5000 YEARS of Period Protection History!

5000 YEARS of Period Protection History!

(Laughter) This is an educational video about
menstrual devices throughout the ages. If Aunt Flo pays you a particularly coagulous
visit, which means really chunky and gloopy and lumpy, be happy that you live in modern
period times. In ancient Greece, women would stuff their
crimson urns with small sticks wrapped in lint, which doubled as contraception. Because we know how much wrapping cotton around
a stick will prevent babies from happening! That’s how I had one! Egyptians inked red letters in softened papyrus. Paper but it sounds fancier. During medieval times, when the lady was on
the rag, she got out her rags and if she could afford it, her red petticoat. Another way to stop the flow was to fill rags
with sphagnum, also known as blood moss and an incredibly absorbent way to manage the
red wedding. Free bleeding was another uncivilized way
to deal with menses in the dark ages, if you couldn’t stuff your pants with wool, you let
it all bleed out. In the 19th century, cotton menstrual pads
with gloriously long suspenders snapped up secretions. In the 1890s, menstrual belts started to replace
suspenders, but that was only a mild improvement to full body straps. Ever try to wear a diaper with straps? Yep, this makes me understand the Victorian
disposition! It took a war to create disposable solutions
for the feminine monthlies. In World War I, French nurses realized that
the cellulose bandages that they used absorbed blood better than plain cotton, and they started
to use them to slay the red enemy. I have PMS, do not come near me! In the 1920s, Kotex disposable pads made their
first appearance on store shelves, but they still required a belt. The 1930s saw the first patent for a modern
applicator tampon, by Dr. Earl Haas, while a woman, Leona Chalmers, patented her first
menstrual cup one year later. But, because of a wartime rubber shortage,
women were unknowingly fooled into doing a tango with tampon’s risk of toxic shock syndrome
(TSS) while menstrual cups sank into the crimson wave. 33 years later… that is a lot of PMS, Stay
Free Mini Pads were the first sanitary pads with adhesive strips and these pads hit the
market in the super sixties. They brought an end to hooks, belts and safety
pins, freedom from everything but bleeding into your skirt while doing a dance! For years, pads and tampons remained the main
choice for shark week. Tampons were finally linked to toxic shock
syndrome in the 1980s, it gives you an extremely high temperature. If that ever happens to you, go to the hospital
immediately because you don’t want a fever to make your whole body get ruined, like your
hair after you use a crimper. Yeah, baby, yeah! Those cool menstrual cups peeked back into
the market as a safer alternative in the 1980s, baby, like sharks with laser beams on their
heads. Finally, in 2014, a potential perfect solution
popped into view! Lily cup compact mixes the benefits of reusable
cups with the convenience and portability of tampons. This should last you well into the zombie
apolcalypse! Just kidding! Seriously though, this thing is amazing! It’s reusable, it lasts for years, and it’s
the ultimate evolution in period protection. I hope you enjoyed this history lesson!

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  2. I found the video amusing, I hate period but I'm glad we have so much convenient stuff to use in modern time.

  3. I totally get that the video is trying to be funny while being educational, but it's sorta hard to understand you with a thermometer in your mouth or the Austen Powers accent. Maybe add subtitles?

  4. Thought I was getting an educational video, instead I just got a really gross, tasteless attempt at comedy. No thanks.

  5. Please do not mislead people! Menstrual cups can also cause toxic shock syndrome since they trap blood inside your vagina and there's been at least one case of that happening. For most women they are healthier than both pads and tampons since they contain no chemicals but if you've already had TSS then please use pads instead.

  6. I have a Moskito (German) cup and that thing is so secure that I can still sleep absolutely naked with my Boyfriend without any worries that anything would spill or move or leak or flow over. No random strings or any other bulshits.

  7. Though I will agree there are benefits to the lily cup compact I would never recommend it to anyone as they test on animals. They are killing animals to bring out their cups when it isn't needed. Cups are great, but I would urge anyone interested in them to do some research and find cruelty free/vegan friendly cups.

  8. Those cups would not work for me, no way. I don't see how they would work for any woman. I mean they lie to you in school when they tell you that it seems like a lot of blood but it's not. Wrong it is a lot of blood. Flesh and mucus is coming out of you and they all have blood and it counts. Schools only tell you about the free blood that comes out and not the fleshy globs of blood tat we see every time we have our period. It is a lot of blood,how those cups would help? It seems to me it would really drag out your period for another day or two.

  9. What are you talkin about lady?! I been using the old lint stick for birth control for years and it's never failed me yet!

  10. why are u takin the piss out of every accent? also, u do know yoir Austin Powers reference is not from the 80's right?? its the 60's/70's

  11. I am a woman and I always founded the menstrual period disgusting in many levels! From the nasty moods and cramps, to the nasty smells if women don't have a good hygiene! 😷 I had surgery when I was 30 years old and thank God I never had to go through that anymore!

  12. does lilly cup give one lichen planus due to the material of the cup leaching into the skin?

  13. this video is so freaking awesome and funny you put so much effort in this I don't understand why it doesn't have more views 😱

  14. Lol I'm just one of those girls who hates tampons and cups, I only use pads. For me personally, there's no way I'm sticking things up my vagina to just chill in there. The one time I wore a tampon was when I started my period while on a beach vacation. The thing was so uncomfortable and it poked me whenever I sat down–and this was the shortest tampon I found at the store. I'm told it could be because I'm a virgin, but idk. I'll stick to pads.

  15. Old pads used to be filled with sphagnum moss. I remember pulling the old Libra pads apart and finding the green stuff. Don't know why they stopped using it. It worked well.

  16. Bitch woman are great with dealing with blood why do you think there are more Guy murderer stories!!!

  17. I've never had regular periods. so all this nasty shit doesn't really matter to me! yay!!! I get it once a year or 2 if I'm lucky..sucks to be you bitches!!!

  18. Just read a lot about Toxic Shock Syndrome. You CAN still get it with the cups despite what I had heard elsewhere. TSS is caused by staph entering the bloodstream, staph is already in your vagina but if you get a tear, however small, from wearing a large tampon, dry tampon, or even the cup, there is that very very small chance you could get TSS. So if you get a fever or flu like symptoms, even with the cups, just know there is still that TSS possibility. Very important information that a lot of cup users/promoters tend to leave out.

  19. I had a diaphragm that reminded me of a contact lens. it kept gross goo out, and kept personal goo under control including personal odor, rinsed it out during my periods everytime I went to restroom. no need for a huge cone thing. o Ljubljanajd school diaphragms prevented unwanted pregnancy without chemicals ingested ad well.

  20. or, you know, just change your tampons at reasonable 4 to 6 hr intervals & wear a pad at night for free bleeding LIKE WE'RE MEANT TO DO! !! To people this isn't obvious to …this is why we have Darwin awards

  21. Women have been on this planet for more than 2000 years. In this time we have gone from living in caves and figuring out fire to landing on the moon and shooting satellites to distant planets. Yet it took until the almost the 21st century to invent better period products. Think about that. WE SENT PEOPLE INTO OUTERSPACE! Landed on the moon! Yet there are still large amounts of women on this planet who do not get or have access to any period devices either because they are poor or live in countries that would rather hide those women away until they are done bleeding for their sins.

    Did you know that MENS products like viagra and rogain are not taxes but feminine products are? That you can buy all sorts of non-essential items in food stamps but not feminine products!

  22. Cute video, but I gotta be that person…
    It's not said "pap-rus, like paper, but fancy!" lol. You say it "pa-pi-rus". Like, it's said exactly the same as, "papaya" (the fruit), except, replace "ya" with "rus" lol. Ok- I've now said "papyrus" to myself way too many times, and it's lost all meaning, and sounds like jibberish to me. HAHA!
    Anyway, overall, a really cool, interesting vid 😀

  23. Still didn’t tell what they used before. Just silly myths and things they did when the time came.

  24. When I was in secondary school we went on a camping trip and this girl got her period, so the instructor told her to use moss. It didn't work.

  25. Dr.Sebi said in ancient days women had periods Once every 4years. And there period only lasted for 10 minutes. You would bleed a straight 10 minutes and then it stop. And you want have another period until the next 4years.

  26. I love this video. So full of life and color. It makes me want my menstruation back. I've been on pilla due to anemia

  27. Omg, this video is a million times better than Allure's video on the same topic. This needs more views!

  28. Omgigosh! Menstrual cups are literally a godsend, I can't imagine my life without one anymore. Everyone should try them at least once in their life. It is literally like I don't even have my period anymore! <3

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