2GIG GC3 – Introduction to the New Wireless Security System

2GIG GC3 – Introduction to the New Wireless Security System

innovation has always been at the core
of what we do a 2GIG the original 2GIG security and automation panel
changed the game in the security industry by being the very first to
include a touch screen and on board smart home control module in an
incredibly easy to install and program self-contained security system 2GIG
became the fastest growing security and control platform in history with over
three million installations worldwide now Nortek security control is proud to
introduce the latest 2GIG self-contained security and control
platform GC3. GC3 is more than an upgrade to the current panel not just a
larger screen over an older design it is a complete redesign of the entire 2GIG panel platform graphically user interface and menu structure
created to be the easiest most intuitive experience of any security system in the
industry The new GC3 panel offers a seven-inch
color touch screen with 800 by 480 pixel resolution new easier to
read and streamlined graphical user interface reducing installation time by
30 percent 100 zones of wireless security to hardwire zones and to open
collector outputs up to 100 unique users installers and end users to find the
intuitive graphical user interface a huge advance over other security
product on the market the menus are designed to be simple to use with the
absolute minimum number of steps to perform each function true one touch
arming make setting your system any security panel in the industry
simply push the larger arm stay button to arm the system while you’re at home protecting the outside of the home while
allowing you to move freely inside the home or press the arm away button if you
are leading the easy to read time gate and weather information like you know
what kind of day to expect and the easy to see countdown timer eliminates
guesswork on how much time remains until the panel is armed smart home control
has been at the heart of all to kick panel since the very beginning the new
GC3 panel makes working with your smartphone devices easier than ever
before programming new smart home devices is a snap with clear step-by-step menus to give you simple control over lights
thermostats door locks and tons of other solutions the system can be controlled
from the panel or from anywhere in the world using a mobile home automation by
definition should work automatically with the way you live the GC3
allows you to establish scenes that can control multiple devices with the press
of a button making common activities like leaving for work or going to bed much easier for instance you could
create a good night scene that will turn off the lights locked the door and set
the thermostat to a comfortable temperature the innovative rooms feature
is a first in the self-contained security panel this feature lets the user group
together smartphone devices and scenes into a room where they can view all of
the automation cities for them another innovative feature is the
ability to bookmark it screen giving the user the option to create customized homes screen by selecting a screen they use every day these features make GC3 a simple to use as other consumer
electronic devices providing full control with a simple touch to read or automatically touch at all

2 Replies to “2GIG GC3 – Introduction to the New Wireless Security System”

  1. Hey, I'm not doubting that this new 2gig panel has come a long way since the first and that there are some cool features. But a lot of everything they claim to have done first i have already seen Qolsys have. Apps/icons/intuitive/touch arming/7" screen same resolution (resistive) etc etc… why would i switch from my Qolsys panel to this GC3? Can this do software updates over wifi as well?

  2. Security systems need to get onboard with Apple HomeKit. As a security system, this is a nice panel. For home automation, HomeKit is MUCH better. I don't need to pull up an app or get up and touch the panel to trigger a scene. You simply say, "hey Siri, goodnight," and the scene is triggered. Much easy to trigger a "coming home scene" from issuing the voice command to your Apple Watch than finding an app while you're driving.
    What I WOULD like is a security system that arms itself with the "good night" scene (voice command) from my iPhone. Just makes much more sense when I'm already in bed. I don't want to launch an app or get out of bed and walk up to a touch panel to trigger a scene.

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