10 Most Secure Homes You Won’t Believe!

10 Most Secure Homes You Won’t Believe!

From world famous icons to the biggest tech
geniuses of our generation…stay tuned to number 1 to find out about the most secure
homes in the world! 10. KWK Safe House Believe it or not, you’re going to see two “zombie-proof” homes on this list, and the
first one comes to us from Poland of all places. The KWK Safe House is just outside of Warsaw,
and it has one heck of a defense mechanism. Mainly, it can seal itself off in times of
attack. It does via not just a security system, but
outer wall gates that are totally moveable. And since zombies can’t climb, and the walls
are over 6 feet high, no zombies shall pass. Oh, and if you’re curious, the walls are made
of steel. So even humans will have a hard time getting
in. 9. The Kardashians Mansion
Whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashians exist, and yes, they are one of the most famous
families in the world. Because of that fame the desire for privacy
and safety is a key thing on their minds. Kardashian manor is guarded by some of the
best around, and they have strict rules that are enforced if you even want to go near it. For example, if you don’t agree to a pat down
by them, you’re not getting into the house. Motions sensors, cameras, a safe room, and
more exist solely to protect the family, and they know that their fame makes them a target. Kim Kardashian is so concerned with being
followed that she actually has a fleet of cars that are used every time she goes out. They play a shuffle game of sorts to ensure
that if anyone is tailing her, they won’t be able to figure out which one she’s actually
in. Number 8: Bill Gates Home. Before we talk about this tech genius, take
a moment to like this video and join the Zero2Hero community by using the buttons below! The creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates is rich,
but he’s also a great guy, and does a lot for charity. But, that doesn’t mean he wants people invading
his privacy within his mansion. So he’s gone to great lengths to protect the
privacy of himself and his family. Trust me when I say that he spared no expensive
to ensure their security. I mean, he has the expected basics, like an
electrical fence, security cameras and sensors that can alert him and his family if there
is a person coming. However, Bill Gates takes it to an entirely
new level with the implementation of land mines! Yeah…real ones! The tech is so sophisticated that they can
actually detect someone over a mile away from the house. Forget trying to sneak in, it won’t happen
unless you can teleport. Even if you’re expected at the house, you
have to go through special security measures, which includes you having to wear a tracking
pin just in order to get into the house. Overelaborate? A bit eccentric? Maybe, but Bill Gates understands his fame
and what it brings, and he has a family to protect, wouldn’t you go to similar limits? Number 7: Fair Field Estate. Shall we go to the Hamptons? If you’re not sure what the Hamptons are,
this is a place in New York where rich people go during the Summer months to get away. But only the truly rich get to live in the
real Hamptons. And although it’s exclusive, they know how
to maintain security. But, nothing compares to the Fair Field estate
in terms of both lavishness and security. This estate is owned by Ira Renard, who is
worth literal billions, and he’s not afraid to spend those billions to keep his place
safe. The estate is worth over 200 million dollars
alone, which is one of the most expensive in the Unites States. And that’s just the outside of the place. Renard is known for spending lots of money
on rare things. To the extent that he has 500 million dollars
worth of rare art inside of the mansion, itself. But don’t be fooled, he has a state-of-the-art
security system to protect all of his things. The entrance, alone, is hard to get past,
as there’s a massive security gate keeping everyone out unless invited. Add to that, there’s an army of security cameras,
bulletproof glass windows, and more. Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise, as he
has a lot he needs to protect. Number 6: Ryongsong Residence. You’re going to see a lot of homes on this
list that house world leaders. Naturally, you would expect them to be well
protected, but in the case of North Korea, that need for security has never been higher
due to its position in the world at large right now. Ruler Kim Jong Un has done very well in making
the home of the Royal Family of North Korea very secure, as his Ryongsong Residence is
nearly impenetrable from the inside and out. First up, there’s an electric fence surrounding
the whole place, armed guards positioned strategically around it, and then, there’s a mine field. Yes, again, a real mine field. The walls of the residence are built to last
against the might of full-on nuclear blasts. But, should something happen to cause the
family of Kim Jong Un to get away quickly (and let’s face it, stuff happens sometimes),
they’ve got nothing to fear. The property is built on secret tunnels that
will lead them to various other safe houses. That’s right, various safe houses, so even
if you knew one of them, that might not be where Un and his family goes. And you know that when the leader of a nation
is concerned, there are other factors that make it so that you can’t get in. Number 5: The Maximum Security Mansion. Yes, there is a place literally called the
“Maximum Security Mansion”. Is it “just a title,” or is it really what
it implies? …what do you think? You’ll find this well-fortified building in
Evergreen, Colorado, and the cost of protecting this 32-acre estate comes in at around $6
million dollars. That’s just for the security measures. Let’s start with the cameras, they’re positioned
all over the estate to make sure that no sections are missed. And it’s so state-of-the-art that the owner
can actually monitor the feeds themselves through their iPhone. The house also informs the family when certain
events are going on so that they can do what they need to. And if you were SOMEHOW able to get in? They could find you, and use thermal scanning
to track your footprints in order to see where you went and what you did, or, if you were
still hiding in the house. But something tells me you’re not getting
in. Number 4: The Zombie Bunker. Come on, admit it, you’ve thought about what
you would do if you were a part of a zombie apocalypse. Right? There are even people who are preparing for
it to happen right now. But what might surprise you is that there’s
a massive bunker built London, England to house people during such a crisis. It’s called…the Zombie Bunker. Clearly no points for original naming. This place was built, head-to-toe, to deal
with the threat of not only zombies, but people who might want to try and break into the bunker
to save themselves. Which, if you watch things like The Walking
Dead, would be a reasonable thing for others to do. The Zombie Bunker is layered with concrete
and iron, but the walls are actually moveable within the complex, and there are windows
you can see out of, so that way you’re not truly “cut off” from the world. Then, when it’s in lockdown mode, the windows
get concrete sheets put behind them, the walls on the inside are moved into defensive positions,
and no one is getting in. Like zombies, or scavengers…but mainly zombies. But that’s not even the best part. To make sure no one sneaks in through the
front entrance…it’s attached to a drawbridge! Oh yeah, they went old-school for this. Necessary building to have around? That’s up to you, but if the zombie apocalypse
is coming, I know where I want to be when the first wave hits! Number 3: The Corby Family Residence. The Corby Family are millionaires from Hollywood
Hills who have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that their family is protected no matter
what comes their way. Which is to be praised…except you might
consider this family a little…eccentric when it comes to how far they’ve gone in regards
to security. First up, natural threats. California is known for earthquakes, so, the
Corby’s made it so the foundation of their home, which is huge, has 30 feet of concrete
as its base, thus earthquakes won’t be able to shake their house down. The house is also built to survive nuclear
and chemical attacks, which is…nice? But what about more logical attacks, like
robbery? Well, there’s a Panic Room within the house
where they can not only see everything via camera footage, but they can control their
very impressive security system. Which includes the ability to literally fog
the surrounding area. Because why not? Also though, if there is an attack on a global
scale and they want to be safe and secure, there is an underground bunker beneath the
house that can keep them safe and fed for about six months. That’s a lot of preparation, and while I’m
sure it cost a fortune, you know that the Corby’s are sleeping comfortably tonight. Number 2: The Intel Tiny House
I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I want to break into a place that’s literally
called the ‘Tiny House’?” Well it’s because this very unique home was
made in collaboration between Intel, Minim Homes, and Kyle Schuneman, and was designed
to be small, but have one of the most high-tech security systems ever. So it was literally designed from the top
down to be secure. What’s more, the entire place can be controlled
via your phone. How’s that for power? But if you need even MORE security, you can
wire it to recognize your voice, AND, before you enter the tiny house, you have to do a
facial scan. Number 1: Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is a popular tourist destination,
but don’t let that fool you, this palace is guarded very well, after all, they have to
protect the Queen, among others. Let’s start with the obvious…the place is
surrounded by guards, each of them unwavering in their dedication to making sure that the
Queen is safe. In fact, at night, the guards do a special
ringing task that makes sure that none of them fall asleep accidentally. Loyalty, ladies and gentlemen. Remember me talking about tourism? They cover that too, the roads outside the
building are closed when visiting hours arrive, and the police are brought in during those
hours to ensure that nothing goes awry. In the history of Buckingham Palace there
have been breaches of certain kinds, but none have ever gotten so far as to harm the Queen,
and that’s not likely to change. Which do you think is the most secure? Let us know in the comments below and…take

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  1. America's border problem is over all they have to do is watch this video no more illegal boarding Crossing plz send this video to Congress.

  2. I'm a self-proclaimed genius. There is no such thing as a safest house. But if you have four houses that are conjoined by underground tunnels. That would give you four options in four different directions. I guess Mother Earth will always be the greatest defensive mechanism

  3. For some reason I knew Buckingham palace was going to be number 1. There sure is a certain level of paranoia in some of these measures. Very interesting vid bro.

  4. You have the wrong Corbey’s the pictures you are showing are an Australian family who’s daughter spent 15 year in a Bali jail for drugs.

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