4in1 HD Bullet Security Camera – AHD HD-TVI HDCVI Analog CCTV

4in1 HD Bullet Security Camera – AHD HD-TVI HDCVI Analog CCTV

The HD-BL8 is a high definition bullet security
camera with an adjustable 3.5 to 16mm lens. In this first video segment, the camera’s
lens is adjusted the 3.5mm setting which is the widest angle. The cardboard characters are positioned 9
feet in front of the camera and the camera is mounted 9 feet high. The door that Mike enters from is 32 feet
away from the camera. This is a fairly large room that measures
29 feet by 28 feet. In this next video segment, the cardboard
characters were moved back to be 29 feet away and the camera’s vari-focal lens is adjusted
to the 16mm setting. This is the most zoomed in and narrow angle
of view that the camera supports. Please note that this in not a license plate
recognition type camera. We are using this license plate to show how
well the camera can focus on distant objects by adjusting the lens setting. The lens can be adjusted and focused to any
angle between the 3.5mm and 16mm setting by turning these angle and focus rings. The HD-BL8 is hybrid security camera that
supports 4 video modes. Installers can easily select AHD, HD-TVI,
HDCVI, and analog CCTV video modes using the included joystick that is easily attached
to an RCA input on the camera cable. To capture the surveillance footage in this
video, the camera was in 1080p HD-TVI mode and recording to an iDVR-PRO surveillance
DVR. The HD-BL8 is enclosed in a weatherproof housing
so that it can be used for indoor and outdoor video surveillance. The sun shield can be installed if you plan
on mounting the camera outdoors. The tri-axis mounting bracket that is included
supports ceiling and wall installations and allows the camera to pivot in any direction. To learn more about this HD bullet camera,
please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/BL8. Thank you for watching.

2 Replies to “4in1 HD Bullet Security Camera – AHD HD-TVI HDCVI Analog CCTV”

  1. I ordered one of these last week to try it out. UPS Ground, so I should have it later this week.

    I already have some of their OL952 960H "lipstick" bullet cams, and I love their size and low-light (with no IR) image, but I always wished they were higher-definition. These are 1080p and with even better low-light specs than the OL952, so I am really looking forward to trying it out. I have my cameras installed inside, looking outside through window glass to be really low-profile – so built-in IR LEDs would just reflect off the glass and ruin the image at night.

     If they are as good as the specs indicate, then I will be buying several more. I'll be running it as a HD-CVI device, and I'll post a rough review here in the comments.

  2. System was very easy to set up and the picture is very good>>>t.co/wesiPK0ZCa   The cams have decent range and night vision is better than I expected. The user manual could be easier to follow. I will probably call support to learn how to really set up alerts and motion settings.

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