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  1. I can disconnect or silence the siren but continue to operate the buzzer? either through the panel or disconnected some cable? because I do not want to sound the siren if between some thief

  2. i have almost the same unit, except under the plus sign it doesnt have the word EMERGENCY, it has pictures of 3 things, police, fire and a plus sign.. how do you find out what model number you have, all the boards say 2GIG, and does have a Z-Wave sticker in blue when i took off the control panel from the wall, Which i think was never enabled.. The problem is that yesterday, the whole system just shut down, like someone unplugged the unit.. The only thing that i have done with it is: took out the cord from the socket, and plugged it back in.. then while the plug was in took out the battery.. but still does not work.. Will this unit work if the battery is depleted or is out of the unit?..Is there a check list i can do… This unit is not being monitored, we did not renew the contract, and has been over for 2 years..

  3. Nice. I'm glad you covered the power run installation. Most people skip that step which in my opinion is a critical step. One question though, does the screen turn off when not in use? This will be in our master bedroom, and don't need any light coming from the unit if we're no interfacing with it.

  4. I have a 2gig GC3 control panel. I am installing flood/temp sensors 2gig FT1-345. What Sensor type should the sensor have. The 24 hour auxiliary does not even give a tamper when tampered less none a water alarm when tested with water.

  5. Hello. I am enjoying watching your videos and just found you offer monitoring as well. Does your company lock the panel and the Q-43 code when someone who owns their own panel gets monitoring from you? Thanks.

  6. I currently own a Honeywell Lynx Plus, can the transformer be used with the 2gig go control? I know the motions and door/window sensors can be programmed.

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