2018 Protect Yourself from the Flu

2018 Protect Yourself from the Flu

(classical music)>>The flu is one of
the respiratory viruses that causes disease every year in the fall and winter
and early spring months. Flu season or respiratory virus season usually starts sometime
in October or November and it can stretch anytime
through the early spring months and sometimes even as
late as April and May. (classical music) The flu virus is easily
transmitted person to person through coughing, sneezing
and unwashed hands. Particularly when people are indoors in close proximity to each other, flu and other respiratory
viruses are easily transmitted quite quickly through populations. (classical music) Some people think that all
kinds of head colds are the flu, but the flu is actually a specific disease that is caused by a
virus and causes symptoms of fever, headache,
sore throat, body aches and some gastrointestinal symptoms. It can be quite severe
and even fatal at times. (classical music)>>We do have an antiviral medicine that we can use to treat influenza. It can be given and it
works best if you take it early in the course of your
illness so shortly after you develop the first
symptoms of influenza. We especially consider
it in people at high risk of complications like
young children or elderly. What’s most important when you get flu is that you rest, drink lots of fluids and take medicines to
help control your fever. (classical music)>>The influenza virus can infect anyone, but some of the most
vulnerable populations are the very young, the very old and people who have
underlying health conditions. (classical music)>>So the most important
protection against influenza is the influenza vaccine. In addition to that
though people need to be very smart in the winter. We need to use good respiratory etiquette so if you’re sick you
need to cover your mouth, cough into your sleeve. You need to wash your hands really well, recognize the people around
you that have a fever or sneezing or coughing can be contagious and can get you sick so try
to avoid people that are sick. And if you are in their presence, make sure they’re covering their mouth using good respiratory etiquette and that they’re washing
their hands a lot. (classical music) The recommendation is that
anyone over six months of age get the influenza vaccine every year. The vaccine works usually very well. There are some seasons where
the vaccine has a mismatch, meaning what we put into the vaccine doesn’t match that well against
the strains of influenza that are in the community. It’s a little hard to predict that before we get the vaccine. We usually learn more about
that after we get the vaccine. But the vaccine is still
the best method that we have to protect people against influenza. Usually any vaccine will
give some protection. There are always gonna be
some people that get influenza despite getting the vaccine, but the vaccine does protect against severe influenza and death so we strongly encourage all people to get the influenza vaccine every year. (classical music)

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  1. Not promoting vaccines , It doesn’t work and it is dangerous . Explain what is in the vaccines and it creation of it . Only organically healthy food is medicine . This is a good hospital but the pharmaceutical industry education makes this professionals salesman /ladies for their evil agenda . Our bodies are not made of the lab soups of bacteria and viruses incubated in animals . It is the problem reaction solution método . We are awake Doctors we know we are living in the end days ,we also know we lost against the agenda from the Rockefeller

  2. Most people are not aware of the scandalous deal between the CDC and the vaccine makers, the CDC orders 10's of millions of doses of the flu vaccine every year, and agrees to buy, at market value, all remaining doses, in the manufacturers warehouses, at the end of the season. That is why the government is pushing the flu vaccine, Remember a few years ago, when the vaccine was a bad match, the government was basically telling the sheeple, it doesn't work, but get it anyway. Would you allow a mechanic to put brakes on your car, that only worked 30% of the time? Yet they tell us to allow this poison to be injected into ourselves, as well as our kids. There is a direct correlation to the beginning of the Alzheimer's epidemic, and the government push to vaccinate the elderly against the flu, as well as the beginning of an increase in early onset Alzheimer's, (Alzheimer's that begins in the 20's and early 30's), once extremely rare, almost unheard of, and the governments push to vaccinate children. Mercury and aluminum have both been linked to Alzheimer's, and both ARE in the flu vaccine. The skin is the largest organ of the body, intact, it keeps invading germs, as well as harmful chemicals out out, but when compromised by a needle, what all is entering the body through this once protective barrier?

  3. I had the Flu last year. Almost all of my family got it. My grandmother got it so bad her organs started shutting down. I got it but the moment I didn’t feel good, I told my parents and the next day (Wednesday) I got diagnosed with the Flu. I took care of myself though. It was rough last year. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be worse this year. Good luck, 2018.

  4. Let's stop creating man made biologicals and lets talk about the abhorent increase in autism and the causes before we keep on jabbing ourselves with these vaccines with have an efficacy of less than 10%.

  5. I believe we need further educate our young physicians on these vaccines and their use. Its absurd to keep doing the same things we keep doing and expecting all these neuromuscular, dermatological, neurodegenerative etc etc diseases to magically disappear when we know that there has been such a significant increase in these especially among infants. Let's look at the data to figure out why the most well funded nation in the history of the world is ranked 34th in terms of healthcare. We look to you men and women at JH to lead the way. It's almost at crisis level and the public would hail your Institution and you would be hero's if there was a little more ethically driven studies.


  7. I got the flue last year I was only 10 for 2 weeks I vomited,coughed,had pain and running nose for 24 hours thanks to Allah who is my God saved me and Dr. Rekha I got cured in 2 weeks

  8. I had the flu for almost a lot of years, been there before.:)I Had to put a shirt over my nose it kinda helps me..

  9. I had the flu before they stuck sticks up my nose, I was so over it. I was so sick and weak feelings. I had a bad cough and felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach every time I stared at something for a while.

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