1080p HD Hidden Spy Camera Invisible Infrared Surveillance Video

1080p HD Hidden Spy Camera Invisible Infrared Surveillance Video

The AHD-PIR18 is a high definition hidden
spy camera that captures 1080p surveillance video. To record this video, I mounted a PIR18
in the corner of CCTV Camera Pros tech room. You can see that this security camera provides
complete video coverage for small to medium-sized rooms. When I turn the lights off, the camera
engages its built-in infrared LEDs so that it can see in complete darkness. When I turn
this monitor off, there’s now zero light in this room. This motion detector camera uses
a special type of IR LED that does not emit a red glow like traditional infrared cameras.
People that entered this room will have no idea that surveillance video is being recorded.
I’m going to turn this monitor back on so that I can safely make my way back over to
the light switch. When I turn the lights on, the camera disengages the infrared night vision
mode and records in color once again. The PIR18 is an AHD CCTV camera that must
be connected to an AHD-compatible DVR in order to record. This camera captures 1080p HD video
resolution. This camera uses a pinhole lens that is completely hidden inside a PIR motion
detector housing. The 940 nanometer infrared LEDs are invisible. They do not emit a red
glow like traditional infrared security cameras. Users can optionally use the built-in microphone
to record audio surveillance to their DVR. The 3.7 millimeter lens provides a wide-angle
87-degree field of view. CCTV Camera Pros supplies the AHD-PIR18 for home, business,
and government use. For more information and pricing, please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/pir18.
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3 Replies to “1080p HD Hidden Spy Camera Invisible Infrared Surveillance Video”

  1. The hallway light turned on when you turned the monitor off. It's very obvious you can see the light on the ground and on the wall to the right.

  2. Can you record live feed while watching from a mobile device….I am interested in using this when out of town but want to be able to manually start/stop recording. Will it record to the mobile device or a sd card in the camera?

  3. I have 2 questions

    1. I want to put this behind a window and face it outside.  Will this impact the night vision?  I know regular security camera with the IR has the red lights, when I put it behind a window, the lights reflect off of it and creates a glare.  Just don't want it to happen with this one.

    2. I have an old Zmodo DVR system…BNC wired… will this product work with it?


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