or colors; this video contains zero jumpscares] Reddit.com is widely known for being the hub for just about any conversation topic that you can think of. Being the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet,” the site has skyrocketed in size to become the third most widely used site on the web. With this comes the expectation that things could be shared that might not be happy and easygoing but rather, Dark and mysterious. And today we’re going to discuss one such case. Enter a reddit user by the name of FlexGunship. They made a post in the Let’s Not Meet subreddit explaining a strange sequence of events that were unfolding with their cats at home. They began by explaining that they have a cat opening on their rear sliding door, and that the neighbor’s cats usually come around their back patio at night to visit or leech off of their cat food. With the help of a backyard nanny-cam, this wasn’t particularly a big deal since when they’d open up the app to check on them, they could shoo the neighbor’s cat’s away or let them hang around. One night, Apparently, something strange would begin to happen and FlexGunship would make an interesting discovery. The neighbor cat had been coming around really late at night and pawing at the locked cat door. It scared me at first because it was a terrifying sound to hear in the middle of the night (half scratching, half rattling). I was able to figure this one out pretty easily just by listening. Anyway, my quote “nanny-cam” has automatic night vision, which turns on when it’s too dark. I had the cats in last night, the cat door was locked shut, the patio light outside of the slider was turned off, and I was getting into bed Just as I’d gotten under the covers. I heard the scratching, rattling sound at the locked cat door. I open the app and definitely did not see a cat. There was a scraggly looking person hunched over on my patio playing with the locked cat door. My female cat hissed and he got up and left. I guess they could have been a she. I never really saw a face and I only caught a few frames while my blood ran cold. Looked like he was wearing a loose t-shirt. Now with this, you’re probably asking, “where is the footage?” Well, unfortunately, Flex didn’t have their camera setup to automatically record After a brief update, they let us know that they now do have this feature set up. They contacted the police who walked the treeline behind the house and we’ll proceed to update us with any findings. With this, they attach these images for reference of the back door and the back yard. There’s an opening in my fence that you can see in this old picture, this is before I added the cat door. And here is an image of where my camera used to be mounted. It’s not waterproof, however, so it didn’t stay here long. You can see how creepy it makes the night images look. This is the same spot that one of my new cameras will have and they are weatherproof. These are the cameras that I ordered. August 16th update: Nothing last night. For what it’s worth, I’ve only heard anything on an average of maybe once every week or two. the more I think about it, the more I wonder if I just saw a trash bag blowing by, and coincided with a neighbor’s cat scratching or something. I don’t know. Seems so weird that someone would be messing with a cat door. August 17th update: Nothing last night Outdoor cameras arrived today. I’m hoping to have time to install one before it gets dark tonight. August 18th update: So the camera motion sensor went off at 4:00 a.m. last night and captured this image: I don’t see anything. I’ll test tonight to see if there’s any lag in the motion sensor. Maybe an animal ran through. A Few days go by after this with minor updates from Flex. A few bugs and cat events were caught on the motion camera. However, overall, not much seemed to happen. This solace would be short-lived, However. Since on August 27th, they would update us with something pretty… …strange August 27th: Nope, nope, nope Something fucked up is happening. I was out two towns over today hanging with my folks when I got motion alerts on my phone. Notice that the time stamp seems to be working now. The images that they attached are as follows: So what the fuck. All of these images are from twenty nine minutes or so before I got home. So, once I realized that, I checked my camera first thing. Same place as where I fucking mounted it. And now the foot of my bed. The post closes with them explaining that their house was completely locked and that they double-checked to make sure that this was the case. After going to the police with the footage, They claimed that either they had an intruder, were haunted by ghosts, or were simply messing with him. In other words, authorities were a complete dead end. He took the statement and said it would be fine to sleep at home, so I’m home tonight with the cats. Understandably shaken and in search of answers, Flex move their updates to the Paranormal subreddit. And in their post, they link their original one and proceeded to catch everyone up on their situation. On August 30th, they posted an update claiming that they got a second security camera, and we’re going to set it up on their home network. Afterwards though, they noticed something peculiar They have no open outlets in their bedroom. So the previous image of the bedroom at night makes absolutely no sense to them. Being freaked out by this and not wanting to go without their fan or lamp, They then proceeded to leave the second camera unplugged in the kitchen. Anyway, on August 31st another update arrived. I’m having a very meh night. I went to the gym at about 7:00 got home closed all the shades and curtains because why not walk around naked post shower? Showered, and when I came downstairs, my slider curtains were wide open. My male cat had the thousand-yard stare Looking outside and wouldn’t respond when called like he was tracking a bird or moth or something, but his head wasn’t darting around. (No, no one outside as far as I could tell.) Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about this but I was wearing my birthday suit and obviously noticed the fact that my three phase slider was fully exposed. My male cat is weird so I can ignore the funky behavior, and I probably just forgot to close the curtains but… Hmm… Maybe it’s as simple as me going nuts September 5th This happened less than half an hour ago. I’m shaking right now. I’m still in my home, but probably not staying. I set up my second camera to look out the window at the patio camera, so I could see if anyone touched it or moved it. I got two motion alerts. I’ve been getting tons of false alerts due to a spider web up on the camera (I think). I was playing some Starcraft when they (motion alerts) came in. When the game ended, I went to clear them and this is what I saw: That is most certainly my bed. I quickly opened my phone app which annoyingly, changed in the last few days due to an update, and I took a manual shot from each camera. So, yeah, I’m packing up and leaving for the night. Just doing this update and rounding up the cats. Staying at my friend’s again. September 6th: Mobile edit: out with friends right now. Just got three motion alerts on my phone. Pretty sure the mystery is solved. I expect that when I get home, my camera will have been stolen. My camera’s on the move! Goodbye, camera. Damn it. Probably some asshole kid. Another edit: Just explained what I was doing to my friend and she immediately asked how they stayed on my Wi-Fi and how they were powering it. Uhh… We’re leaving now to go scope it out. Yet another edit: something is fucking with me I’m not staying here tonight. Again, as you can see the camera is still there. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this while it was being stolen. It’s still online. In fact, and thanks to my female friend for this, the spider webs are undisturbed. September 12th: Go figure. I go away for a couple of days and come back to this. In a final edit, They addressed all the theorizing going on in the comment section before explaining that they’re just going to take the cameras down. In regards to people claiming that they’re sleepwalking, they said that, “if I’m sleepwalking or just generally going insane, Then I’m unlocking my utility closet, unplugging the camera, dismounting it from the bracket, running an extension cord to the living room, plugging it in, waiting for it to boot up, letting it trigger a motion event, then putting away the extension cord, going back outside, reinstalling the camera, lock in the closet again, and going back to bed without so much as an ounce of evidence.” In an anti-climatic fashion, after people asked for an update, Flex claimed that they took the cameras down and sold them on Craigslist. Cats are fine. I’m fine. Honestly don’t want to revisit it. Things got worse. Dumping the cameras fixed it. Now I could just leave you with that, but seeing as we’re all internet investigators, I thought it would be fitting to speculate what could be going on here. Because why not? Honestly and truly, I really don’t know what to make of this story. In a comment, Flex claims that they understood that the ending is quote, “Boring for everyone else” and I really believe that this is their strongest and weakest point about this entire story. I think honestly and truly that, one, they were sleepwalking like others have said. If we’re going with the presumption that this is real, this would be the only logical explanation for such a phenomenon. They could have very well gotten up in the middle of the night, gotten the camera down, taken random pictures and reinstalled it. The thing that kills this though is the fact that they claim that the camera was screwed onto the wall. This would have been a serious pain in the actual ass if they were to do this while sleeping. And also, wouldn’t they catch themselves with motion detection if this were the case? A second theory could be that someone is living in their attic or walls. This has happened others in the past and could very easily be a contender for what’s going on here. When they are asleep, they could be coming down from the attic or some other opening to scrounger off for food and ultimately mess with the owner. Possibly in hopes of getting them to move out or something. While this is so, wouldn’t they be caught with the motion capture as well? The camera has a pretty good view of the back door in backyard and they’d have to take a seriously meticulous route in order to get this thing down just to simply mess with the owner. A third theory is that, Well, they could be haunted by a ghost But, honestly, ghosts wouldn’t be nice enough to hang the camera back up perfectly. So I’m really discounting this one. Lastly, we always have to strongly consider the idea that this could be faked. Honestly, it’s the most logical theory we have. For all we know Flex could be doing this to create a spooky story on Let’s Not Meet. Being self-aware about their anti-climatic ending really is a double-edged sword for them as well. While it does give them a hint of authenticity that they understand how boring the conclusion is, it also kills the story entirely. Why not give any sort of detail as to what happened after the last update? What are they trying to hide? Or rather… … is there even anything to hide? The very fact that we didn’t get any sort of closure on this is what really puts this story into limbo. For all we know something could have very well happen to FlexGunship, something so creepy that they really, really don’t want to speak about it. Who knows, maybe we’ll get an update sometime in the near future. And possibly, we can put the story of this mysterious phenomenon… …to rest [end of subtitles]

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  1. Hey everyone,
    If you're confused by the name change, please read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/NightmareExpo/comments/9p1q2l/faqs_about_the_nexpo_rebrand/?st=JNDOYIKP&sh=489ac01f

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  2. Ok how could he be sleep walking when they were gone and still had pictures from the camera and played games and saw a picture in their bedroom

  3. 13:46 soooo i dont think it was ever mentioned whos holding the camera .. thats an arm bruh and clear as day is the sleeve

  4. At 9:35: I'm officially gunna guess signals got crossed and stream was of another camera.. maybe the bed part was a hoax to make believable

  5. (if it's set by default) maybe bug from the app will explain alot. If we consider the fact that he is checking his phone often at night maybe the phone camera is firing a motion alert and sending it to himself… Tho it's just a theory

  6. Somebody hack into his cameras IP disconnect them from the network, took the pics with a similar camera, got out of there , reconnect the house cameras to the network …and finally send the pics. Simple. Now that have more logic. Could be himself just to get some attention on the platform.

  7. What would also disprove sleepwalking is the fact that the weird photos were also shot while the writer was away sleeping at a friends house and out with friends at night.

  8. I'm questioning the hoax theory, only because people create hoaxes in hopes of gathering a higher level of fame and attention. Not only did he say he would probably delete the thread if it got too big, having to end it the way he did made that statement believable. Thus, he didn't want to continue the attention he was getting so, he left it at that. Either that or this guy just got too lazy to come up with more updates on the story. He could've also just ended it, fearing the story would become too dull or something. However, that's pretty steep considering how anticlimactic the ending of it all was. He also mentions that the spider web on the camera remained untouched, even after all the movement. So, how would that be possible if he would be sleepwalking, or someone is living in his house that he's not aware of?? Then again, this leads me to believe there were more cameras involved than the ones he mentioned. Hmm… this doesn't make sense to me… nonetheless, I enjoyed this story.

  9. Looking at the guy's reddit he's a deranged Trump supporter who often will whine about weird right wing nonsense on top of writing obviously lying posts about how he's haunted…soo…yeah.

  10. it almost looks like the last shown entry was a photo of FlexGunship in their bed… you can see what looks like an arm!

  11. Not sure how sleepwalking explains the pictures he got while at the bar with a friend. All that aside, its fake as fuck.

  12. But couldn’t it be a battery operated camera and I know with ring you can have a lot of cameras to one account how do you know they don’t have a third or fourth camera they’re playing with that’s battery operated like the best way I can explain it is they have two “ free “ cameras and the “ motion alerts “ are just them taking screenshots for the story

  13. This is fake. If he was having problems he should have set up a permanent camera that recorded everything. He had a computer to hook it up to, and already had the cameras.

  14. I think she set up the new cameras while sitting on her bed accidentally filled the internal HD with pictures of her room and is now using some incompatible software on a third party app thats messing up every time she takes manual shots and its showing her the pictures she accidentally took herself. Or this is the start of a horror arg and after a while we'll get footage of a creepy clown at the patio window

  15. Wireless "CCTV" cameras.. lol So NOT secure, ANYONE can hack them .. (I work for a CCTV security company, I actually know what im talking about)

  16. People on reddit are so fucking insane trapped inside of a bubble of their own ignorance, that they will go to extreme limits just for some Karma points. If the camera is set to record… THEN WHY CAN’T YOU SEE WHEN IT WAS MOVED?

  17. I've always thought that there was someone living in my grandpa's roof because there's an opening in the house and if you pulled that down there would be a attic of course it could just be only an attic but I hear footsteps at night

  18. A couple of other people also mentioned this, but it might be possible that the cameras never moved in the first place. The feed might have been hacked and sent to another camera that the stalker might have been carrying on them. This could easily set off the motion alert if motion is detected trough camera feed and not a seperate sensor. Stalker was probably either a smart criminal trying to scope out the house without even entering or a nosy neighbor who has issues regarding personal space.

  19. I know this is a little late but since the cameras were on wifi someone could disconect one from the wifi and replace it with a different camera. Home security cameras are ironically easy to hack especially if it's a wifi camera.

  20. Is it possible someone had pictures of his bedroom and were just holding those up to the camera? That would explain why nothing was plugged in the outlet on the wall, it may have been an older picture. And what it the person was holding up pictures of the forest and such to make it seem like the camera was being moved?

  21. Could it not have been possible that someone took the pictures with a different device and then sent it to OP via a security gap in the app? That might've been what the mentioned update was for.

  22. what if an unknown party had their own hidden cameras set up inside his house and the hidden cameras were accidentally connecting to his network and sending him photos?
    I mean, hypothetically it's within the realm of possibilities, kinda, sorta, isn't it?

  23. i think the cameras might have been haked. Maybe by a friend as a prank or a neighbor. Cameras that work via Wifi can be easily haked via things like thermostates ect. The photos could be easily edited by someone who has acess to the house. Maybe a personal grudge..?

  24. I used to sleep walk in some pretty elaborate actions when doing it. I once went outside and kidnapped a baby bird from its nest and put it on my desk. I woke up with the bird, PJs wet at my ankles as if I was walking somewhere wet, and with my bedroom door slowly creaking open (which it does if its not closed properly).

  25. Seems to me like he made the post for attention, it got WAY more than he expected and he didn't know what to do so he tried faking a few images and ending it there. If this was real why would the OP take down the camera's after it literally caught someone outside of his house. Also it's funny how there's conveniently no footage whatsoever besides the few frames where you can't see anything.

  26. I think l this is a shit poster. Ya know how any person can see your camera by joining your network's signal? I'm sure there is a way to send an image or video through the signal and force the camera to see it.

    Step by Step Explanation
    he turned off the time stamp

    Took a video of his bed and other places in one day

    Over several days he did the reverse video feed so it would capture the time stamp

    Took real day photos of where his cameras to add to credibility as anyone could point out time of day or weather differences

    Shit posts to reddit for karma

    Great story thou, 4/5

  27. Was writing "female" friend information that was necessary to his post? Dude could have wrote friend why say it's a female clown ass.

  28. Wow I was sure it was a chick by the way he was writing, what kind of guy says nope and meh.. either he’s a super fruit or a massive cuck.

  29. Explanation, the cat move the cameras, my cat learned how to open the lights in the kitchen and it fucking scared me for a whole week.

  30. This guy has a story posted on r/nosleep. And we all know that nosleep is a fictional subreddit. With all the evidence we have its clear this is a hoax.

  31. Another hole in the sleepwalking theory is that they said they got one motion alert while in the middle of a startcraft game.

  32. It is fake. The fact he didn't make further attempt to call the police or leave the house proves it, probably just a scheme to sell his camera at a really high price

  33. It sounds like an advertisement for the cameras, because he said how those cameras were waterproof and even showed an amazon link 🤷

  34. Fake and a horrible Fake. not even entertaining. Not to u Expo ur vids are well done and i love u. but the OP who made this story up is seriously and literally cringey, it almost sounded like any cliche fake story out there, cant believe some people upvoted this bad hoax. and walk around naked part sounded so narcistic. put some pants on princesses.

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