700TVL Wireless Pinhole Spy Hidden Camera for Home Use

700TVL Wireless Pinhole Spy Hidden Camera for Home Use

Hi my name is Chris and I’m from SpyCameraCCTV In this video we are looking at one of our
Pinhole cameras and receiver pack Now these cameras are one of our best-selling
cameras primarily because they’re really easy to set-up The little wireless pinhole camera really
easy to hide This one is really perfect for lots of different
situations: keeping an eye on your kids; if there anything that’s going on at home that
you want to identify and a lot of people use these to keeping an eye on their elderly relatives
as well so lots of uses The pinhole camera is one of our most popular
cameras mainly due to its size Looking at it here you can see from the side
profile that it is just 2 centimetres by 2 centimetres What’s really handy about this is that you
can take the bracket off the back so you can either have it standing up or you can secrete
this amongst some office equipment so you can stick this on your shelf or hide it in
a tissue box Looking at the pinhole lens this is just the
size of a ballpoint pen so really small This is the only thing that needs to see out
so the rest of the camera can be hidden away in the background This camera has audio monitoring here with
the built-in microphone Certainly in a normal-sized 2 metre squared
office you’d certainly be alright there and again in a normal front room size you’d be
able to pick up audio without too much trouble The camera is 700 TV lines – we’ve upgraded
this recently it gives you a great colour image from the camera Next up we have the receiver This receives the images and converts it into
an AV signal That will plug straight into your television One of the most popular configurations for
this particular camera set-up is to run this receiver to a 4-channel DVR that allows you
to record up to 4 cameras separately There’s a couple of connection on the back,
which you may recognise, just your audio and video RCAs The package comes with an AV lead and quite
simply you match the yellow to the yellow and the white to the white On the other end it can go straight into your
TV The other feature is the channel changer so
if you do decide to change wireless channel on the camera you just have to match it on
the receiver In terms of wireless distance you’ll normally
expect to get up to 50 metres in clear-line-of-sight In reality going through a wall or two in
your house will reduce the range massively Normally we’d expect it to see through one
internal wall but if you have really thick walls like I’ve got in my house then it’s
not going to get through them If you do want some more information on this
you can give us a ring on (+44) 0117 325 2470 or you can click the link below to go straight
to the website to read some more information about this Thanks for watching!

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  1. The details that are left out are Important like the lead coming off the So so small camera i will guess that's for the Power pack that will double or triple the size of your small camera ! Defeating the actual purpose as a fore mentioned Nothing about picture quality.

  2. a neigbour is glueing the locks of an old couples appartment how to catch him !!! / need to record in motion detection be small and be outside the appartment or a peehole camera ???

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