1080p Security Camera – AHD-AD24H

The AHD-AD24H is a 1080p security camera used
for indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems. If you are playing this video on
a desktop computer, you should adjust the video player resolution to 1080p to see the
HD video quality that this camera is capable of. Initially, all of the lights are on in
the room to demonstrate the color daytime mode of the camera. I temporarily turned this
floor lamp on so that I can make my back over to this area of the room. When I turn the
main lights off, the camera will change to night mode by turning to black and white and
engaging its infrared cut filter. When I turn the lamp off, there is zero light left in
the room. I have blackout shades over the two windows to make sure that no light comes
in. The camera’s built in IR LEDs are what enable the camera to capture HD video surveillance
in complete darkness. I’m going to use the flashlight on my iPhone
so that so that I can turn the floor lamp back on. When I turn the lights back on in
the room. The camera will disengage the infrared night vision mode and turn back into color
daytime mode. The AHD-AD24H is an AHD CCTV camera that is typically hardwired to a surveillance
DVR using RG59 coax cable. This camera is capable of capturing 1080p surveillance video.
The camera’s built-in infrared LEDs allow it to capture video in low light and zero
light conditions. The 2.8 to 12mm varifocal lens is adjustable and supports a very wide
angle or a more zoomed in and narrow angle. The camera’s tri-axis-type mount allows it
to be ceiling or wall-mounted. The weatherproof and vandal-proof dome enclosure allows this
camera to be used for indoor or outdoor surveillance applications. CCTV Camera Pros supplies this
camera direct for home, business, and government use. For current pricing and to learn more,
please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/ad24h. Thank you for watching.

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