4 Signs God Is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship

4 Signs God Is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship

Here are 4 signs God is protecting you from
a bad relationship. 1. If This Person Reveals Their Ugly Character
Early in the Relationship and Leaves You, This Is a Sign God Is Protecting You
While it can be hurtful for someone you really liked to get mad and leave you, in reality
this is God protecting you from getting further attached to someone who is not prepared to
have a godly relationship. Perhaps you thought this new relationship
would result in marriage. Perhaps you thought this guy was the one. Perhaps you thought you finally met the girl
of your dreams. But then all of sudden this person showed
you a totally different side to themselves. They get mad at you and totally cut you out
of their life. What happened? The way God protects us is by bringing the
truth to light. This person didn’t change. This person was like this all the time but
they had just not shown you this side of themselves yet. In kindness God allowed you to see this dark
side early so he could protect your from a bad relationship. 2. If Your Friends and Family’s Concerns End
Up Being Right When people warn us not to get involved with a certain person but we do it anyway, we can
feel like fools when they end up being right and we were wrong. However, we shouldn’t view it like this. Rather than being humiliated because everyone
was right about this relationship, you should see their warnings as confirmation that God
ended this relationship because he is protecting you. If everyone was happy about this relationship
and saw no red flags but then the relationship failed, it would be far more confusing on
what happened. But if those who love you the most had huge
concerns about this person and then those concerns were confirmed by this person’s
behavior, you can be sure that God did not let this relationship go further because he
was protecting you. 3. If Someone Was Leading You On But Then Started
Dating Someone Else, This Is a Sign God Is Protecting You
Another sign that God is protecting you from a bad relationship is when the person you
liked starts dating someone else. Perhaps you were talking to a guy and things
seemed to be going really well. He was saying all the right things. He was making you believe he was about to
ask you to be his girlfriend. And then all of sudden he disappears and starts
dating someone else. What happened? As time goes on and you begin to heal from
the hurt, you will see that this was actually God protecting you from a bad relationship. Imagine if this guy was talking to all these
other girls behind your back and then you started dating him? That would have actually been worse than him
leading you on and then dating someone else. 4. If You Pray for a Relationship But It Doesn’t
Happen, God Is Protecting You If you do not end up with someone, it doesn’t
always mean that God was saying this person is bad. It doesn’t mean this person would be a bad
husband or wife one day. Rather, it is safe to conclude that this relationship
would not have been God’s best for you. This person might be a great spouse one day. They just are not meant to be your spouse
one day. God always does what’s best for us. We certainly will not always agree with him. God is always focused on developing our relationship
with him first and foremost and this is not always our main concern. Sometimes we will find it difficult to believe
that God’s “no” to a prayer request is what’s best for us. But when we trust God’s love and goodness,
we can be certain that God’s only protecting us from a bad relationship. God will answer good prayers that are in alignment
with his will. 1 John 5:14 states, “And this is the confidence
that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.” If God does not answer a prayer in your life,
it means it was not his best for you and it was not in alignment with his will. Tap the subscribe button if you want to grow in Christ during your season of Christian singleness.

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  1. oh my God I love the commercial before this on the wife is making spicy salsa Taco food Burns her eyes and she puts it all over his face and he scream and yell and throw water on his eyes now lol 🤣

  2. If He is protecting us why does he wait till we are heartbroken? Why can't he protect us before we enter the relationship?

  3. God has protected me my entire life . Human beings are nothing more than containment vessels for the production of human excrement, with an ego attached…..

  4. I was married in a Deacon she left me 5 times I took back 4 times I wanted to do it my way or didn't want to fail I finally wise up and the 5th time I got the divorce but the signs was there the first time it was 7 yrs of marriage she cheated 5 yrs

  5. God isn't protecting you from anything. This stupid notion is brought about by individuals who are so self reflective that a God that controls the universe is actually taking the time to take care of you personally. Fortunate things happen to you, that's God looking out for you, your baby girl gets cancer that's God working in ways we weren't meant to understand.

  6. What about friends? Is it possible that god could give us friendship to people we want or could prevent it because it's bad?

  7. Met someone at work 9 yrs Ago. If u are in the same area all day it just happens n u can't get away from it n if u try then u don't want to. Only reason I tried to ignore it was he was younger then Me. Anyway ended up together n it was absolutely awful. I was absolutely nuts over him n I tried n tried but finally have up. My up bringing was one reason why m I knew better. When u fall in love like that it's a hard emotional to ignore. I completely lost my mind. Then I woke up n came to my senses n here I am by myself cause Never again. Thanks

  8. God don't love me…he always give me then he took it away frm me..i can't tolerate this anymore… I don't want any soulmate 😔😔😔

  9. God don't love me at all 😭😭 i just want to die…if the guy is not right fr me then why he came into my life?? Fr ruining my happy life?? I m really confused…😭😭😭i want to die…

  10. Your a very fantastic and generious guy that the lord has bless to do his will and to aid others in their spiritual struggle let the good lord bless and keep you prasie jesus sweet name amen.

  11. This was a good message. Needed to hear it. It's helping me to reflect and assess what happened in my recent case why she left. All was going well, the family liked her, then poof… Smashing that Subscribe button.

  12. All 4 points has happend with me bt I didn't recognise them. N I end up in a bad relationship… Bt on gods grace I left that person forever… Im thankful to god… Thank u soo much god 🙏

  13. OMG that all happen with me, I felt bad when all these happened to me but now I am happy and thank you God for loving and protecting me

  14. God is protecting me from all relationships because he is realty protecting them from a loser like me

  15. Tell me why isn't he sending the right person in my life lol because I have been waiting since a long time

  16. Always remember this:

    God doesn’t give what we WANT…
    He gives what is only the BEST

    So guys pray and wait for the
    best. Amen!


  17. In this case y should god even show them and make us provoke to make a relation with them instead of hurting us at last moment

  18. All I'm doing is crying…I know he is crying too…but he gave up on us…and on our dreams…I really hope everything will be better soon…💔

  19. yung no. 3!!!

    thank u LorD God for always protecting me..

    your truely my one and only King, my heavenly father! 😊😜😘

  20. Do you guys think a man 12 years older is a big age difference even though they seem like soul mates?
    I’m 26 and I think I found my soulmate

  21. 4 signs God is protecting you from a bad relationship :
    1.If this person reveals his ugly characters early in the relationship and leaves you,
    2.If your friends and family's concern end up being right,
    3.If someone leading you on but then started dating someone else,
    4.If you pray for a relationship but it doesn't happen.

  22. Makes total sense. Interesting. God said No to me to enter into a relationship. He blocked that person. He said No. Thank You Mark!! I'm happy and relieved with God's Protection.

  23. I've been learning a lot about when us men try to pursue women, it turns their attraction to us off. I haven't got this figured out.

  24. I wish my crush would be GOD chosen one🙇‍♀️🙏🙏🙏. I really cant get him out of my head. Please JESUS. GOTTE.

  25. first of all God doesnt allows relationships before marriage plz guide the People right path instead misguiding them

  26. What if people judge this person so much that it starts creating doubts in your mind and you know that he loves you and he says people don’t know what he is thinking about and they don’t know him

  27. Number two is everyone in my family besides my mother she was with a man and he was dangerous he did drugs and he has anger issues.. I left my mother until she couldn't stand being away from me and so she escaped from him and now he can't find me..or my mother..but nope he keeps my mom in a cage (not literally a cage). But now we've escaped from him and now we have no vehicle so it's better then being hunted by a psycho though.. right? 1 like 1 chance of luck for me and my mother.

  28. I am brokenhearted right now and was taken for granted. We're 5 years and two months already… I still love him though.. It really hurts.

  29. For a guy who did a video about how to know God's voice from our own, you sure do make a lot of self absorbed videos that concern people and their romantic relationships. Telling them about romantic relationships doesnt help. The reason they need this type of advice is because they aren't following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. IF they have the Holy spirit to begin with. Chew on that for a while. Start pushing people to find love, friendship, and wholeness in Christ first let them figure it out.

  30. When I first brought my ex narc to church my pastor told me God says he’s not the one. I didn’t listen and paid dearly .

  31. This was god opening my eyes n showing me that the world is full of bitch niggas n we in the time of the end they gonna tear their selfs up n it will be worth it ..

  32. Wow, I had a relationship with a girl once that everyone thought really loved God in it was because I thought the same that I was so madly in love with her, I thought I had finally found a girl I could have something with. Later on number one happened and that was the biggest one but it was also the other three . I didn’t want to leave but God told me through a message that she was too toxic and I needed to cut her off in that exact way. Anyway I’m running out of space but basically that was God talking to me through your vid thanks 🙏

  33. Wow I blamed myself for a long time bout my relationship going sour but all along God was protecting me but i was to blind to see it. Thank God my blinders are off and I see clearly now. From this moment forward im going to wait on God to send me someone but if i meet someone along the way the first thing im going to do is pray and ask God is the guy is for me if God say no im gone 🏃💨💨💨# the signs was always there..

  34. God showed me all these signs but i was in denial. He spoke through dreams but i misinterpreted the dreams. Got real broken when everything came crashing. I have never been so hurt. But Jesus healed my heart. Thank you Jesus

  35. What if you pray to marry the right person, according to God's will. A person you could only dream of comes along. Fall in love. Family loves the person. Marry the person. Perfect 3 months of marrige. Seems like God himself set everything up. Then one day the person leaves you over text, and files for divorce? Not all situations make sense. This is a true story that I'm currently living through.

  36. I ask a sign from GOD and he open may mind and heart to the reality that im in a bad relashionship with may ex bf.Where been together for 1yr and 1 month.but he always make me feel that he dont love me,he always cheat on me,he always lied to me,he always betrayed me.And now im 3weeks free from that bad relashionship.Still hurting but i trust GOD.

  37. May God heal every heart here.. may y'all find peace in your heart and brotherly love for that one person God said "no". May you wish them all the best with a pure and honest heart. May God send in your life someone who will fulfil that longing in your hearts so deeply.. so you will one day get to say "God.. you were so right. Thank You so much for helping me get on the right way."

  38. Watch Part 2 of "4 Signs God Is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship" by clicking here: https://youtu.be/4hHS_pP-NlM

  39. Omg this is so true. God protected me from a big mistake I was going to make n I thank God for sending me the signs n allowing to see the real side of that person. Thank u God!!

  40. What if this is the exact relationship that you've forced and are not 5 years together and have a child together. Nothing feels right and even with how close I am with God, something is missing

  41. I liked this guy and I started talking to him. He kept saying "my friend" and he doesnt believe in God. I was like I liked him but he Said yesterday depends on the woman I meet and you. His words revealed his character which I did not like.

  42. I know this video is old but I have been asking for God to give me the gift of being single so I can no longer have any pains about relationship. But God has made me reach out to someone all the away in China. I have been in a long distance relationship for 3 years. Can you all pray for me that she the one or not. I want God to be the ultimate decision making not me.

  43. Thank you Lord for giving me the loving relationship I needed in my life. Thank you Lord for protecting me from relationships that don't serve me in a postive loving way.

  44. I have about 400 signs that God is NOT Protecting me. I actually thought I was following His will, and now I'm punished daily for getting that wrong 15 years ago.

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