1080p HD TVI Surveillance Camera Day and Night Infrared Video

1080p HD TVI Surveillance Camera Day and Night Infrared Video

The HD-TVI-BL2 is an indoor / outdoor security
camera that captured 1080p HD video. CCTV Camera Pros uses this camera to monitor this
area of our warehouse. When our warehouse lights are on, the camera captures color video. When I turn the lights off, the camera switches
on it’s built-in infrared LEDs so that it still captures 1080p video in low light and
zero light conditions. You can see that infrared of the camera does
a great of illuminating this entire space evenly. That far wall behind that computer
monitor is 34 feet away from where the camera is installed. When I turn the light back on, the camera
turns its iR off and returns to capturing color video. Here are a few pictures that show where this
camera is mounted. The HD-TVI-BL2 is a 1080p high definition
video surveillance camera. 1080p is equivalent to 2 megapixel resolution. HD-TVI cameras are hard wired to a surveillance
DVR using the same type of coax cable as traditional CCTV cameras systems which makes it easy to
upgrade legacy analog systems to high definition analog. The infrared night vision of this camera is
effective up to 100 feet. The 2.8 to 12mm adjustable lens allows professional
and DIY installer to easily adjust the angle of view to be very wide or narrow and zoomed
in. This camera is IP68 weatherproof rated which
means that it can stand up to the harsh outdoor climates. The tri-axis mounting bracket of this camera
allows it to be ceiling or wall mounted. CCTV Camera PRos supplies this security camera
for home, business and government surveillance system installations. For more information and pricing, please visit
www.cctvcamerapros.com/BL2 Thank you for watching.

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  1. i am new in this industry, i would like to know much about cctv how do you search an ip address to a camera????

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