2 Day Deck Rebuild – How To Rebuild A Deck

2 Day Deck Rebuild – How To Rebuild A Deck

thank you to simplisafe for sponsoring
today’s video I’ll tell you about them later on. This week I am back in Seattle
visiting an of all trades we had the pleasure of Erik Curtis Ian
Curtis on YouTube visiting us we decided to tackle and deck as our project let me
give you guys a good look at the befores here because I found it an incredible
just to see how much of a difference two days worth of work made to this entire
area of course there were three of us and none of us are slow steppers alright
let’s go ahead and get into the process the first step was demo of course we
grabbed a few pry bars and started pulling deck boards up one by one
luckily as we got more of the substrate exposed we were able to see that it was
still in pretty good shape with that looking good and not needing replacing
or leveling it shaved off not only a bunch of work for us but also time and
would grab the board’s we ripped up and tossed them out of the way from the job
site into a pile that could later be loaded up with her tractor and disposed
of after the deck boards were ripped up we started D nailing the joist instead
of spending a bunch of time with a hammer trying to rip them out we just
went through with a few sawzalls and a demo blade to cut them all flush with
all of the joists cleared next was to unload the new material that we will be
laying down Anna went wood treated five quarter boards in the South are treated
lumber is green but in the north its the cedar ish color which i think is much
nicer looking before getting into ducting though we needed to raise the
level up of this bump out especially with hands pizza oven here she found
this stuck down to be very inconvenient to raise it up Eric first said a string
line which has a line level on it on both ends to mark the height of the
existing joist this way we could cut to link some two by eights and sister them
onto the existing joist but at a raised up level we started with the furthest
joist and while Eric raised it up I would read the line level once it was
level and would set a strong holding bussy clamp to hold it in location while
we moved to the other end of the board and repeated the process
next we repeated that same process on the nearest joys that needed to be
raised up once things were set we could go through with a nailer and attach it
with these two boards done Eric laid a straight board across the tool and we
set the remaining boards by just butting them up to the underside of this board
and that’s it for that portion of the build so next we started ducting it we
started at the existing porch and worked our way out since these boards will
shrink some we didn’t leave any gaps between boards but instead butted them
right up next to the previous laid board when we got to the pizza oven post we
would just scribe a line and cut around them so that they could slip in
but look pretty seamless it’s worth noting we are using ring shaped nails if
you aren’t familiar your ring shank nails have a ribbing design on them to
prevent the nail from being able to back out over time as regular nails will do
when the board expands and contracts the nailing is really just a two-person job
so while Eric and I got into a good routine with laying the boards and
passing the nailer and was keeping busy on picking up trash and setting the
spacer in between the house and the newest board the end of the board that’s
opposite of the house can be cut straight after all the boards are laid
down however getting a straight line cut up next to the house wouldn’t be that
easy so this line is where we made sure they lined up straight and nice by
placing the same spacer in between the siding and the board before nailing it
down by this point we are getting kind of late in the day and I cannot believe
how long the Sun stays out in Seattle or when it is out but we decided to do the
demo work of the next portion of the build see the deck goes into a small
section that runs perpendicular to the rest of the deck but and wanted this
change to run continuously into her shop which is that doorway you see there so
before calling it a night and grabbing an adult beverage we demoed this part
wasn’t so simple as prying up because it was set with screws but most of them
were embedded in the boards and we couldn’t access them so bring back out
the demo blade and the sawzall to speed this process long huh and that isn’t bad
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get back to that project and decided she would rather have a step into her shop
rather than a ramp so Eric started ripping the remains of that out while I
started cutting around obstacles Q placed the new deck joists you can see
this area doesn’t have any since the boards were running the other direction
Eric was careful when demoing because he had the clever idea to reuse the good
boards rather than purchasing new ones we sistered these joists onto the
existing joists from the deck posing to have a little jam session when the
opportunity struck for the new step up we placed a header
with some concrete screws in and Shop doorway then set some 4×4 posts we were
actually setting the outside floor joist to the post at the same time we first
attached one side to the header located under the doorway then placed a level on
top of it to get it nice and straight before attaching it to the pose once
that said the post can be cut to its final height which is flush to the top
of the two biceps by the way while Eric and I were tackling this step and was
building out a firewood storage rack on her awesome outdoor pizza oven so that
we could enjoy some homemade pizza after all of our hard work she not only made a
shelf but also chopped up a bunch of wood back on the staff we added in a
center joist to give it more support and then we just started laying down decking
once again as I mentioned earlier we lined up the
deck boards on the house side but let the free end run wild so now we needed
to snap a chalk line then rip these boards to be the exact same length while
Eric and I tackled this and went through and dropped a second nail into each
board we were worried that we would run out of nails so when we were laying down
the board’s originally we only put in one per joist then we can clean up the
jobsite put back all of the tools and give her a good ole shining up whew what
a big difference this made I loved tackling projects where there is such a
drastic before and after appearance and if I’m being honest I love knocking out
so much work in such little time frame now Ann not only has a much better
looking porch but also a better functioning one as it’s all on one level
we celebrated by having a few awesome Seattle friends over and and treating us
to some of her out-of-this-world homemade pizza be sure to follow and
Curtis on YouTube he’s brand new to making videos but he has a very
experienced woodworker he’s gonna be putting out a video showing you how we
made this very quick style in one-day farmhouse table and then Anne has plenty
of plans to still improve this area even further if you’re not following either
one of these and be sure to check them out there’s links for you
in the description that’s it for this one I hope that you enjoyed it I will
see you next time you have to do my wave we should all do it at the same time
yeah we should not we shit 100% do anything all right one two three

100 Replies to “2 Day Deck Rebuild – How To Rebuild A Deck”

  1. Love watching my 2 fave awesome handy chicks in one video. Thanks for sharing April 💖 ps every time I ask my hubby to make something, his response is “ what would April do?” 😂 I think he secretly watches your vlogs after Ive watched them 😂

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  3. Good afternoon April!
    I am a Deaf Woodcraftsman and I applaud your work!
    I really like your workbench and was wondering if u would contact me or my wife Tari at [email protected] to discuss how I can order your plans for building your work bench please.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Fine for warm and dry regions. In other – too expensive, as it will collect moisture and decay in no time.
    Also saw this in boggy areas as pathways, as no other way to make it.

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  6. Wow,that original framing looks more than sketchy. What are those lap joints on the joists supported with?A 2×2? And spacing? Wow. And when you past the house up there is no joist for a nailer at the fence.

  7. Not a bad looking deck. Love the boards.
    But i would use hidden screws for all the boards, like me and my dad just did with the Deck in front of my house two weeks ago. Coincidentally also took us two days to tear the old down and put the new one up 🙂

  8. No gap in the deck boards to allow for disposal of beer caps? I can't give this deck the seal of approval from "Decks for Drunks International". Pull it all up and put some gaps in it.

  9. Although I followed this rebuild on IG, I was happy to see it again, of course enhanced and more detail, such an incredibly beautiful build you all work and enjoy together, thanks for sharing this awesome video

  10. Thank you for never showing that deck in the past…. my OCD would have had me flying from basically the other side of the world to have fixed that deck. To many angels and levels.

  11. April, I can't believe you built on top of that old framework. No building inspector ever would have approved decking over top of that. Those old joists were at least 30-36 inches apart which is way too far for the decking materials that you used. That whole thing should have been scrapped. Good thing the deck was at ground level so that when it collapses, no one will get killed.

  12. Very cool!!! 😎 😎 😎 It actually makes sense to lay the boards across the path and not parallel because then it would be VERY hard to keep them looking straight the entire length of the path.

  13. Wow I don’t know what to say. I applaud all the hard work really awesome that deck look like it had a lot of problems and it still does.🤦🏻‍♂️ you said that’s in Seattle there’s a lot of water out there. Those Joyce look like they were literally sitting on the dirt even if they are moisture treated or not they will deteriorate. It look like the girders were a 2 x 2 was not that clear just did not look like a very solid structure to begin with. It was hard to tell with the video. I’m sure it looked better in person but from the video that looks like a full tear out if you’re going to invest that money putting all that decking on that old Joyce doesn’t seem logical but it’s cool save some money. Did you use moisture treated ring shank nails were they galvanized when you nail or screw into moisture treated lumber it Has to be coated or it will deteriorate. I’m sure it was way better in person like I say hard to tell from the video I’m wondering are you charging for that work have you become a licensed contractor❓

  14. Please don’t use your leg as a sawhorse! there are so many talented people like yourself who seriously injure themselves out of complacency.

  15. Wow, You removed 2×6 boards and replaced them with 5/4 boards that are not rated to span 24"/2 feet. Even the second part of the deck looks like the joists are approx 32" apart. That won't pass for 2×6 deck boards. I really dont think an inspector/architect/engineer would pass this setup you have there. Look up load ratings for this material and I doubt it passes !!

  16. You could have AT LEAST used some of the removed lumber to raise supports, but no, you used new wood for that, how ridiculous. Unsubscribing.

  17. Have a small deck, with 2x4s for decking, what if I used a planer to clean them up and reused rather than buying new decking?

  18. Старые доски надо в Россию продать. Там богатые любят ими дома внутри отделывать.

  19. Anna: Hey…come over to my house & replace the deck in two days.
    April: What's it pay?
    Anna: Homemade pizza & adult beverages.
    April: Knock-Knock…I'm at the front door…open up!

  20. I enjoy seeing the before and after of Anne's deck. The new deck is awesome! I'm sure Anne will smile every time she steps on it, remembering the fun times building it with friends. Awesome Video April!!!

  21. Girl I need ur skills lol. I did just build a 9.5ft farmhouse table! I’m proud. LolLove ur vids u so deserve way more subs! 💕

  22. NEVER run boards up against each other!!! That lumber is going to swell and then buckle come the winter rains. Additionally, 5/4 treated decking will check and crack and basically fall apart in just a few years. That said, if you're not going to replace the framing under the deck, using a decking that will fall apart in a few years actually makes sense. Good decking (composites and hardwoods) will outlast even new treated framing.

    This is a deck that will last, at most, 5 years.

  23. What's the deciding on factor on including a gap between the boards? I can't tell if you did or not (it looks like you didn't?). The last deck I helped build several years ago, we spaced all the deck boards apart by the width of one of the nails we were using to nail down the boards. I assume this helped with water runoff, and dirt. I guess I assumed it was standard practice.

  24. please don't rest wood on your leg and cut with a circular saw, take it from someone who has gone through his kneecap. Had to close my eyes at that moment!

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