A More Secure Home and Smart Lock Convenience – Vivint Customer Story

A More Secure Home and Smart Lock Convenience – Vivint Customer Story

My name is Shawn Sullivan. I live in
Grand Bay-Westfield which is just north of Saint John, New Brunswick. I’m a middle
school teacher. I teach grade eight French immersion French and language arts and also science as well. Lifestyle here is really laid-back here in Saint John area Grand Bay but just before Christmas we were up visiting my family and we were actually broken into. They stole all our Christmas presents
and they ransacked the house, broke the door, broke the glass, and then we decided
we wanted a system. We went with another company and we had some issues with that company where the system wasn’t reporting and the only way we found out was by a fluke where the alarm was triggered when we were coming home. And we never got a phone call and we started questioning why. It was a big kerfuffle. So Vivint came and offered us the system, and that’s when we decided to take advantage of the offer. The salesman was great. He introduced the system and all its features and everything that it had and he’d mentioned that there was two-way communication on the panel if there was an emergency, which was great. He showed us the camera as well, which we didn’t have and we thought that was an awesome feature as well while we’re away. All these different features that ours didn’t have at the time at all. The system that he brought actually protected our basement that had a lot of windows and no doors. We do travel a lot so even just to know that there’s somebody watching the house for smoke or fire and things like that, just makes it
easier when I go away. And I know that my family’s here and they’re safe with the system. I like to tinker around the house so I do have a lot of tools and subsequently my friends ask a lot to borrow the tools. And there was this one time where we were away and he wanted to borrow a particular saw. So he called me up and we unlocked the door and he was able to go in and once he was
done he texted me and I locked the door back up. And we knew that it was safe. We used to have five or six different keys for in-laws and sisters and brothers and now nobody has a key. We can just either unlock it or they have the code. Whichever, depends how much we trust them, I guess.

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  1. Please do your research before signing up with this company. I have personally had a horrible experience with them and do not want anyone else to have to go through the same.

  2. while they have cool features and technology, BEWARE of this company people, they are money hungry , with extremely poor costumer service, you deal with these guys the same way you would deal with companies in third world countries, they will do everything in their power to get you on a contract, once you sign you are a screwed, they don't keep their promises, they don't care about your complains, they will hustle you for every penny they can get out of your pockets, we are are on a two years term, we were told that if we move or sell the house, the equipment they installed stays and they would install new equipment in the new house, comes the time to move they denied everything they said and wanted us to pay for new equipment, and charge us transfer fees. also when our alarm went off it took them a whole 5 minutes to call and check if everything is OK.
    if you decide to sign with them anyway, MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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