18 Replies to “9 easy way to keep burglars out of your home”

  1. The BEST way to beat home invaders is to shoot to kill, NOT maim. They don't give a frack about us, so why should we worry about them. They deserve to die, it's that simple!

  2. Get you cameras a dog and a gun you viben dog tell you when to grab the gun and cameras tell u where to shoot simple

  3. laughable. Most door frames are hollow and any longer screw is just digging into plaster. Any gadget will only slow down an intruder, because where theres a will theres a way. Get a firearm and know it well. And dont train you dog NOT to bark.

  4. All about barriers. The more they have to go through the better. Most of them are looking for quick and easy

  5. If you live somewhere that guns aren't available, or you aren't legally allowed to arm yourself. get a hand held chainsaw and keep it in the house where you can get a hold of it quickly. Unless the intruder has a gun, the second they hear or see it they're gone.

  6. laminated windows (too much inconvinience for them)and forget doogs, dogs are just too easy to bribe don't even make them part of the equation.

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