– Today. – Huge doorbell savings… – and a security system. And it’s all built in. (dramatic orchestral music) Hi. I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Amy. – You might know me from
your local TV station or USA Today and you might just know intern Amy because you clearly have a good taste in videos if you’re watching us. Amy that was a beautiful turn. And I find huge deals every day none of which are ever paid products all located right under this video screen. Quick Amy, tell them what you’re holding. – I’m holding a doorbell, a chime, and a security system. – It is. Wireless, backup LED lights the deal which I found is located right under the video screen at under 15 bucks. We’re gonna do an unbox and show you how it works in a moment. – If you are not yet subscribed be sure to click the subscribe button because not only do we have great deals, but we are giving away – A free IPAD – We’re giving away a free IPAD. – Yes, we are. Just click the link right
under the video screen, got a quick survey it’s gonna help us improve as a channel. But also anyone who subscribes and has their notifications turned on becomes eligible. One entry per person. We’re gonna cross check to make sure that you do have your notifications on, that you are subscribed or you could just click
MATTSDAILYDEALS.COM/SURVEY. Now, for my favorite deal on a four-in-one doorbell kit that is a motion sensor light, a security burglar alarm, and an emergency flashlight. At under 15 bucks, down from 40, this four-in-one wireless doorbell complete with everything
you need to get it installed was awesome in all of our test. The unboxing was simple. There are two main components. You’ve got the transmitter, which is the doorbell itself, and then the siren
blaster, LED conglomerate that I absolutely loved testing and was very simple to set up. (doorbell rings) While tones range from
enjoyable to annoying the LED feature was fantastic. And I again, cannot get over the
price at under 15 bucks. This is an amazing steal located right under the video screen. At its lowest recorded price, very well rated, 40 bucks down to $14.99 – Geez. – Amy, quick. How loud is it? – Do you wanna hear? – Let’s hear it. (musical tone) (alarm ringing) So this is the alarm, which (alarm ringing) – That’s so loud. – All right. What do you think. I mean, that’s a loud alarm. – Yeah that was really loud you could definitely identify a burglar or someone who’s trying
to get in the home. – Yeah. And they may not know
that this isn’t hooked up to a security system. Again. This could be something that’s tied to a police station. They don’t know it’s a deterrent. – Right. I mean this just
looks like a regular doorbell. – Exactly. If you are looking for different tones or different ways to greet people this would be a good way to get it done. – There’s like 60 different alarms that go on this. – More on here than what is
on my current Smartphone. – Really? – Yeah. Now if you are interested
in checking this out this is a very limited time deal drop. You get free prime shipping. If you’re not a prime member there’s a 30-day free
trial that I’ve linked to. – Thank you guys so much for watching. We always appreciate our
viewers and all of the comments so be sure to comment below on
what you think of this deal. – Subscribers rock. I love you. – Yeah. (upbeat cheerful music)


  1. What does the bottom of the led light do? I was unclear on the functional portion of the light…. Does it light up below when the door bell is pushed to help people who are deaf?

  2. Hello Matt and adorable Amy, this is a neat deal! I have a question. My Dad is 84 and very hard of hearing. He has his yard and house surrounded by a gate and had no way to hear if any one comes up to his house. Someone could literally jump his gate and walk into his house with him noticing. Is the outside doorbell waterproof? I worry so much about him.
    I filled out the survey and I'm crossing my fingers to win! You to have great on air chemistry!!!! So funny!

  3. Thanks for another great item, ordered 2 of the door bells/alarm items. Continue the awesome job you and your interns are doing Matt.

  4. Fantastic ! Find AND OUTRAGEOUS Gadget ! WOW ~! I am ordering NOW ! GREAT Way to Alert and be Aware of Visitor's !
    Thanks SOOOOOOOO Much ! Thanks Matt ! NIce job Amy ! Love ya, David

  5. Great item. I am adding it to my kids room. I will use the alarm to get him out of bed! Thanks

  6. This is so awesome! I just ordered one! Thank you for showing me something cool that I didn't know I needed!

  7. Awesome Review! I definitely need one of these for my grandmother, I sometimes can't get to her every day and this thing would be great security for her and loud enough for her to hear it.

  8. The jingle at the very end of this video about blew out my computer speakers. In other words, far too loud! How about keeping the volume even throughout the video? FAB.

  9. Matt and Amy, this alarm deal is a Steal! I really enjoy watching your videos – they are so funny and informative!

  10. Good price really but can be stealed outside lol. Anyways, it can be used for other purposes too. I'm not sure if you are getting paid for this or not but I must say that you are doing a great job. You should try a tie up with Amazon or any online store for discounts on purchase through a discount code which allows you to identify members who buy most through your videos. Wish you all the best

  11. Thanks again Matt and Team. I wanted to start by saying you're the… wait… gotta go and answer the door(bell).

  12. My husband's garage is separate from our house. When his buddy's stopped by they always had to ring the house bell. We installed a similar product and now they just ring his garage directly & it works perfect, but cost way more than $15!! Just a thought…might be great for a roommate setup!

  13. Anticipating receiving my Wireless LED Doorbell & Alarm ! What a GREAT Price ! Will probably give this as a gift ! Thanks Matt

  14. Thank you Matt & Amy , I Love This Alarm/Door Bell/LED Lights!!! A MUST have item and a Really Great Price!!! Love you Matt 🙂

  15. Love it!! I think I am getting me a couple of these!! Awesome deal again Matt & Amy!! So happy to see Amy back,I'll stop saying it soon!! Lol. Have a great Red Nose Thursday!!! xoxoxo

  16. Under $15.00…really?? Wow!! Great Deal…AGAIN!!!
    You must stay up all night finding us deals….took the survey..waiting on my IPad..:)

  17. Got one for my parents. My Dad always complains about not hearing the doorbell. This price is crazy good!! Thanks Matt & Amy for a great presentation!

  18. I like that it lights up because if you're wearing headphones you can still see if someone is at the door. Pretty cool deal for the price.

  19. Hi Matt ad Intern Amy, these look GREAT and what a super price!  Keep up the awesome work!!! Please!

  20. btw, Intern Amy … you CRUSHED Matt on the iPad screem!

    Matt, YOU are my ULTIMATE ALARM for great savings!

  21. "WE'RE GIVING AWAY A NEW IPAD!" (That line REALLY made me laugh)UNBELIEVABLE price for a wireless doorbell with this many features! I don't really need a doorbell. I might get it, however, and pretend that someone is standing outside my front door, push the doorbell that is concealed in my hand, get VERY excited that I have a "visitor" and quickly answer the door. I may do this a few times before it FINALLY sinks in that I REALLY don't have any friends, real or imaginary. :-(Maybe a new IPAD will change all that. 🙂

  22. [Q] How far apart can the button be from the bell?
    [A] support wireless range up to 150m

  23. This is a great product for me Matt because so many places that I have lived at had no doorbells. Definitely going to buy this. Like you said the price is just unbelievable. Thanks for hooking me up Matt.

  24. Can't think of a better "just because" gift for my mother and grandmother!! Thanks Matt and Amy.. YOU ROCK!

  25. I can say that you all make me laugh and enjoy these product reviews/sales!
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Keep shopping for great stuff for us!

  26. I like your new camera! Also, awesome deal. This is a very helpful security device, and it looks cool!

  27. I am planning on putting one on my front door, back door and lower level door, as well.  I have been worried about security.  This so great !

  28. Somehow I turned off my notification. lol. just got online and fixed. Saw this deal and ordered it. If we like it will order another for 2nd door we have. If still in stock. I'm wondering why you would want alarm to come on if someone presses your doorbell. If we aren't home how long does it go on? Wouldn't want my neighbors to get angry if it stayed on long.

  29. I am going to get one for my autistic son who just moved out on his own to an apartment with no doorbell.

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