6 Ways to Delete or Format a Write Protected USB

6 Ways to Delete or Format a Write Protected USB

6 Ways to Delete or Format Write Protected USB. Solution 1: Click on StorageDevicePolicies if present. If not, skip to solution 2 (0:46) Change value of WriteProtect to 0, then try format the USB again Solution 2: If no StorageDevicePolicies No StorageDevicePolicies Right click on Control folder ->New ->Key Rename to StorageDevicePolicies Right click on the folder ->New ->DWORD (if 32-Bit Windows) OR QWORD (if 64-bit Windows) Rename to WriteProtect Check the value is 0 Eject USB, unplug it and put it back in, then try format If it still doesn’t work for you, try Solution 3 Solution 3: diskpart command Type: diskpart then press enter Type list disk then press enter We will now confirm that disk 1 is the USB by ejecting and unplugging the USB (don’t put back in yet) Type list disk then press enter The disk that now says ‘no media’ is the confirmed USB (disk 1 for me). We do this to be safe so that we don’t accidentally format the harddrive Replug the USB back in, type list disk and press enter again to confirm it is back in Next, type select disk 1 (or a different number depending on what you found before) and press enter Type attributes disk 1 (or a different number depending on what you found before) and press enter If Read-only state is Yes, proceed with this step, otherwise skip to solution 4 (3:55) Type attributes disk clear readonly and press enter Type clean and press enter, then try to format If there is an error with clean, go to solution 4 (3:55). If it works, type create partition primary and press enter, then type format fs=fat32 quick and press enter Solution 4: chkdsk command Type chkdsk d: (or different letter depending on what drive your USB is in) and press enter Type y and press enter. Note the unrecoverable error in folder Type y and press enter Type chkdsk d: /f (swap d: with different letter if USB is in different drive) If that does not work for you, try Solution 5 Solution 5: external program format Search for HDD LL format tool Click on your USB, then press continue Click on low-level format, then format this device Try format again. If this does not work for you, try solution 6 Solution 6: UTILS replace (links in description) Download, extract and run ChipGenius Click on your USB Take note of the VID and PID numbers Go to flashboot.ru/iflash/ and enter your VID/PID numbers Note the chip (flash) vendor and Chip Part Number (flash model) Under the UTILS, if there is a word, or a link, search it on Google to find downloadable files to repair the USB

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  1. I though this video could work for exactly the same issue BUT WITH A CD…

    I couldn't get any help…

    For CD plzz help ??

  2. Robert, thanks a ton. The fifth worked after formatting. Formatted from file explorer and have my drive back.

  3. The problem is that the protection was created on a different computer and only on it you can unlock it. Maybe somebody has some idea how to do it? Regards

  4. none of it didnt fix my flashdrive's Writeprotect.. anyway tnx.. even if it didnt helped me fix my problem.. i've tried all of that before i watched this video.. haha

  5. well it refused to clean and when I tried the chkdsk g; it said the file system is raw and chkdsk is not available for raw drives. what can I do next

  6. lol i felt like i was waiting to be sorted into my house in hogwarts. Eventually none of them solutions worked for me. They are sending me home. :I

  7. Hey man, none of them worked. But thanks for making such a great video. Someone has spent their quality time in making these videos. Like you mentioned at the end of the video, perhaps my USB drive is unrepairable. Those who have given a thumbs down are real cruel to have done so. Pls keep the good work going man. Cheers

  8. I don't have any link under the UTILS, and also i don't have chip vendor and chip part number, what should i do now?

  9. Great Work. I have 2 damaged USBs and both are repaired one by solution 3 and other by solution 5.
    Really thanks.
    I don't know how any person dislikes this video.

  10. If none of these work, open on a Mac and erase to FAT32. Remove the multiple partitions if you want, as well. Then plug back into windows machine and format with first method. This is the only thing that worked for me.

  11. Thanks Brother, I did everything whatever the process it was given on the entire internet so far and it did not worked but the last step you told it worked for me. i am very thankful to you and pray for the safety of your knowledge which you provide to others to help them… 🙂

  12. . At 06:48 (Selected By Program's Default / Sub: "Click on your Usb") ↓
    The "High-light" at (Upper-frame) → ":+[D:] Usb Mass Storage …" ↓
    And the (Lower-frame) → "Usb Device Id: Vid=058F Pid=9380"
    – – –
    – – –
    . At 06:53 (Clicked By You / Sub: "Take note of the Vid & Pid No") ↓
    The "High-light" at (Upper-frame) → "+Generic Usb Hub …" ↓

    And the (Lower-frame) → "Usb Device Id: Vid=05E3 Pid=0608"
    – – –
    ↑ They're differrent! → So, the question is: Which is the Correct-one?
    〈Pls help, tks〉

  13. Solution 6 worked for me!
    Is the most dificult way to fix it, but I did it… Yeah!
    There were a couples of links (russian and chinesse language in those websites) and some ampty spaces. I went testing each link, and I found this:
    Download it… It is a small program (not installation required). When you open the the software, a small window will be open. It will present to you two choices: "Format" and "Restore". I did choice "Restore" and it sayd: could not complete the operation or something like that. But after that I went to "my Computer", right click over the USB drive, Format and voila! Format sucess!
    The program name it is: Restore v3.18.0.0
    The progran does not ask for disk or anything else. Look like the program selects automatically the USB drive. So, I recommend have installed in your computer only the USB flash drive that you want or need to fix.
    VERY IMPORTANT: my USB it is a (Kingston) Data Traveler 100 G3 32GB. I don't know if the program will works with other model of the same brand, or neither another brand and capacity. The OS on my computer is W10.
    So! If you use this program to fix a model or a complete diferent USB, and works for you, please! Let me know! Thank you!

  14. So many thanks for the great video. My USB was not working at all, windows would appear the message to format the disk as soon as I plugged it in, and could not format it in any way.
    I did all I could but none worked. The only useful method was using the software you mentioned, formatting, and then re-formatting using windows. It fixed the problem and now the Flash Disk works properly.

  15. IDK, I downloaded chipgenius, and McAfee (don't get me started, it's a corporate requirement) screamed about it containing a trojan… claims it's 'T-XAK-AE', which Google can't find anything about…

  16. Hi, nothing of that is working for me. So I disconnect hdd from my laptop and put usb flash. Then put in cd with dban and use command autonuke. And then put inside again hdd and in win run format for usb flash and will work. Best regardas.

  17. Mohammad Hossein Nadian

    1 second ago


    GO TO : https://www.transcend-info.com/Support/Software-3/

    Download General Flash and let to delete flash online



  18. Please no screen shots. It's way too small, too blurry, and impossible to read. Just give us some text in a single black bold font.

  19. I tried Every thing on my drive but nothing worked. The last method directed me to this website :

    All the tools in it didn't work on my Phison

    Chip Part-Number: PS2251-68(PS2268)

    So, I searched the part number and I found this link that have the solution for my drive, it worked really from the first time:

    But thanks to this video, I knew my part number that I need to look for. Thank you very much Robert

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