5 Mysterious Unsolved Cases With Surveillance Footage

5 Mysterious Unsolved Cases With Surveillance Footage

Surveillance footage is very important for
investigation and many times it solves the whole case or makes it easy for police to
solve But sometimes footage makes the case even more complex to solve.
so, today I am sharing with you another 5 Mysterious Unsolved cases with Unsolved Surveillance
footage. But before preceding I warn you number 3 is
very disturbing . The disappearance of Timothy J Pitzen Six-year-old Timmothy lived with his parents,
James Pitzen and Amy Joan Marie Fry-Pitzen, in Aurora, Illinois at the time of his disappearance.
He is their only child. Without telling anyone of her plans, Amy removed
Timmothy from his kindergarten class at Greenman Elementary School on the morning of May 11,
2011. From there, Amy and her 6-year-old son, Timmothy
J Pitzen began their unexpected, 3-day road trip. They were first spotted on camera in
the brook-field zoo of Illinois, after that they traveled0
to the key-lime cove resort, where they spent the night. Meanwhile, Timmothy’s father, James Pitzen,
had reported Timmothy & Amy missing after he went to pick up Timmothy from kindergarten
and found out his mother had taken him. He called her cellular phone numerous times but
got no answer. The next day, Amy and Timmothy traveled to
the Kalahari water park resort, in Wisconsin Dells. Surveillance from the water park the
next morning shows them both waiting in line to check out. Shortly after, at around 1:30pm,
Amy called several of her family members and friends and explained that she and Timmothy
were fine. Timmothy could be heard in the background
and sounded normal, saying only that he was hungry. This was the last time anyone heard
from him. At 7:25 p.m., Amy was sighted at a Family
Dollar store in Winnebago, Illinois, where she purchased stationery, but this time, she
was alone. She then traveled to the nearby Sullivan’s
foods,where she alone was spotted on a security camera . Her final journey was at around 11:15pm where
she checked into the Rockford inn, in Rockford Illinois. The next day, at 12:30pm she was
found dead by the inns employees. She had taken her own life, by ingesting an
overdose of antihistamines and had slit her wrists. Amy left a note and two letters in the mail
,one to her mother and one to a friend, saying that Timmothy was fine and with people who
cared about him, but she didn’t name those people.
One of her notes said no one would ever find him. Her cell phone was missing.
Other items were also missing including Timmothy’s Spider-Man backpack, his toys, and clothes,
the clothes that Amy was wearing when she checked out of the Kalahari Resort, a tube
of Crest toothpaste and an iPass transponder. Amy’s mother has said that she did suffer
from depression, but she was not a crazy person, and never acted bizarrely.
Investigators believe Amy may have been planning Timmothy’s disappearance for months. As of now,
Timmothy is still missing and the case remains unsolved. The disappearance of Trevor Deely In 2000, 22-year-old Trevor Deely was employed
at the Bank of Ireland Asset Management in Dublin. On the evening of December 7, Trevor
and his co-staffs attended the particular bank’s Xmas party. however, they also visited
a number of other areas before ultimately ending up in a nightclub. At around 3:30 AM, Trevor left the club and
walked to BIAM headquarters, where he had coffee with a coworker who was working late.
Soon afterward, CCTV footage captured Trevor exiting BIAM. With no cab service because
of an ongoing taxi strike, he had grabbed an umbrella from his workplace because there
were heavy rains that night. The last sighting of Trevor was CCTV footage of him passing
a security camera at a nearby Bank of Ireland ATM at 4:14 AM. After that, he vanished without
a trace. Even though the footage placed Trevor at nearby
Baggot Street Bridge, a search of the Grand Canal failed to find his body.
Nevertheless , there were a few intriguing hints. When SECURITY CAMERA footage initially
captured Trevor arriving at their workplace, an additional man has been seen standing up
near the back again entrance. Yet this guy was not observed in the video footage of Trevor
exiting the financial institution. However, approximately 30 seconds after Trevor
passed the ATM security camera, another man with an umbrella was seen walking by. Although
man standing outside BIAM headquarters and the man passing the ATM can be two different
people but neither has ever been identified. So no one knows if they have any connection
to Trevor’s disappearance. Despite a high-profile campaign to locate
him, Trevor Deely is still missing. The case Of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin Nurin lived in the Wangsa Maju township of
Kuala Lumpur. On the evening of August 20, 2007, she left her home to go to a nearby
market and never returned home. According to witnesses, an unidentified man forced Nurin
into a white van. On the morning of September 17, a sports bag
was found in front of a shop in Petaling Utama. It contained the nude body of a young girl
. She was soon identified as Nurin Jazlin Jazimin . Nurin had died before she was found,
and bruises on her neck seemed to indicate strangulation. It appeared that Nurin had
been kept alive for nearly a month to be abused and tortured . When investigators checked CCTV footage in
the area, they saw a motorcyclist dropping off the bag containing Nurin’s body in front
of the shop, which was closed at the time. While doing so, the man was speaking on his
cell phone, but unfortunately, the image was too blurry to make out his face or the license
plate on the motorcycle. One hour later, the CCTV showed a woman loitering
in the same area before she was picked up by three men in a van . Once again, the footage
was too blurry to obtain any useful information. However, none of the featured individuals
seemed to acknowledge the bag on the ground, suggesting that they may have been involved
in Nurin’s death. Sadly, this cases remains unsolved. The Disappearance Of Steven Koecher In April 2009, Steven Koecher quit his job
in Salt Lake City and moved to St. George, Utah. After spending several months struggling
to find a job, Steven abruptly left St. George on December 12, 2009. The following day, he
telephoned two of his friends and claimed that he was in Las Vegas. Steven never offered
any explanation for his trip, but his family believes that he may have been looking for
a job. These phone calls were the last time anyone
ever heard from Steven before he mysteriously vanished without a trace. His abandoned car
was located in a residential neighborhood in Henderson, Nevada, with wrapped Christmas
presents that Steven had purchased for his family in the back of the vehicle. Investigators eventually uncovered some surveillance
footage of Steven taken on December 14, 2009, from a camera at a residence in the Henderson
neighborhood. The video showed Steven parking his car, crossing the street, walking down
the sidewalk, and then disappearing out of the frame. This was the last confirmed sighting
of him. No one understands why Steven parked his vehicle
in this upscale neighborhood, which seemed like an unlikely place for him to become the
victim of a violent crime. His cell phone signal was picked up at various locations
by a tower several miles away, but the signal died after two days. With his employment and
financial difficulties, some people have speculated that Steven may have staged his disappearance
to start a new life. However, there has been no trace of him for nearly six years. The disappearance of Kayelyn Louder On the morning of September 27th, 30-year-old,
Kayelyn Louder called 911 claiming that someone had broken into her condo in Murray Utah,
and she believed the intruder was still in the house. She went on to say that she didn’t
see anyone, but had heard them talking. During the call, Louder yelled several times for
the intruder to leave. Police investigated the report but found no evidence to suggest
a brake-in had occurred. Later that same day, Louder was caught on
surveillance camera, walking barefoot in the rain, outside her condo with her dog.she appears
to be having an animated conversation. At around 7pm, for an unknown reason, Louder
began to run, she left her dog, phone, money, keys and car behind. This is the last time
she was seen alive . Lounders mother has said in a statement that
she spoke to her daughter that day and she seemed fine. Her cousin claims that she was
cleaning her condo that day and was working on her resume as she had just been let go
from her job as a social worker. Her family hired a private investigator to
help the search for her. 2 months after her disappearance, on November
30th, Louders body was discovered in the Jordan River in Utah, 5 miles from her home. An autopsy
was performed but could not determine how she had died. A toxicology report confirmed
that there was no drug in her system. Louder’s family say they suspect foul play
and do not believe the death was an accident as she had no history of mental illness. However,
investigators disagree because the 911 call she made on September 27th, was not the first
time she had made a false claim. the previous day she had reported a fight
at a wedding that didn’t happen, which has led them to believe she was showing delusional
behavior. But,No one really knows how Kayelyn Louder
ended up in the river after she left her condo that day. If you found this Mysterious then please share
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  1. I don't understand how they get these clips of one person across the United States. How tf does someone go missing in one state and then someone finds them on Ring Doorbell

  2. How do we know she wasn't talk too her dog and ran away to go on inside but sliped and fell back banged her head got back up fell in the water and for the one with the little boy on it I think she tock is life then tock her own

  3. In the first case, the mother killed her son and then herself.
    Note to Grandma-Youโ€™re daughter was bat $hit Loco

  4. Seeing that little boy being lead out of the building by his mom is heartbreaking. Still can not imagine a loving mother doing this.

  5. Nurin case…I don't understand…I smell police incompetence!

    Motorcycle man…Forensic technology? Why didnโ€™t they obtain cellphone records from the towers witnin the area around this time? Also there appears to be a taxi cab that rides pass slowly. No records of drivers who took that route around that time and day?!?!?

  6. The real mystery here is the taxi strike… with Uber and Lyft apps, who the hell is missing taxis enough to fear them striking? ๐Ÿ˜†

  7. That first one really makes me wonder if something happened to her son that made her panic and all she wanted to do was to protect him. He may be out their living a good life with good people. Or maybe her depression got the better of her. ๐Ÿ˜ข Also INVEST IN BETTER SECURITY CAMERAS. I think louder may have had a stroke of some sort or something similar to that, that may have caused her brain to malfunction.

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