5 Traps To Protect Your House – Minecraft

5 Traps To Protect Your House – Minecraft

(MINING) Huh? (MINING) (CHEST OPENED) (PUT DIAMONDS INTO CHEST) (CHEST CLOSED) We are back, Bucket-Boy! We saw your diamonds! We will do everything we can to get them for ourselves! Trap #1: The Welcome Mat (BIRDS CHIRPING) This will be easy! (PISTON OPENS) (TNT FUSE) (REAL-TIME REPLAY) (EXPLOSION) (SCREAM) Trap #2: The hot roof You think you are smart bucket-boy?? We will not lose! (POP) I am gonna fly with this stolen elytra Onto your roof! (LAUGHING EVILY) Woo! (CONTINUED LAUGHING) The Diamonds Are Mine! (POP) (CRIED PAINFULY) (CONTINUED CRIED PAINFULY AND SCREAMING) Trap #3: The hugging wall I will just destroy his house! (POP) (PISTON CLOSES) (REAL-TIME REPLAY) (ANOTHER REAL-TIME REPLAY) (PISTON CLOSES AGAIN) (SCREAM) Trap #4: Drillmachine There has to be a secret way To get inside his house! A trail? This is it! A secret way inside! The secret door! (LEVER PULLED DOWN) (ARROW SHOOTS) (SCREAM) (CONTINUED SHOOTING) Trap #5: Manual torture I am under his house now He will not expect this at all! You will lose twerp! (MINING) Bucket-boy’s house! This is ending now! (PISTON RAISES UP) What is this nonsense!! (ARROW SHOOTING AND SCREAMING) (THROWED POTION) (CONTINUED SCREAMING) (RAGE QUIT SCREAM) Actors: Advancelamp Enderclan Sundaeeegamingyt Music By: Bucketplanks Special Thanks: Advancelamp

54 Replies to “5 Traps To Protect Your House – Minecraft”

  1. Subscribe 1000000billion bucket plank I will give you $10000000000000000))00000000000000000000000000000billion will subscrihe

  2. Most of these won’t work because how do you no a pasific place where they are and bonus the place will catch on fire because of the lava

  3. How to protect your diamond? Don't join a server you dumbass. Just play alone or only invite your friends

  4. 1.why didn’t he even try to mine the dirt blocks
    2.just have some other guy bring some water or kill the guy while on his computer
    3.at least try and mine through also how did he know he was there
    4.just place blocks or use pickaxe
    5.he is under stone why not mine that also place blocks to stop him also how did he not suspect anything

  5. At the Manual torture the robber can easily get out cuz when you at 5:15 The stone just put him up stoneis break able so he can get out

  6. Do you see the herobrine I see when a player came to mine the diamond ore near him there is lava near that lava there is herobrine!!!!!!

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