A Boss Fight at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: The Daily Show

A Boss Fight at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: The Daily Show

If there’s one thing
the Trump administration hasn’t been good at,
it’s everything. But in particular,
in particular, they have sucked at filling
key government jobs. As of today,
252 top government posts are still empty
without even an nominee. Which made it even stranger
when, this week, one position was filled
with two people. We don’t know who’s running the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau. On Friday President Trump
named his budget director, Mick Mulvaney, to take over
from Richard Cordray. Cordray had announced that
Deputy Director Leandra English would replace him. Well,
she filed a lawsuit last night to block the president’s choice.
And now a judge may have to break the deadlock. REPORTER: Who’s gonna end up
being vindicated here– is it Mick Mulvaney
and Donald Trump or is it Leandra English? A simple question:
who’s the boss? -Who’s the boss?
-Who’s the boss? Oh snap, boss fight.
(imitates hip-hop horn) Although I will say the
Who’s the Boss? reference doesn’t really work here.
I get what everyone was trying to do, but in this
case, it-it is genuinely unclear who the boss is.
Yeah. Because on the TV show, it was obvious.
Angela is the boss. Tony works for Angela.
If the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t have even been
a question who the boss was. The show would have
just been called He’s the Boss, Not Her, Thank God This Conforms
to Our Gendered Perceptions of What Bosses Are
So There’s No Confusion, That’s what it would have been.
Anyway, anyway, uh, the fight over the financial
watchdog agency went to court. And yesterday
a federal judge ruled that President Trump’s
budget director, Mick Mulvaney, is legally in charge
of the agency. He looked at him
and he said you are the captain. Right? And, I mean,
for him to go to court to fight for this job,
he must have really loved this government
agency for a long time. REPORTER: Mick Mulvaney is not
a big fan of this agency. Take a listen to what he said
about it back in 2014. It’s a wonderful example of how a bureaucracy
will function if it has no accountability
to anybody. Um, it turns up being a joke, and that’s what the CFPB
really has been, in a-in a-in a-in a sick,
sad kind of way. Wait, he said that
and then he got the job? What was the interview like?
“So, tell us what you think about our company.”
“Oh, this place is trash, “and, uh, I hate everything
you stand for. Uh, P.S. I took a dump
in the waiting room. Uh…” “Oh, so when can you start?
I like it.” So, Mick Mulvaney really hates
the government agency that he now runs. Yes. It makes you wonder. What is it that they’ve done
that’s so terrible? REPORTER:
The CFPB was formed in 2011 as part of the response
to the 2008 financial crisis. Its mission is to oversee
financial institutions, to encourage them to make
less risky decisions, and to safeguard consumers
from financial fraud. REPORTER 2: Since 2011,
the bureau has provided nearly $12 billion in relief, including billions in refunds
to consumers harmed by illegal banking practices. They took money from banks
and gave it back to the people? That’s not how money works. Everyone knows it’s:
money goes into the banks and then things happen
and then yachts. Come on, people. Look, look, the truth is the CFPB has been instrumental
in keeping banking institutions accountable for shady practices
that affect many Americans. For example, it’s the reason
that Wells Fargo had to pay $185 million
after ripping off customers by opening fake bank accounts
in their names. But even more than that,
the CFPB, or “Cifipb,” helps keep banks
financially stable to prevent another recession. But according
to the Trump administration, the real victims
are the banks themselves. REPORTER: Donald Trump tweeted
over the weekend the CFPB has been
a total disaster. “Financial institutions
have been devastated and unable to properly serve
the public.” He wants me to fix it. He wants
me to get it back to the point where it can protect people
without trampling on capitalism. Financial institutions
devastated? Trampling on capitalism? Have you seen capitalism lately? If you scroll through
capitalism’s Instagram feed, life is looking pretty good. REPORTER: Huge profits undercut
the administration’s argument that regulations have hurt
the banking industry. We have a record all-time high for the Dow Jones
Industrial Average and also the others,
as we noted– the Nasdaq, the S&P,
and the Russell. REPORTER 2: U.S. banks
are hauling in record profits. $171.3 billion last year. That’s the third record
in the past four years. Yeah, people, Wall Street
is making more money than ever before. And they were making money
before. Remember that movie
with Leonardo DiCaprio? The banks were making so much
money that they could do this. -(whooping)
-Come on! Let’s go! ALL:
One, two, three! (cheering) Yeah. Now they’re making
even more money than that. Goddamn,
now it makes you wonder. What are their parties like now,
huh? Now they probably pay,
like, giant people to throw them at the target,
like… And that… and that’s
the thing. That’s the thing. Wall Street
is already living large, while so much of America
is still struggling. And castrating the Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau will only make it worse. This is one of those times when I wish that there was
a political hero, someone who would stand up
and say, “I’m not gonna let Wall Street
get away with murder.” I’m not gonna let Wall Street
get away with murder. When you cast that ballot, just picture
a Wall Street boardroom filled
with the special interests who have been bleeding
your country and your city and every place else and imagine the look
on their faces when you tell them,
“You’re fired! Fired.” Fired! We should make him the boss.

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  1. With little notice, President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order that advocates say rolls back hard-fought victories for women in the workplace. Tuesday's "Equal Pay Day" — which highlights the wage disparity between men and women — is the perfect time to draw more attention to the president's action, activists say. On March 27, Trump revoked the 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order then-President Barack Obama put in place to ensure that companies with federal contracts comply with 14 labor and civil rights laws. The Fair Pay order was put in place after a 2010 Government Accountability Office investigation showed that companies with rampant violations were being awarded millions in federal contracts. In an attempt to keep the worst violators from receiving taxpayer dollars, the Fair Pay order included two rules that impacted women workers: paycheck transparency and a ban on forced arbitration clauses for sexual harassment, sexual assault or discrimination claims. Noreen Farrell, director of the anti-sex discrimination law firm Equal Rights Advocates, said Trump went "on the attack against workers and taxpayers." "We have an executive order that essentially forces women to pay to keep companies in business that discrimination against them, with their own tax dollars," said Farrell. "It's an outrage." Out of the 50 worst wage theft violators that GAO examined between 2005-2009, 60 percent had been awarded federal contracts after being penalized by the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division. Similar violation rates were tracked through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Labor Relations Board. Now isn't that order very consistent with the sexual criminal confessions we all heard not once. but on two separate occasions during the Axis Hollywood bus. previous to that during his interview with Howard Stern. Former prosecutor Gov. FBI director Giuliani. Said those audiotaped criminal confessions were nothing more than locker room talk. Not according to criminal psychologist brain specialist those audiotaped criminal confessions were much more consistent with a jailhouse confession from one inmate to another. Or a prison reminiscence from one convict to another who are living out there sentencing in protective custody, for sexual crimes are classified as the weakest form of criminal conduct. Not to mention any other prosecutor in the country would take two audiotaped criminal confessions as enough evidence to prosecute. And then when you have 14 witnesses come forward and validate everything that was on those audiotaped criminal confessions.Would be enough evidence to convince any judge of a conviction. Well any judge except for that desperate week insecure impulsive poor specimen of a female judge that goes on and on about how great it is being a submissive trumpet blower. 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Secondly is because they are not willing to hold themselves accountable to the way they live their life to the laws the put in place. For the laws they put in place will greatly influence whether you live and die Feeling accomplished being at peace. The bottom line is Donald Trump has been clinically diagnosed by scientists criminal psychologist brain specialist! Leading physicians As being physically and mentally submissive! To fill that massive void a weakness) His plan to stay on the top! Is by keeping the bottom sick week desperate hungry and malnourished and poor by recirculating dirty low-paying jobs that come from outdated power sources inferior materials and toxic substances. That have lived out there usefulness for they have been classified scientifically as petrified death! More commonly known as coal oil and gas dirtiest of all sand oil. Along with other toxic pesticides! Chemicals that never changed their killing composition. 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  2. American politics is cursed, Democrats recassitate the economy then comes the Republicans who cause recession with their greedy politics and the cycle continuous.

  3. It really saddens me to see that so many grown Americans are allowing Trump and his clan of conmen to dupe them so easily.

  4. I think people are getting it wrong. This administration isn't incompetent, they are doing exactly what they set out to do: To destroy government agencies from the inside. It is the American people who are incompetent for letting this happen. Don't confuse incompetence with evil and, in turn, underestimate what they are really doing with all intentions. This chaos, whether intentional or not, is giving them cover to do real harm and we are letting it happen.

  5. 5:44 that guy in the light suit over Little Donny's right shoulder. Is that a wax figure, or just a typical brain dead Trump supporter?

  6. that guy to the left in the back of trump at that rally looks like a shrunk old version of an ogre from the gummi bears movies

  7. "don't worry my Wall st friends, this is public talk, doesn't matter, you'll be fine – we'll get rid of all the checks one way or the other"

  8. 🎄 Merry Corruption to all you rich people (who are obviously not watching this)! 🎄
    Santa Trump is coming to town and he brings you deregulations for more profits than you can imagine! And we know, you have alot of monetary imagination, the fruits of which we will reap at the next financial crash!

  9. And bank industries can kiss my ass and everyone elses ass. They're winging constantly and still manage to screw up very real things (for now) like oh say peoples fucking paychecks or doing their job as a pigy bank. An issue litterally going back to the 1910-1920. It went kaboom. and many year later their still giant dicks.

  10. Another case of the rich claiming to be the victims so they can get richer. I really wish it wasn’t that simple, but it is.

  11. "I can't believe Flynn turned on me." -Donald J. "I'm a total asshole" Chump 2017. "Do you think they'll get the President?" -J. Kushner 2017. Hey Jared, we're going to get all of you!

  12. ha ha ha what the fuck you are doing if we can't rep off all of these people how the hell we can buy or lambo's and Farris and house and summer house

  13. Does he do other videos about ANY THING BUT President Trump?? 🙄😫😖 dude I am so sick of hearing about Trump! At this point this channel should be called Daily bashing and mocking of Trump. Not daily news. He's an idiot. A self centered, empirical, entitled, awkward, irritate, posturing, masochistic, grandiose, naive, gullible, hanging off of Putin's left nut, shoddy dealing, hypocritical, tyrannical, fat, balding, pig with the IQ and intelligence of Peter from the family guy. But c'mon now… I'm SO SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT TRUMP! WE GET IT! HE'S A FUCKING IDIOT!. But Trevor, this is a waste of your talent, your humour, your journalism and platform. Your bringing more attention to him and that's ALL he really craves! He IS a braggadocious man child! I mean, look, I really like Trevor, but the content he has to talk about every day, every video, now is ridiculous at this point. I love his jokes, his puns and his impersonations. But surely he has more talent then just doing a good Trump impersonation doesn't he? C'mon, mix it up a little DAILY NEWS.


  15. Looks like future GOP plans for an avenue to launder money without intrusion/ethical restraints. Also an alley for naive citizen to get rolled without recourse.

  16. Record profits, all it took was one trillion dollars and government assisted mergers with banks too small to help. Then the institutions (many of which were created by the government in the first place) that nearly destroyed the system make record profits just a few years later as the inflated housing prices are returning. This isn't capitalism it is it's inbred cousin crony capitalism. Are you angry yet?

  17. For someone who have never held public office before, Trump sure does make empty promises like a politician, lies like a politician, and screws hard working Americans like a politician. At least he is winning at something.

  18. This country is headed for another crash post trump and post Republican congress. The US economy is so weak it can't have even the slightest restriction on it or it will lose out to the REAL economies in the rest of the world. You have to wonder if the US economy will continue to fail when we are all literally slaves to the rich and corporations. That's seems to be what Trump and Republicans are working toward.

  19. So Trump supports voted and support Trump cus he promised to get rid of those brown people and now the richest of the rich are robbing this country dry for every last drop left and Trump supporters will never admit anything but success. Manipulation to the simplest degree. Boy I can't wait to tell this to my kids who live on another planet cus we fucked this one up.

  20. There's gonna be a reckoning to all of this at some time. And part of me fears it's gonna get really ugly then. I mean, uglier than now even. If that's even possible at all by today's standards.

  21. I hope the US voters learn their lesson. Only vote for qualified ppl. Maybe ppl with experience. Never elect a wannabe celebrity with bankruptcies !

  22. When you saw the comment section and already lost all hope for humanity. Stop try to reason with these people, they won’t change their mind. If you’re winning, they’re just gonna called you brainwashed.

  23. Trump had to win this fight.
    Do you really want, when the next Democrat is in office, for the President to be overruled by his own deputy secretary.

  24. Will people remember what G.O.P. and the Russians did in 2016 election when they vote in the future? Or forget and chase a new squirrel?

  25. Trump supporters are so fuckin dumb. "SURLY this multimillionaire with a reputation of ripping people off will help us at the bottom!!"

  26. Don "The Con" Trump has been planning to destroy our Nation's government since 1987, when he made his first trip to Soviet Russia (yes, it was still the USSR with all the messed up things that entails) and came back gushing like a schoolgirl about it. Not about their art or history, no; he gushed about how easily their leadership got things done! Donnie's trip to Soviet Russia occurred at the same time that KGB Agent Vladimir Putin was posing as the lead translator for foreign businessmen, accompanying them on their tours of Russia (what few there were at the time) and trying to establish who would be a good agent for the USSR. After all, it's so much easier to turn an established Citizen of a country into an agent for you than to establish your own Agents. All you need is to know how to manipulate them, to turn them against their home country, and to have some blackmail information handy in the event they have second thoughts. Only the most naive person could have any doubt that a well-trained KGB Agent as diabolically cunning as Putin pegged at least four of Trump's triggers in the first five minute conversation: money, fame, being treated like he's a king, and teenage girls. Duh! One would not even have to have followed the American news to glean that about Trump; a few pointed questions and the man spills his guts! Discretion is not, nor has it ever been, a part of Donnie's vocabulary. The reason that there have been rumors FOR YEARS that the Russians have something big on Trump is that – without the Secret Service to keep him out of trouble – it's just not that hard to arrange to "get something" on Trump. He actually believes that he's entitled to have S&M sex with 13 year old girls, to cheat contractors and small businesses out of what he owes them, and to ignore all the laws and ethics that apply to the rest of us.
    Since 1987, Trump's best "secret" buddy Putin has been working to turn what was an economic asset helping to import and establish first KGB and then FSB Agents (the FSB is Russia's current version of the KGB) inside the USA into far more than that. While Trump's Casinos were very useful for employing Russian Agents so they could become Citizens and laundering money for the Russian Mob – Putin's strong arm inside the USA – Trump had another importance; to stir up trouble. He LIKED the infamy that such actions brought. He LIKED spreading lies, because he expected that people would believe him because he was rich and he could always get away with it. And if someone fought back, he could just sue them and then their own lawyers would tell them to stop talking about it until after the trial. There are many people who tend to believe that the last person who spoke was right, so that plopped right into Trump's wheelhouse like a big stinking pile of manure. After all, Trump always wants the last word, even if that word is a lie. He is delusional enough to believe that he is the only person who knows everything and can do everything, even though his incompetence in most issues and topics is well established. And back in Russia, Vladimir Putin, who has always hated the USA so much that he was chosen for the KGB during the Cold War, is having the time of his life. The country that caused his Nation no end of problems is now having no end of problems, is having our government shredded by greed and incompetence, and has had our National Reputation shredded as well. The old chestnut "A bad day for America is a good day for Russia" has never been more true than it is right now. I expect that Putin is very, very proud of himself. It took 30 years, but he brought down the Goliath with an asset as smart as a rock.

  27. Even with a mountain of evidence n dollars to back up the evidence that something is working for the people these white folks still lie to our faces n rip us off. Only God knows why white peoples are so fucking greedy n money hungry, willing to ruin an entire planet just so they can live good. These people in govt are demons and scum of the earth.

  28. I am feeling it already, my Bank is charging me $12 more dollars fee, besides all they use to take before. You need to have $ 1.500 on the account. We are going right to Russian Model. Republicans hate the little man. That’s the truth.

  29. The CFPB had no clue about the Wells Fargo fraud. Really speaks to their competence. The LATimes uncovered it. If the CFPB didn't exist, banks would still be prosecuted for crimes. This agency that supposedly answers to no one can threaten any financial institution into hefty settlements through legal blackmail. Banks aren't 'evil'; they're just businesses.

  30. Trump is scum. Republicans are scum. And conservatively-minded people are the most gullible fucks on this planet. Only progressives and Justice Democrats are going to be able to pull this nation out of the tailspin we're in today. Just like they had to do for us back in the 1930's.

  31. Dear Ladies and honourable gentlemen…I regret to disturb your comment scroll…I've been unemployed for the past year…and my mother has been fighting a genetic disease, this is the certification from the General Hospital, Dr. Lazarou…please, if you can spare a "thumbs up" out of your kindness, it will be a tremendous help…may your children always be healthy…my dear ladies and honourable gentlemen…thank you very much…

  32. Did anyone else notice in that Wolf Of Wall Street clip that the little person was wearing yellow when they were throwing him but then suddenly was wearing red when he hit the target. Why didn't Noah point out that continuity error?

  33. I think I just spotted an alien behind Trump between 5:34 and 5:51. Just to the left of him, grey suit. I smell an extraterrestrial conspiracy.

  34. the midget is yellow at 4:53 when they throw him, but turns into red colors in the air before he lands at the target.. xD is that a big stupid misstake by the producers or am i missing something because i haven't seen that movie..? x)

  35. Well, TRUMP'S specialty IS FINANCIAL FRAUD, and the CFPD is what made him repay all the poor people he screwed over!! Why the hell wouldn't he destroy it from the inside!?

  36. Trump admin is filled with billionaire and has given billionaire massive tax cuts and to compensate has increased the debt.

  37. That man at least had the balls to say all the horrible shit that's wrong America, the problem is he didn't have the balls or the integrity to do a damn thing about it.
    Personally i believe the SOB lied and said all those things just to get into office.

  38. Americans are obviously retarded. That's the most delicate way that I can say it. They vote against their own interest. They don't even recognize that they are being played. AND then they turn around and vote for the same guy who lied to their face in the first place. That's far beyond mentally challenged.

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