60 Second Security – Personal Attack Alarms

60 Second Security –  Personal Attack Alarms

Hi, I’m PC Chris Hayden and welcome to our series of videos all around simple security tips. And we’re going to do this in under 60 seconds! If you follow these simple safety tips hopefully you will never need to use a personal attack alarm. But carry one just in case! Anyone can carry an alarm, regardless of age. There are all different types and they’re available for a relatively low price. Avoid risky areas such as alleyways and cut throughs. And remember, safety in numbers. Many people who have been robbed say that the attacker came from nowhere. Chances are they didn’t. Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t advertise your stuff and stay on busy well lit routes. If you feel that your being followed consider going into a shop or busy place for help, try to get away, shout for help or consider setting off your alarm. If you are threatened always give up property rather than risk getting hurt. Report suspicious behaviour to the police by ringing 101 or 999 in an emergency. This is simple security, but effective!

7 Replies to “60 Second Security – Personal Attack Alarms”

  1. Would be helpful if you could just make it legal to carry pepperspray. You know, that thing that is literally designed to be completely harmless and effective at deterring an attacker.

  2. Would be good if… y'know… people actually cared about alarms. A car alarm goes off in the night and everybody ignores it. Why would this be any different?

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