2019 RAM 1500 5.7L HEMI Borla ATAK Dual Exhaust System w/ Black Chrome Tips Sound Clip & Review

2019 RAM 1500 5.7L HEMI Borla ATAK Dual Exhaust System w/ Black Chrome Tips Sound Clip & Review

Hey, guys. Sara from americantrucks.com. And
today, we have a review and install of the Borla ATAK Dual Exhaust System with Black
Chrome Tips. This fits your 2019 and newer 5.7-Liter Ram 1500s excluding the Classic
models. Borla’s ATAK muffler and Y-pipe design produces loud and aggressive sound as well
as improved exhaust flow, increasing your gas mileage. This exhaust system features
mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing with a 3-inch inlet and a 2 ½-inch outlet as well
as 5-inch angle-cut black chrome tips. I’m giving this exhaust a four out of five
on the loudness meter. It’s not overpoweringly loud but it does wake up your exhaust note
quite a bit giving you that nice deep growl that you’re looking for. Coming in at around
$1000, this exhaust is on par with other Ram exhausts from the same generation featuring
the same stainless steel construction and of course this one features an easy install
as well as the great looks of these 5-inch black chrome tips. I’m gonna give this install a two out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter, it can be done in approximately 30 minutes with the
help of a friend. All right, with that said, let’s jump right into our install. For this
install you will need an impact gun, a ratchet, a 15 and 16-millimeter socket, a hanger removal
tool and some optional but helpful tools include spray lubricant and a pry bar. All right, so the first step in our install
once our truck is in the air and supported is to remove the passenger side pipe at the
clamp and also at the hanger. Grab your 15-millimeter socket and loosen this clamp. So if you can’t
get your hanger removal tool in there, you can gently pull back on the pry bar and it
should slowly slide this hanger out. With our hanger and clamp removed, we can now pull
this pipe off the truck. Next up, using your 16-millimeter socket,
remove both the bolts holding your muffler section to your mid-pipe. With the bolts released
at the start of your exhaust, we can now remove all of the hangers starting at the back of
the truck. Grab your hanger removal tool and remove the hanger that is farthest back. With
our hangar at the back removed, we can now remove the two orange hangers at the back
of our muffler. With the two hangers at the back of our muffler removed, remove your last
hanger holding your exhaust in and then you can pull your exhaust back over the axle.
With our hangers free, you can now guide your exhaust forward over the axle. It might be
helpful to grab a friend at this point to help you. All right, now that we have our stock exhaust
off of our truck, we can put it side by side with the Borla and really check out some of
the similarities and differences. Right off the bat, you’ll notice the Borla’s black chrome
tips are a lot larger and different design than the factory chrome tips, this is gonna
give the rear of your truck a completely aftermarket look. In addition, Borla has replaced the
large factory muffler with their ATAK series muffler and removed both of the resonators
at the rear of the exhaust. And this is gonna get you that nice aftermarket growl that you’re
looking for. Before we get our muffler installed on our
truck, you do want to throw a gasket on top here. Since ours is for demonstration purposes
and our truck is brand new, we’re gonna reuse our factory gasket. If you don’t want to reuse
yours or if it doesn’t look that good to reuse it, you can definitely order one but make
sure you get one in place before you install. Get your exhaust securely installed in all
three hangers before bolting it at the front of your pipe. With our front exhaust hanger installed, install
the back two hangers. With our exhaust and all three hangers, we can now replace the
16-millimeter bolts holding it onto our mid-pipe. Line up both pieces of your exhaust and get
your bolts started. With our bolts threaded in, go ahead and tighten these down with a
16-millimeter socket. All right, so the next step is to grab your
over-axle pipe and a clamp and get this installed at the driver side pipe at the back of your
muffler. Slide your clamp over the pipe and now you can install your over-axle pipe onto
the end of the same pipe. Next up, grab your driver side pipe with the tip on there and
we’re gonna get it installed on the over-axle pipe. Just before you place your pipe on your
over-axle pipe, make sure you’re sliding your clamp over there to ensure it’s in place when
it’s time to tighten down. Once you have that on, go ahead and slide your tailpipe over
your over-axle pipe. Once your tailpipe is over your over-axle
pipe, now we can install the hanger. Now we can get our passenger side tailpipe installed.
But before that, we will slide the clamp over top of our pipe already on our truck. With
our clamp in place, we can now install our tailpipe over our axle-pipe. Now we can get our exhaust in our hanger.
So we’re gonna use a pry bar here just to help us persuade this hanger on. Once you’ve ensured that your tips are sitting
in your bumper properly, you can tighten down your three clamps. Grab your 15-millimeter
socket and tighten down your clamp. Moving down the same pipe, tighten down your second
clamp on the left side. Tighten down your final clamp on the passenger side. All right,
so that is gonna do it for the review and install of our Borla Exhaust. Remember for
all things Ram, keep it at americantrucks.com.

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  2. Just got a 2019 Ram 1500 and I'm looking to upgrade the exhaust. Considering this exact system or the Magnaflow 19429. Tough choice!!!

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