3 communication skills all cybersecurity pros should have

3 communication skills all cybersecurity pros should have

– [Chris] So in our conversations
previous to this episode, we talked about issues
of communication skills that aren’t necessarily common, but are necessary to advance one’s career in security and tech,
specifically cybersecurity. Based on your experience in this role, and in previous ones with similar terrain, what are the some of the most
common skill deficiencies that cybersecurity
professionals are lacking? – Yeah, that’s a great question. One that I’ve thought about a lot because, I think to your point, soft skills, being things like, being vulnerable. I don’t think that, that vulnerability
piece, it’s not something that they teach you in school. It’s not something that
is necessarily modeled. Especially, when you’re in these type of high pressure roles, where you
have to know all the answers and solve complex problems. – Right, and there’s that
kind of shark tank element of, “if I don’t solve every
problem, I’m out the door.” – Yeah, or you’re just not as relevant. The ability to ask for help, the ability to say, “You know what, “I don’t know this, but
I’m gonna figure it out”. That is not something that I see often. And I think it’s something that, really could be helpful if people could just
explore that a little bit. The second, is collaboration. I think that, again, that whole notion of, I have
to solve the problem by myself, right now, without asking anyone, because I’ve gotta be
the person that knows it. I think that that’s… The whole idea of teamwork, collaboration, trying to solve these really
complex problems together, it’s just, again, it’s something
that you don’t always see. Just because there’s
that lone wolf syndrome, if that make sense. – Oh, absolutely, no, and that’s, when I talk to candidate’s
for my department and stuff, that’s one of the great… When I ask, “What’s your failing?” And it’s always like, oh I just take the whole
world on my shoulders. And I have it myself as well.
– Yeah. – But, we’ve got this, sort of, work… I think, especially, in tech and security. But you have this, sort of,
pressure cooker element. Where it’s like, you are, sort of, praised for your ability
to take on more work and put more on your shoulders and stuff. But at the same time, you either burn the people out or things just don’t get
done ’cause they can’t carry the weight of the
world on their shoulders. So there definitely needs
to be some way of conveying, like, do as much as you can, but you have to be willing to, sort of, ask for help. – Yeah, that whole
self-awareness piece too. Just, really being able to tap in, what you can do and where
are the things that… What your strengths are, and where you, maybe,
need some development. And I think that just being
able to recognize that would make people so much
stronger in getting stuff done. And the third, really,
is about business acumen. Why are you doing these things? What’s the business needs
that you’re solving? You’re not just solving these problems… How do you play into
the wider organization? And I don’t know if… I think that that just, really trying to figure out… Where do I fit? Why am I doing this?
– Okay. – Am I spending time on the right areas, or am I doing this because this is what I’m really interested in? I think that that, just trying to connect to
what the business goals are, I think that that’s just as helpful again. I think for anyone in an organization, it kind of goes to that
collaboration piece. Like why are we all here? What are we all doing together? – Yeah.

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  1. The biggest key point to take away from here to be humble enough to admit that you are not sure of an answer, but are willing to go figure it out later. I've learned this from my career in the military when an inspector is asking you a question it is always best to admit that you are not sure but that you will get back to them. However, you have to ensure that you obtain the correct answer and don't let it go into limbo.

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