3M Security Window Film – Window Security Film Demonstration & Explanations

3M Security Window Film – Window Security Film Demonstration & Explanations

Welcome back to Silver Eagle locksmiths
Las Vegas youtube channel in today’s Video we’re going to talk about the 3M
Security Window Film and we’re going to Show you how easy is it to break a regular
Glass Window comparing to a 3M Security Tinted Window. Stay tuned. Ok so with this Security Film installed
you can delay or prevent unauthorized Entry to your Home, Business or even any
Public Institute, by doing so. you will increase your “reaction time” so you can
call 911 or prepare your next move if you know what I mean. Better Response
more Security and Safety. the Security Film is Reinforcing the Glass Window to
break easily and by doing so creating a Delay for Unauthorized Entry. the price
for the windows security film is very Affordable comparing to a Bulletproof
Glass that can be so expensive. Most important Tip: many of my customers
always tell me this same famous words in The World, and it goes like this: “If someone wants to break in, they will break in.” Unfortunately most of the people think
the same way?! and you know what that’s the wrong way! and they don’t understand
how easy the process to break in is going to be! not only that think about
your personal safety for once. By delaying the process of break in through
the glass window you will increase your chance of survival and preparing your
next move So even if you have the best locks and
the best security system, it will not help you if someone tried to break in
from the glass window. Don’t get me wrong i don’t mean it’s not
important to have a good locks but studies shows that many of break-ins
happen by unauthorized entry through the Glass window. Ok that’s what we all waiting for, in
this demonstration now i will show you how easy is it is to break a regular glass
window compared to a window with 3M Security Film
attached, stay tuned. hi guys please don’t try Guys please don’t try this at home ok it’s for professional only!
now this side doesn’t have the tint and this Side does have it. so we’re going to
start with a regular window without the actual tint and you’re going to see the
difference right now. ok let’s see what’s going on here let’s try 1, 2, 3… 2 times now
let’s try the the other side guys okay done. let’s try that guy see how that goes that was fun man! I like it. now we’re going to try with a baseball
bat see what’s going on in the other side. these thing is strong Wow. lets try with a rock. let’s take another one… still there. oh oh my god, this thing is tough. no
it’s really hard… as you see guys it does take time to break in with this
tint and even so it’s still there still there I can’t believe it. still attached guys it’s still there and think i’m gonna
give up on that one. just too hard that’s it! now you see how difficult it is to break
into this comparing to this don’t try this at home Guys I hope you enjoy the demonstration.
I recommend the company: Simply Tint Window Tinting If you live in Las Vegas or
Henderson Nevada. for other locations all you need to do, just go online and look
for “Window Film” or “Security Window Film” companies in your area. and if you have
any questions please don’t forget I’m more than willing to answer your
questions so you can write a comment right below. and please don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel right there because if you don’t I will break it in

96 Replies to “3M Security Window Film – Window Security Film Demonstration & Explanations”

  1. Thanks for demo, was looking into those films looks like you got pretty tired trying to break it lol. how hard is it to install it on your windows? I heard you must have lots of patience when applying the film kinda like the same as car tint.

  2. Hi, I am wondering if you have a video that shows how to apply the film. Also does it change the appearance of the window? I would love this on my windows and side lights. Thanks

  3. great ideas – thanks for sharing

    3m offers several different thickness sizes. i've found from 2 to 15 mils. what do you recommend?

  4. And we can hear the glass clearly breaking behind the plastic. In a real sceniro someone would've just hit right through the plastic as well

  5. This is great!! All I need is something that gives me enough time to wake up out of a dead sleep, grab my gun, flip the safety off, and get into position. That's all I need!! Great review man.

  6. The same installers of your windows have options for windows thats burglar resistant where clear impact proof windows are impregnated into a very powerfull steel window frame. You cannot bust the glass with anything besides shooting it or attracting attention with a torch.

  7. As the film is not secured inside the window frame it is easily pushed in side once the glass is shattered. Or use a box cutter as Alex Stewart suggests below

  8. Great review, and video also for window safety film, antigraffiti film or tinting in Los Angeles or California area call The tint guy window tinting at, 818-939-3166.

  9. I call BS… that tinted window was removed and tinted outside of the window frame then put back into the frame. You can tell simply by the sealant used to secure the window pane to the window frame. If you put that tint on any regular window already installed in a house it's going to fail … just like putting window tint on a car.. it will hold the glass for to it then collapse.

  10. Cool video, but for a valid test, use the same tool for both variations! Pick one – either the hammer or the bat, and use it for both windows. Though I don't think anyone would complain about a demonstration on both windows with each tool, but not split like this. Thanks!

  11. I almost thought about bullet proof glass for my truck. Im not afraid of being shot, just having my vehicle being broke into when I park downtown or in the middle of nowhere when I hike and fish.

  12. Why are you striking the small window from the film side//////the burglar would be striking the glass side yes?

  13. Hit it like a man. You hit the non tinted window like a child and did even less to convince the safety of this product.

  14. How does it hold up to a butane pocket torch and a bottle of cold water?Should there be a house fire what kind of fumes does this film give off? Whatever happened to wired glass? Inmates from our county correctional center used the hot ember from a cigarette to melt through bullet-proof glazing and escaped, but did not get far.

  15. ok, so, here's my 2c's 1> I have used 3M film, so the idea is that you cant break glass etc, HOWEVER it WILL NOT, 100% NOT prevent any window for break-in.. it takes a little while longer but it can…. BUT burglars don't like NOISE, breaking glass, will ALERT people not a dull thud, so WHILST the idea is good, in real life you WANT TO HEAR that sound and so do your neighbours

  16. Its funny how all of these comments says bring a knife or cut this! This stuff DOES NOT CUT EASY AT ALL. Your box cutter amd knife will just glide off of it as it has 3 layers of strong glue and plastic.cut resistant

  17. Can the 3M Security Window Film be used for the windows of a vehicle? For the purposes of detering/preventing a vehicle break in?

  18. love reading all the comments. deterrents are great, no honestly they are. but it's "horses for courses" there are plenty of things that you need/can do even before someone breaks in. you have 2 types, 1> opportunistic 2>specific.. You have a Porsche parked outside, chances you have money (maybe drugs) or a key to the car … 2> leave a window open, papers build up on the patio, your on holiday..

    We rarely look out for others nowadays , even cars have so much security, your not gonna steal them without the keys. There is also a difference between "commercial" and "personal" crime.

    At the end of the day, the world is full of bad guy's your NOT gonna stop anyone, make sure your insured don't be stupid and keep your loved one's safe by using common sense.

    Go on holiday, facebook everyone where your going and when your back, get a taxi from home, tell the guy, your going away, tell everyone locally that your going to be away… then wonder why you get burgled <SMH>

  19. Weak as piss see the blows become weaker as he cracks the film side he sort of just bounces the hammer off in a lazy half assed manner, any real offender will be swinging a lot harder

  20. Our solar hurricane film is the best USA made, certified window security film available and costs a fraction of impact glass and shutters.. pls viist https://armorglass.com/

  21. You should have tried it on a car window this test is on a frame with all the side being held down a car window does not have the sides held in place the top part of a window could just be pushed in after it shatters..i dont know prove me wrong

  22. That's not a comparison, that is a dramatised advertisement. Use a hammer on both, and the second panel the lack of effort in force was made up for in theatrical panting and puffing.

  23. Great video and well demonstrated. However, is the film suppose to be installed on the inside interior side of the window or the exterior outside of the window? Also, can it be installed on both sides or is that unnecessary and somewhat overkill?

  24. Some of these smart asses on here. Most thieves are paranoid to began with. "Oh well ill just cut it" okay dumbass your already paranoid and then u break the glass making you more paranoid. Yeah your THEN going to sit there and cut THICK ASS SHEET multiple times then spread the thick sheets. Gl dumbasses.

  25. what would happen if you splashed the treated window with a gallon of liquid hydrogen right before hitting it?

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