908 dead, more than 40-thousand cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

908 dead, more than 40-thousand cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

over in China de novo coronavirus has
taken over 900 lives as of Monday there’s been more than 40,000 confirmed
cases Jung has the updates according to China’s National Health
Commission on Monday the death toll in China is now over 900 with 97 deaths
recorded in the country in the past day alone this is the first time there have
been more than 90 recorded deaths in a single day 91 out of the 97 were in
Hubei Province the epicenter of the outbreak
there were also some 3,000 more confirmed cases across China bringing
the total number in China to more than 40,000 on a brighter note the number of
new cases has stabilised in recent days new cases across the rest of China
except for who Bay province reportedly stayed as some 500 a day as of last
Friday compared to around 800 last week the most recent data from Chinese
authorities also showed new cases outside who Bay province as of Sunday
stood at some 400 however anxiety remains as millions of Chinese are set
to return home following the end of the Lunar New Year holiday which was
extended to February 9th in order to curb the spread of the disease any
further residential areas in China’s four largest cities including the
capital Beijing went into lockdown Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said on
Monday only cars and people that have certificates to prove their residents
will be able to enter the residential areas on Ji Young Arirang news

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  1. [CHINESE GOVERNMENT Bio Weapons Lab Reports] Incubation period of the novel coronavirus could be as long as 24 days or MORE and TEST are only 70% accurate

  2. And here goes the media downplaying the true numbers and the sick of this coronavirus. It is deadly it will kill billion. They can't even stop it.

  3. This is so bad . And we are hearing news that this virus 🦠 was made in a lab in China 🇨🇳. Anyways stoners I got some good quality green 🌿🌿🍁🍁 for you. My channel directs

  4. Sorry commies, but everyone can see through your bullshit lies. 40,000 dead and probably well over 200k cases.
    You're crap government isn't going to run out of masks and hospital supplies in a country with a billion people just treating 40,000 patients.
    Just tell the world the truth instead of lying.

  5. they keep eating things they should not be eating and are not supposed to be eaten…the SARS virus claimed their 60,000 lives and even after that, they did not stop eating bats… they are selling plastic rice for Lord sake!!! you play with nature, nature plays back at you

  6. It seem like they can’t handle the situation too much people have some don’t know the have until it’s too late

  7. This Virus was meant to be deployed as a Bioware against the foreign military in the South China Sea, but it was very unstable and erupted before it was utililized by the government. The CCP is trying to cover it up as a virus that came from an animal instead of being created from the Biolab a weaponize virus.

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