12 Scary Events Caught on School Security Cameras

12 Scary Events Caught on School Security Cameras

Every day tends to feel the same at school,
but these scary events caught on school CCTV systems are anything but ordinary. Here are 12 reasons why it might not be safe
to fall asleep in class anymore . . . 12. It’s just another quiet day at the Yangfeng
Middle School when without warning the entire building is rocked at its foundation by an
unseen force. Over 600 students flee for their lives from
a 5.0 earthquake that threatens to collapse their small school. Some kids are still playing basketball outside,
so I guess the earthquake was only strong enough to be felt indoors. One student was struck by a piece of falling
roof, but everyone else was okay. I’m just glad nobody got trampled in the
chaos that ensued. 11. CBS News:
Cedric Anderson walks into the school office of the North Park Elementary School in San
Bernardino and calmly signs in. His wife is a teacher here, so he doesn’t
arouse any suspicion from staff as he quietly signs his name and moves on. Nobody knows that he is having marriage problems
and is armed. His next steps, shortly after this video ends,
are into the classroom of his wife, Karen Elaine Smith. He doesn’t say anything to her, just fires
nine times and then once more straight into his own head. Two students lives are taken in the crossfire. Police investigators find a note in Cedric’s
home saying that he feels disrespected and needs closure. “Moving forward with no regrets”, is how
he disturbingly puts it. The note would have sounded like a reasonable
response to being separated, but when taken in the context of what he did afterwards,
it is absolutely terrifying to read. 10. This CCTV video comes from a school bus that’s
rumored to be quite haunted. It looks like any other video at first but
watch this part and tell me how this is even possible. First the parking brake disengages with a
hiss . . . . . . and then the bus starts coasting backwards
through what appears to be an otherwise level parking lot. If you have any reasonable explanation as
to how a bus can go from fully parked to reverse with no one inside, I would like to know. Then, when the bus finally comes to a stop,
you can hear a faint crying noise that sounds like it could be children crying or just the
wind. 9. This structure, known only as the Old School
Building in Cameron, Missouri, has served as everything from an educational institute
to a convention center for weddings and parties. Lots of emotional events have taken place
here, and now spirits are drawn to the building as a result. Every single night, for example, the motion
activated camera in the main hall goes off some time during 10 at night and 2 in the
morning without fail. Usually there is nothing recorded, but sometimes
there is a hooded figure who walks through the room and vanishes. Its movements are very natural and does not
look like computer generated imagery. You can even make out some details of its
face when you zoom in. If this video is fake, then I guess they took
a real person and somehow made them look transparent. 8. The Salinas High School in California was
built in the late 1800s and is notoriously haunted. This old motion activated CCTV footage of
the school pool from 2009 actually captures a figure jumping off the diving board and
swimming laps before vanishing. I guess this could be a small animal instead
of a ghost, but I have no idea what animal could possibly be interested in a late night
swim like this. Overall, I think this video is real because
I was able to find a news article about this school online. Apparently a man once took his own life in
one of the houses nearby. He liked to look at swim caps and even collected
them during his lifetime, so it only makes sense that he would have liked to spend a
lot of time around the pool. 7. The abandoned South Park School in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania is said to be the place of wailing spirits and other strange disturbances. The school building was the site of not one,
but two massive historical protests – one during the 1700s over taxes, and another during
a mining strike in the 1800s. Multiple people lost their lives in both events
and are thought to still reside here. The landlord of this property contacted a
paranormal team after feeling an otherworldly presence. When they set up a CCTV system, this video
is what they recorded. The other cameras don’t pick up anything
else as far as I can tell, which to me only makes this haunting more believable. After all, they probably would have taken
the time to set up more events if this video really was fake. 6
V.R. Entertainment: Something weird has been going in an out of
the Magoffin Middle School in El Paso Texas late at night, and this superintendent appears
to have caught it on tape. A small white object darts from the hall into
the restroom. It’s a very oddly-shape and I can’t tell
if it walks on two legs or four, or maybe it’s even floating. I think it could just be a racoon, but if
this is a curious animal and not a spirit, then shouldn’t it be more interested in
the cafeteria or some location with food? One of the student mentions that both bathrooms
on this floor are rumored to be haunted, so there’s definitely a chance that this is
a real ghost caught on school CCTV. If anyone goes to the school, please verify
that these rumors are true or not. 5. This CCTV ghost footage was taken inside a
school in Warren, Michigan. A girl stops to put her hair in a bun, completely
unaware of a possible paranormal presence floating directly across from her. Look at the water fountain and you’ll see
it, the feint white outline of a person’s head leaning in as if to take a drink. It disappears for a moment, and then when
the girl is busy checking out her reflection, it comes back again, this time bouncing back
and forth in front of the fountain some more before vanishing for good. Some people are saying this could be some
dust, but I think it’s interesting how it seems to hang around the spout of the water
fountain for a long time. I can also kind of see the outline of a student’s
body when I look hard enough. Tell me if you can too. 4. A YouTuber named Tubba Rubba claims to have
obtained this video from a friend who goes to Fouke High School in Arkansas. It’s late at night when a heavy cart full
of cleaning equipment starts doing something all by itself that should not be possible. According to the uploader, this cart continued
down the hall past three classrooms before coming to a stop and never moving again. The description of this video says the cart
is too heavy to be pulled across the floor with string, but I think it’s entirely possible
given the highly polished appearance of the floor. There’s a good possibility that this video
might be staged, but given the lack of witnesses or more video evidence than this one angle,
there’s just no way to know for sure. 3. This video was taken from a medical campus
in the Indian city of Jammu. One of the portable medical tables starts
going crazy and rolls back and forth for well over a minute. The table starts out moving slowly, gradually
picking up speed until finally being flung on its side. It’s almost as if a poltergeist is becoming
increasingly agitated with the item and then throws it. Another piece of CCTV footage in the same
vicinity shows the table once again behaving as if it is possessed. I find it interesting that it’s the same
table in both videos. Maybe an intense event has left someone’s
angry spirit bound to this piece of medical equipment for all eternity. 2. I apologize for the poor quality of this video,
but the backstory is too good to pass up. The New Castle High School in Indiana received
a notification from their security company that something weird was going on, so they
looked at the CCTV videos to see exactly what the problem was. So I’m thinking that the power going off
is weird enough, but look what happens when it comes back on. I’m no electrician, but if the lights in
the other room were off before the power outage, then they shouldn’t come back on unless
someone was in that room to mess with the switch. But as far as anyone knows, it was late at
night and the school was empty, so I don’t know how this could be. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. Innocent children flee for their lives in
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, desperately trying to get away from an unseen figure who appears
on CCTV camera moments later. Look closely here and you’ll briefly see
a tall man wearing all grey. His name is Wellington Menezes de Oliveira. He is a 23-year-old former student, and on
this day he is going to take twelve student lives, followed by his own. Eventually he gets into a firefight with the
police and decides to end his life instead of getting arrested. Hours prior, he had left a note at the school
rambling about religion and his health. Apparently he had decided to take his anger
out on a school that he lived nearby. It was truly a horrible event.

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  2. an earthquake only strong enough to be felt indoors makes no sense. an earthquake strong enough to shake a building will be felt elsewhere not in just that building. illuminati confirmed. the magic schoolbus, it was backing up to pick up ms. frizzle and her class

  3. Actually it’s not an animal it’s the schools mascot 😂 the one who went in the bathroom

  4. Number 10 the bus would have been put in neutral and the air brake would have been activated but forgot to put it in park

  5. For number 10, I'm actually learning how to become a bus driver right now. There are things they tell us what we can do and shouldn't do. One of the things we're told to not do is reverse. We're also told how the breaking system works in a bus. You have the primary and secondary breaks. The primary focuses on the back, making breaking easy to do so by pulling air into it's chamber. If that were to fail for any reason what so ever, the secondary (emergency) breaks would have to engage. Again in the back and can only engage when the air is being pulled FROM within it's tank. So, regardless which break system isn't working or responding, there is always a break system in place to help out.
    The hiss sound you hear is air escaping from one of the three air tanks, and I cannot tell you for certain which tank because you have the reserve tank, primary tank, and secondary tank. All three valves are located next to each other, and have a pretty simple one valve system set up between the reserves and primary and reserves and secondary. For the same reason why there's two separate breaking systems involved in the bus.
    That hiss sound could be the bus being set into neutral (it can make the same hissing sound, depending on the bus type and year) and just as likely roll back. There's also only three selections for a bus to have while a car has 5-6 different drives. The bus only has DRIVE, NEUTRAL, and REVERSE. When the bus is parked, it is to have the drive stick in NEUTRAL, even if there is no parking break engaged.
    I'm looking over this video and thinking of sharing it with my instructor and some other drivers to see what they think is the problem here.

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  9. November 30th, 2018, there was a 7.0 earthquake in my state. (Alaska.) I wasn’t at school, but I was messaging my friends, and my friend Caleb had a roof tile hit him. He is fine. I was panicking more for my friends than me lol. Nobody was killed/injured badly. Probably a few scratches, and trauma, most likely though

  10. Had a friend of mine who was a security guard at a former elementary school. On several occasions, he would hear a basketball being bounced in the former gym in the basement. He would also hear kids laughter, and footsteps shuffling through the hallways.

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    What probably happened was the last person in the room forgot to turn the switch off, and the motion sensor turned it off automatically after awhile. Then when the power went out the motion senor was reset, so the lights turned back on.

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