5 Best Outdoor Security Cameras Wifi | Top 5 Smart IP Security Camera System for Home Office 2018

5 Best Outdoor Security Cameras Wifi  | Top 5 Smart IP Security Camera System for Home Office 2018

the easy biz easy guard is a robust
all-in-one active defense smartphone security cameras
it features convenience all-in-one technologies with it camera
recorders two-way audio siren and strove for active defense easy base cars has a
compact attractive design wide range boosting Wi-Fi antennas and is
weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use the camera is the ip66 rated to
withstand extreme weather and temperatures rest assured that during a
blizzard tropical storm or heat waves you’ll be able to check in on your home
active security features include a 100 DB siren bright strobe lamp and motion
detection notifications on your smart device to protect detour and alert you
if the intrusion has occurred best of all easy guard smart home security
cameras include uv-vis Superior video elements such as HD resolution digital
HDR and HD alpha video performance easy base cards high dynamic range means you
can watch the smallest details on your feet
dual Wi-Fi antennas enhance signal range and strength to ensure optimal
performance when you record an extreme live videos easy guards two-way audio has a built-in
speaker and microphone so you can communicate with your family or the
delivery person can I help you with something
I have a package to deliver anywhere specific you would like me to leave it
yes please place it behind the bushes when it’s dark out easy card
automatically switches to night vision delivering high-resolution images up to
100 feet even when it starts a wide angle 118 the green lens offers a more
complete view of any space the easy goes easy guard smart home security camera
one convenient device to secure it all introducing Z moto wireless outdoor
cameras Z motos wireless security kits are capable and feature packed safety
has been really important to me ever since they came into my life so I
started looking for security system I needed one with high definition cameras
that could also see them something that was easy to set up and wouldn’t require
a typical installation and wire something I could do myself I was so
glad when I found everything that I needed and is a mobile wireless home kit
I’m not really technical but setting up my wireless phone kit was easy
it uses something called smart which connects your camera’s in and beyond to
the internet automatically in just a few minutes then I just use an app to view
my home at any time anywhere in the world with the Z Moto app you can view
your camera’s no matter where you are see something interesting Z moto makes
it easy to share with family and friends setting up your cameras is quick and
easy first power on the cameras download the Z moto app from the App
Store or Google Play and create a free account in the Z moto app press the plus
button to add the cameras enter in your networks password and the
cameras will connect Congrats your cameras are set up name
your cameras and add them to your account now you can view all your cameras at
once with your phone Zemo toes wireless outdoor cameras are
compatible with our new cloud recording service each camera includes a free
30-day trial choose between our 7 and 30 day
recording plants access your footage anywhere security is always the priority
that’s why is emoto’s cloud recording uses bank level encryption to protect
your video this video will give you an overview of your spotlight kam wired as
well as walk you through installation let’s take a look at the various parts
of your spotlight kam wired here’s the camera the speaker the lights and the
motion sensor this cable provides power to spotlight kam before installation
plug your spotlight kam into a power outlet in the same room as your router
and open the ring app on your mobile device select the button that says setup
device and tap on spotlight kam wire follow the in-app instructions to
complete setup once you finish setting up the ring out your spotlight kam might
start flashing light and say that it’s updating if this happens do not unplug
your spotlight kam wait until it stops flashing before unplugging after setup
is complete select the Live View button in the ring app menu to see live video
from your spotlight kam if everything looks good unplug your spotlight kam
take it outside and plug it into a power outlet near the install location
give it about a minute to come back online then select the live view button
to access live video from your spotlight cam again if the video quality looks
great at both locations go ahead and install your spotlight cam if you see
video quality issues at the install location see if you can find a location
closer to your Wi-Fi router to install your spotlight cam you can also extend
your Wi-Fi signal with our ring chime Pro the optimal installation height for
spotlight cam is about nine feet nor three meters off the ground at this
height with the motion detector parallel to the ground
spotlight cameras optimised to detect human sized objects set up to 30 feet
next install the mounting bracket with a sign that says up facing you and use the
mini level to make sure it’s even use the mounting bracket to mark the holes
so you know where to install the bracket to your wall if you’re mounting your
spotlight cam to a masonry surface click stucco or brick first use the provided
drill bit to make the holes and then insert the wall anchors into them if
you’re installing on a wood surface you can screw the install screws directly
into your wall align the four screws on spotlight’ cam with the four holes in
the mounting bracket and push it down to lockup this screw will lock your
spotlight cam to the bracket and prevent it from being removed use this
screwdriver to tighten it until your spotlight cam is secure
secure the power cable to the wall by using the provided cable clips if you’re
securing your power cable to stucco or brick first drill holes using the
included drill bit then insert the wall anchors
before installing the cable clips if it’s not already plugged in plug your
spotlight cam into a power outlet loosen the Philips head screw on the left side
of the mounting bracket so you can set your camera at the perfect angle then
tighten to hold the camera in place now you’re ready to use your spotlight cam
if you need more help please visit ring.com
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