5 in 1 Self Defense Tool Everyone Should Have! – Review & Unboxing

5 in 1 Self Defense Tool Everyone Should Have! – Review & Unboxing

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  1. Just for everyone to know,
    If in Emergency situation, you will want to break out a side window in an automobile. When doing so, hold device tightly and apply the pointed end onto window and press firmly. Window will make a loud Popping noise and it will shatter into a million small chunks. (Tempered Glass is used in automobiles) No need to slam the device against the glass.

  2. I watched this 3x's and I don't see a seat belt cutter. Did I miss this somewhere? I don't believe there is one.
    Why not show a device or sell one that can do it all. Break Glass
    Charge car battery through lighter outlet
    Cut seat belts
    Charger, charge cell phone in emergency
    Flashlight, strobe, cone (good features)
    Taser for personal protection
    Hidden camera in end. Allow picure taking of attacker.
    Maybe a location *chip that gets activated once in use. *Maybe sent to a loved one's phone.

  3. 9 people. Click dislike are the ones who would be attacking and wouldn't want to see that on the other end

  4. l would love that it would be great to have in your car . I was trapped in my car when in a accident it would break the window . It has many options .

  5. I know why but I miss Dominique and Casey they are both either very good actresses or they are genuinely sweet people

  6. Absolutely ♡ this. I have bought others for the vehicles, and none seem as good as this one !!

    Thanks, Matt & Kody !!!!!

  7. This is something I need in my arsenal of personal safety items in my truck. If I get stuck in the back of nowhere that flashlight is bright enough to guide the helicopter to rescue me! Thanks, Matt

  8. got the 2 we ordered today.  Well worth the price.  1 for each car should be a necessity.  Everything as expected

  9. This is such a great deal and it will fit in my console so that it will be handy in an emergency! I love it!

  10. Maestro, once again you have impressed me with another GREAT find! Pretty cool features and thanks to you and Kody for demonstrating how everything works. However, I don't think I'll use it for some disco lighting, though…you DO NOT want to see ME dance! (I have literally cleared dance halls of all the women due to extreme embarrassment when I started to "twist and shout") LOL
    Congratulations Mike for being a winner!
    Hey, have a good day, eh?

  11. Hey Matt …you know I am always looking for ways to help our girls stay safe. This link https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R5J1BXY/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER will take you to the only flashlight I found (we tested 5, so far) where the stun gun will work while the flashlight is on (all the others are either on/or the other). As they approach the switch from small community college to large university campus (while I pray it will never be necessary) this might help them a bit. Please let us know if/when you can find better pricing ~ KEY: High Lumens Flashlight + High microCoulomb Stun Gun WORKING AT THE SAME TIME). Blessings to your team. Thank you. Team Bagnasco

  12. since when is a strobe light feature considered SOS? you understand that SOS has a pattern. How does this work for self defense? jamming the jagged edge into someone's eye? like seriously, anyone who allows you to hit them with that is either retarded or blind.

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