5 Creepy CCTV Mysteries Caught on Tape

At 11 p.m. on September 12, 1987, security guard Dale Kerstetter clocked in for his shift at the Corning Glassworks plant. But when another guard arrived to relieve Dale the next morning, Dale was gone, along with $250,000 worth of platinum pipe. The manager noted that whoever stole the platinum must have been familiar with the floorplan and knew exactly where to go. The police also found Dale’s truck parked in the plant lot, with the keys still in the ignition and a daypack sitting on the seat. It certainly looked as though Dale’s disappearance had not been premeditated, but security tapes tell a murkier story. Seen here in this grainy footage from the night before, a masked man was lurking around the area behind the plant. Eventually, Dale emerged from his post and appeared to meet the masked man before they re-entered the plant together. It is not known if the two left the scene together, and Police have been unable to determine what really happened that night. Was Dale forced into aiding in a robbery under duress and his disappearance linked to his role as an eyewitness to the crime? He has never been seen again, leaving it a total mystery if he escaped with the pipe himself or if he met an untimely demise… On December 8, 2000, a group of Bank of Ireland employees left their office Christmas party and went out on the town in Dublin. They bounced between bars, eventually ending the evening at a nightclub before parting ways in the wee hours of the morning. Twenty-two year old Trevor Deely left the nightclub at 3:25 a.m. and began to make his way home on foot through stormy weather. Deely did not have an umbrella on hand, so he stopped by the Bank of Ireland branch where they all worked to pick one up. It is unclear exactly what happened next, but Deely never made it back home that night, and he has not been seen since. Security footage from the bank gives a glimpse into the hour after Deely left the nightclub, and introduces another character. A man can be seen waiting outside the gates of the bank in the rain from 2:59 a.m. until 3:34 a.m., when Deely arrives. The man steps forward and says something to Deely, who does not seem to know him, then Deely opens the gate and steps inside. While inside, Deely makes a call to a friend and leaves a message, which the friend later recalled was routine and cheery. Deely is then seen leaving the bank and walking on Haddington Road at 4:14 a.m., his last known location. Thirty seconds after Deely walks out of the frame towards his home, a mysterious unidentified man in dark clothing follows him. Police believe this to be the same person who was waiting outside the bank, and likely involved in Deely’s strange disappearance. York resident Claudia Lawrence disappeared on the night of March 18, 2009 after leaving the campus where she worked as a chef. Lawrence called her parents while walking home that night, making mother’s day plans, then texted a friend. That text was sent at 8:23 p.m., and was the last known communication before Lawrence went missing. Her case was investigated extensively, stretching as far as the island of Cyprus, where Lawrence was known to have friends. But new security footage unearthed from that night hints that whatever happened to Lawrence took place close to home. This CCTV camera is covering Heworth Place, a winding street that leads the rear of Lawrence’s house. In the footage, a person in dark clothing is seen walking around the shadows of Heworth Place towards Lawrence’s home. This shadowy figure disappears out of frame for a few minutes, then reappears carrying a bag over their shoulder. They walk down Heworth in the opposite direction, then stop suddenly to avoid being seen as another person walks by. This figure has never been ID’d, and while several people have been arrested in connection with Lawrence’s disappearance… …every suspect has eventually been released without charges, and the events of the night remain unsolved to this day. The Jamison family appeared from the outside to be living a normal life at their home in Eufala, Oklahoma. But on October 8, 2009, Bobby Dale, Sherilynn, and their daughter Madyson got in their family truck and disappeared. The truck was found days later parked on the side of the road in Latimer County, an hour’s drive from their home. Inside, police found the Jamisons’ wallets, ID’s, and phones, as well as their dog, alive but malnourished in the backseat. Whatever made the Jamisons pull over and get out, it did not seem that they intended to be outside the vehicle for long. Police also found $32,000 in cash stashed away in the truck, money they suspected was intended either for buying or selling drugs. But many unknowns in the case linger, such as this surveillance tape found by police and taken outside the Jamison home. The family is seen packing up their belongings, calmly going back and forth between the house and the truck as if in a trance. It was revealed that prior to the disappearance, Bobby Dale had claimed to his pastor that he their home was haunted by ghosts. A Satanic Bible was found in the house, bought by Sherilynn, and Bobby’s mother told police they had been involved with a cult. What was the real reason for the family’s quick exit? The initially straight forward case is still unsolved and shrouded in mystery… On June 12, 2009, an unknown man arrived via bus in the coastal Irish town of Sligo, carrying a black back and a suitcase. He took a taxi to a hotel, checking in under the name “Peter Bergmann,” paying in cash and giving an address in Austria. Over the next two days, the man is captured on security cameras all over Sligo engaging in inexplicable behavior. He is seen repeatedly leaving the hotel with a visibly full purple plastic bag, then returning with the bag empty. He had been methodically dumping out the contents, likely personal belongings of some effect, in hidden places all over the town. He was also filed at the post office buying eight stamps, presumably to send letters that have never been recovered. By Monday, his trip would end tragically, and it would be revealed that no person named “Peter Bergmann” ever existed. When he was found on a beach the next morning, with no wallet or ID and the labels cut out of his clothing. Some suspect he may have been a spy, but his true identity and what was he getting rid of all over Sligo ay never be known…

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