A New Cat Appeared To A Kitten Who Had Protected Her Dead Dad (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP116

A New Cat Appeared To A Kitten Who Had Protected Her Dead Dad (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP116

The alley is fulled with a kitten’s crying Next to her, there is a big cat who is just lying without any movement PD : Is the cat lying next to her dead? Informant : Yes. he’s dead. been for 2 or 3 days. Into the cold and stiff dead’s arms the kitten snuggles Informant : Don’t know whether she’s aware of the cat’s death But she keeps putting her paw on his body.
she may try to wake him up or something.. Does the kitten think that the cat just fell asleep.. ? Try to lick him like saying ‘wake up’ But.. the big cat is speechless.. Don’t know who’s kitten she is The kitten suddenly appeared and that thing happened The dead cat used to bring the kitty, live together, feed, and take care of her One month ago, the kitten appeared at the alley But, other cats bullied her.. Atm, the dead cat appeared and protected her For the kitty to survive By her side, he always used to care for her Informant : In an alleyway, his kitten was hit by a bike and dead That big cat had a strong obsession for the baby Since the cat lost his baby by the accident He met this small kitten by chance Two of them had relied on each other However, Now… Informant : Oh.. how pitiful she is She became alone again Thankfully, Heard the good news for this kitten that she got a new family Kitten’s new fam : She repaid the kindness of the cat who sincerely looked after her Though this kitten is just a little stray cat I felt how kind and proud she is Heat~ The new owner was moved by their friendship And one more thing Kitten’s new fam : Heard that the cat she relied on was a male and 3~4 years old Our cat ‘Heat’ is also a 3-year-old male cat. Since the situation is similar, that would be good for the two to get along together The kitty who experienced separation with the big cat now had reliable Oppa So her new family visited the hospital Wonder how well she has been so far Aww~~ So proud of you Vet : After arriving at the hospital, abt 10 days passed by and She got Feline Panleukopenia Virus(FPV), but then she endured and overcame all, so became quite plump FPV, whose fatality rate is very high as known However, the kitten strongly endured another difficulty once again Mommy will love you so much~♥ You don’t have to be hurt alone any more The place where she will live from now Aww pretty, you look pretty Aww pretty For the kitten not to be strange The family member warmly welcomes her New owner : We have a cat tower and also a scratcher. I wound it all with thread so that the kitties play The space she can freely frolic PD : Have you named her? I named her as ‘Sapyeong’ which means that her life in the future goes all well(Sa=work, pyeong=smooth) Let’s go to Sapyeong’s house. Here is Sapyeong’s sweet home For Sapyeong who used to roam on the street Now she had a cozy and safe house Sapyeong~~~ Oppa is here The first meeting with Heat But Sapyeong yet does not open the door of her mind To get to know each other The time and the tasty food are needed! It’s chicken tenderloin. If they eat the food together, they may get along each other while eating Sapyeong, let’s eat the treat Like her new guardian’s wish Sapyeong’s wounded heart can be healed by Heat Until Sapyeong eats up enough Heat stately waits for him Still awkward tho It’s said that time heals all wounds As being with the new family, hope to see Sapyeong looking bright back again New owner : It’s like a fate that Sapyeong comes our home, has Oppa and mommy, I hope three of us can live happily Sapyeong~~ Let’s take a rest with Oppa :)) Two hands clasped together, which never be released forever The painful wait on the street has now ended In her new family’s arms What kind of love will the kitten show again..?♥

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  1. С каждым роликом влюбляюсь в этих людей и эту страну.

  2. 2nd or 3rd time I have watched this video and cried my heart out. They say cats aren't loyal? This proves otherwise. Happy she found a new home!

  3. Seriously, Part 1 nya gue nangis, sedih gak kuat😭. Untung Sapyoung sekarang udh punya keluarga, jadi gak perlu sedih lagi

  4. 1:34 아름다운 삽화 Beautiful illustrations 🖌
    그리고 하늘에서 야옹이 작은 천사의 아름다운 목소리
    And, beautiful voice of this little angel from heaven meowing💫🙏

  5. I never understand of those people who got the thumb down signs what's wrong with them or something wrong with the videos?????????? 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣;


  7. Heartbreaking Im thankful she got her own family to give her the love and care hope the two cats get along well in time.😻🙏

  8. Why does people disliked this do you know when animal is suffering in this world right now

    Edit: animals have feelings too

  9. Muy bonita historia este lindo gatito tiene un hogar y un hermanito se merece ambas cosas les felicito y aunque no es el caso tambien por el oscar conseguido por su pais felicitaciones desde
    Espana. ………

  10. すごく感動した。仔猫に泣いた。

  11. แมวตัวเก่าก็จะหนีออกบ้านไปสักสามวันคะเพราะอิจฉาแมวตัวใหม่

  12. Frankly, this story pissed me off. The first video was clickbait (the cat did not wake up!) and this lady is a nutjob, even if she has kind intentions. The kitten is afraid of her. Literally every time the lady pets it, its ears go back. She handles her so roughly and doesn't seem to have an understanding of cats in general, putting makeup on one and shaving him and forcing them together. Her cat has no chemistry with the kitten. This was not a happy ending, in my opinion. The only positive part was the vet and how much care he treated the kitten with, both physically (so gently) and emotionally (giving the kitten the chance to say one last goodbye to her adoptive father).

  13. Part one. I felt like that kitten. I cried. Lost my dad in a similar way. This hit me. Hard.

    Hang on, they were calling the cat "He", but now it is "She".

  14. In defense of the owner, she seemed to know the temperament of her cat and put them together in an attempt to fill the void of the older cat that died.

    The kitten was definitely worried about being put next to Heat, but was receptive to it. These comments are concerned about things that didn't happen. But this woman knew they wouldn't happen by that point.

    The way Heat has been "Groomed" though…

  15. 子猫を守ってくれた猫、ありがとう❗そして子猫を救ってくれた優しい人々、これからsapyonnが幸せになりますように

  16. I just found out that some people has their own youtube channels now. Please let your subscribers to know about this when you introduce their animal stories. So your surbscribers actually can help them by subscribe them. (Because you making money by view numbers or number of subscribers in youtube system). And you cannot help people who adopted animals in your videos.

  17. 猫ちゃんも優しい人に飼われて良かったですね 面倒見てくれていた猫ちゃんの事永遠に忘れることないでしょうね

  18. Animals do mourn. They feel love. People that say they do not have never been around animals for any length of time. I was sorry for the little kitten's loss, very happy he found a new friend I like the art work, it is very charming and adds a lot to the video

  19. It's really wonderful that you take care of the animals so well !!! But please note that cats absolutely need taurine! Chicken, fish or other normal meat does not contain taurine! But only in mice. If the cats are fed other meats, taurine must also be added to the food, otherwise they will become very seriously ill or even die!

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