6ix9ine Living Life in Witness Protection | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

6ix9ine Living Life in Witness Protection | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

[MUSIC PLAYING] Yo, you already
know rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine pled guilty
to racketeering and drug trafficking charges. Mm-hm, and because he snitched
on the Bloods he’s eventually going into witness protection. Or moving one town
away, either way. So he was just going to be
out here living a normal life. The only problem is that
this is Tekashi 6ix9ine, look at this man’s face. Yes. [MUSIC – TEKASHI 6IX9INE] You don’t think telling people
to suck your dick online got anything to do with it, too? Nah, I tell em they can
suck my dick every day. [MUSIC – TEKASHI
6IX9INE, “Billy”] When I went to LA for All-Star
Weekend I’m with two people. I’m– it’s me and
two other people. I don’t walk around. Why? Because I let my nuts hang. Like, that’s– that’s
bottom line, like– Yeah, let those– let those nuts hang.
– He does. He lets his nuts hang.
– Yeah. There’s no monster.com
application for letting nuts hang. Yeah. “Skills, lets nuts hang. Also bilingual.” OFF SCREEN: Is Tekashi
a good rapper? Does he have bars? Um– I mean– Teka– you know what
Tekashi was good for? Like, if you ignore the fact,
like, the snitching and like, the “I’m–” No, that’s not how it works. “–fake Blood” and
all that other shit. Like, if you just
played that song and didn’t tell me who
it was, I’d be like, yo, that shit is
aggressive, like, I wanna go beat somebody
up or like, I don’t know, take a long shower?
I don’t know. [AUDIENCE GIGGLING] You know what I’m saying? It’s not good music. You know what I’m saying? It’s like, music you listen
to before you go to court and you’re going to snitch on
other people, to hop you up. Like, point out her, her, her. So we were wondering
how Tekashi is going to live under the radar. It’ll probably
takes some adjustment, you know what I’m saying?
– Yeah. So it’s possible. Buy a dog? Well, it is a lifetime
guarantee so– Unfortunately,
since you bought those pants more
than a month ago, we cannot offer a full refund– Yeah, this is Brian
Henderson69, yes, how can I help you? No, I cannot return your
salmon-colored turtleneck. Are you dumb? If you want to return your
stupid fucking turtleneck call somebody else. Because I let my
fucking nuts hang. Hanging up on your bitch ass. Goodbye. [PHONE BEEPS] Good fucking morning,
this is Brian Henderson69, how can I help you? [INDISTINGUISHABLE VOICE OVER
PHONE] No, I cannot do that, sir. [VOICE CONTINUING] No, no, no, stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop. Listen, stop. Bye. [HANGS UP] Fucking clown. Hey, Brian. Working hard or hardly working? Yeah, both. Uh, I’ve listened to a
couple of the recordings and you seem to get a little
aggressive with the people on the phone– Oh, you got to be. It’s in my key words, look. “Bitch,” “ho,” “fuck you,”
and “let my nuts hang.” Yeah! Yeah, that’s not– we
didn’t give that to you. I think you wrote that– Nah, I made this
shit up on my own. I called a audible, you feel me? I’m out here doing work, blood. OK, again, it’s
a little aggressive when you’re coming at me– You gotta be aggressive
in the call center, Keith, you understand? Look, I– Patrick said that you ate
his lunch the other day and made him watch? That’s right. Watch me eat your
sandwich, Patrick! Look me in my eyes! [PATRICK CRYING] Look! Mm! [PATRICK WAILING] I let my nuts hang. I do what I want, blood. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC CUTTING OFF] [MUSIC RESUMING] Oh yeah, so it was a binge
and shrill this weekend. Oh, I’ve heard good
things about that show. Oh, it’s funny, you know? What’s that? Aidy Bryant, you know,
it’s like a fun, you know, Portland and–
– It’s kind of like a– – –writer, yeah.
– Oh, Portland? That’s where I’m from!
[LAUGHING] – Didn’t you say–
– That’s wild. I thought you
were from Flagstaff. I– I– I went to
college in Portland. It’s online, it’s online. I study criminal justice,
you know what I’m saying, because I want to put criminals
away, you know what I’m saying? But I’m not a snitch. Shrill.
Have you watched– Shrill? You need to watch
real nigga shit. OK– Real nigga shit, like,
you know what I’m saying, like “Gilmore Girls.” Oh, uh– It’s “Gilmore Girls,” B! Knock, knock. I let my nuts hang,
I do what I want. I know you let
your nuts hang, um– OK, thank you. We have a birthday
card for Stacey and we just wanted
you to put your name on it, that’d be great. Just sign that there for– I got a question for you. KEITH: Yeah? Who the fuck is Stacey? KEITH: S-Stacey. Why would I sign a card of
somebody I don’t fucking know? Just put your name in there– All right, you know what
I’m gonna write in here? I’m writing, “fuck you,
Stacey, eat a dick.” You know, again, I just– “Brian Henderson69,
suck my dick–” You’re taking up
too much of the card. “–stupid.
Stupid!” You’re taking up
too much of the card. Fuck out of here, I
got a call, excuse me. Somebody’s dissatisfied
with their duvet. [OFFICEMATES SINGING] Happy birthday, dear
Stacey, happy birth– (SINGING) Cock is
sagging, fly like a dragon, bitches suck my dick cause
I’m fly like Aladdin, Licky, licky, licky. What the fuck you
looking at, Keith? [SINGING QUIETLY] [INAUDIBLE] gang bang. [INAUDIBLE] let my nuts
hang, let your nuts hang– I know that’s you, Tekashi. How? The fucking tattoos, you
idiot, and the rainbow hair! You think people are not
going to notice it’s you? And you’re not from
Flagstaff, motherfucker. Oh, shit. Yo, you– you– you didn’t–
you didn’t wash your hands. ‘Cause I’m nasty! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Who cares if he gave information, why should he give a flying fuck when he was about to be killed by these bloods just usin him. Anyone say otherwise? Tell me why you, your wife, your kids, and whole family should suffer because you had 2 choices of self preservation or to tongue the asshole of your "friends" who only didnt kill your ass because the feds saved you when they heard your "friends" wers about to "super violate" him, would anyone protect these faggot bloods over your own self preservation to get 25 to life to put before you those who would rather see you dead? He had no good outcome no matter what he did. Fake ass "rappers" and idiots talkin about snitches and stitches. If you have been locked up, ran through the system, and have intimate knowledge and experience with the Federal system especially – yall have no leg to stand on so shyt your fuckin mouth. If you do have life experience in these areas and disagree with me I would love to know why, what angle do you see that im not seeing. No arguments or angry shit im just legitimately wondering and respect your views and would die to protect your freedoms no matter what they are, right and wrong dont exist, respect and perspective does. Reply if you see it differently, opportunity to broaden my perspective.

  2. Brah stop talking to me. I'm already on a higher level than both of you…like as far as comedy. Already. Fuck like being in front of the camera talking down to me over some bullshit that I never even said to you because you feel like its what all the cool kids are doing. The cool kids admitted they were dead ass wrong on wax and yall are still following them into the flame. Its completely stupid. Nigga why would you even be talking to me if I really wasn't that shit like that. Yo do yall enjoy being bullies? You think that shit is going to help you in the long run really?

  3. Witness protection? Naw… more like protection from witnesses, b. My mans is going to need finishing school and facial reconstruction to pull off that Witness protection bullshit.

  4. People keep saying well hows he going to live with that face…its just hating wanna to see the next mans blood. Not one time have i heard though about the feds assisting with having that shit took off his face. cuts his hair, I yr from now that nigga could be living next door to you and you wouldnt know it. Haters going to hate because giggling like a bitch is so 2019 & that shit is cute and gets hits.

  5. LMAO. Did he really have to jump up like that at 4:35, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Idk why that part was soooo damn funny to me😁😁.

  6. Hahaha!!! Got tired of his ass being stretched out eh. Couldn't hold that hard ass persona very long. Rofl!!!

  7. I wish Shotime was included in my Directv package still, i'd watch this show every week, super funny!

  8. Never seen this show before… getting strong Chappelle Show vibes… not sure how I feel about it…

    nah… I can't promote plagarism.

  9. Can anyone recommend me a funny video of theirs I really want to be a fan but I just don’t find them funny at all

  10. Look Tekashi surprised me & I’m white! My son had that shit playing… That noise is banned & I almost grounded him for a week but he cried so I let it go. I didn’t even know he existed until like a week ago…

  11. You forgot the part where the sandwich dude steps up and tekashi says, "nah nah, I'm just a kid, why is you messin with me?!?!

  12. Well one thing In his favor after snitching, it's not like he has any recognizable markings or anything I'm sure he will just blend right into the crowd and have a quiet and uneventful prison life.

  13. Lmfao! This is so funny offices are literally the same world over! That birthday card had me in stiches!

  14. Honestly I don't think he's going into witness protection and he's still gonna be famous I'm willing to bet on it.

  15. Looks like Raekwon with grillz going through the lil kim effect 👩🏾‍🦱👩🏼‍🦱👀

  16. 😂😂😂🤣🤣 yoooo this the funniest shit they did so far he said i let my nuts hung excuse me someone dissatisfied with they duvay LMAO

  17. Snoop bitch dog meek mouse Mill jz piss all signed this boys death warrant. Snitches. He is sick but these dumb ignorent azz rap people need balls..it makes you sad to see these rappers and they just trash..

  18. They should’ve had him eat the lunch of some big tough mf’er… then had the guy say “you know I’m only letting you do that cause you have 6 armed security behind you.. right?” , then cut to the Security always escorting that chump

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