10 INCREDIBLE Security Features In The White House!

10 INCREDIBLE Security Features In The White House!

Where does the President go in times of crisis? How does the White House kitchen prevent the
the First Family from being poisoned? Find out in 10 Incredible Security Features
In The White House! Number 10. “Bullet Proof Windows” On November 11, 2011 a man named Oscar Ortega-Hernandez,
who was obsessed with the date 11/11/11 and fixated on assassinating President Obama,
took a modified AK-47 and fired upon the back windows of The White House. The shots were fired from nearby Constitution
Ave, about 2,000 feet away, where Hernandez had stationed his car. Fortunately for the first family and the country,
Hernandez failed to prepare for two things: one, the President wasn’t home and two, the
windows are reinforced with a special type of ballistic glass. Although the exact specifications of this
bullet-proof glass that was added in the 90s aren’t openly discussed for precautionary
reasons, experts believe that it has to be at least Level 8 glass-clad polycarbonate. This type of ballistic glass can easily stop
bullets like the kind fired by Hernandez and even more intense blasts. Every one of the 147 windows on the White
House is equipped with this material and its a good thing too, as even though President
Obama wasn’t there at the time, one of his daughters and mother-in-law were. One of the bullets that were recovered from
the scene was wedged inside on of the back windows while another one was found in the
backyard. Not only are these windows bullet-proof there
it is believed that they are equipped will ultrasonic devices that prevent would-be spies
from listening in on top secret conversations inside. Number 9. “Food Testing” When one thinks of the term food tester it
conjures up images of paranoid dictators like Napoleon or Stalin but the American Commander-In-Chief
uses one as well. It may not often be talked about because they
are usually a little more sly than the nervous food tasters in movies. When traveling or eating out the President’s
food taster is usually a member of the secret service or a trusted White House chef. The food tasting doesn’t get done in dramatic
fashion in front of everyone at the dining table rather in the kitchen area where the
food is being prepared. The Secret Service also usually does a thorough
search of this kitchen before the meal is even prepared. When dining at the White House all of the
food that is prepared has already gone through intensive testing at an offsite facility. This facility is top secret as are the true
sources of the ingredients used in the dishes. Number 8. “Restricted Air Space” Early in the morning on September 12th, 1994
while President Clinton was in office a man struggling with depression and other mental
issues flew a small two-seater plane into the South lawn with the wreckage coming to
rest near the base of the White House two stories underneath the presidential bedroom. Even though the Clintons were staying across
the street that night due to the ventilation system was being repaired, the photographs
of a plane wreck only feet away from the leader of the free-world’s abode were a scary sight. There has long been restricted air space over
the White House which stretches for 18,000 feet around it and is monitored by the Federal
Aviation Administration. Planes that fly into this secure space will
be warned initially but if the plane does not correct its flight path fighter jets will
be sent out to escort it out of the area. However, this small plane was able to reach
the white house as it was flying just above the treetops. It was also said at the time that the Secret
Services’ plan to protect the president in this event was more to get them to safety
rather than try and stop the plane. The technology that is used to protect this
air space has progressed considerably since this event due to necessity and technical
capabilities. Lazers and advanced radar systems are used
to detect anything entering the area. There are a couple unconfirmed yet fascinating
methods the Secret Service or military might be using to protect The White House from future
plane crashes or aerial attacks. There have been several reports that say nearby
building have anti-aircraft weapons on top of them that are equipped with Stinger missiles. Even more futuristic is the reported Lazer
Dazzler system that The White House might have. The Dazzler is a controversial device that
shoots strobing beams of light at a pilot or attackers, significantly disorienting them. Number 7. “Air Filtration”
Chemical weapons are an even bigger threat today then they have ever been. From potential dangers like tiny capsules
filled with devastating viruses to vicious gases that are undetectable by even the most
highly skilled noses the White House needs to be prepared in the event that an undetected
assassin unleashes an airborne toxin. To defend against this, The White House has
been renovated several times over with the latest air filtration system. In a similar way to which Las Vegas casinos
are constantly pumping in fresh and special scented oxygen in order to disperse smoke
and fill gamblers with happy feelings, The White House is always pumping in fresh oxygen
and sucking out any foreign particles. Number 6. “Monitoring”
Even in recent years with heightened security at The White House there are dozens of people
who have jumped the fence or attempted to get inside by other means whether with the
purpose of harming the first family or just getting on TV but luckily most of these people
don’t make it very far as the monitoring system around the President’s lair is one of the
most advanced in all of the world. There are hundreds of cameras lining the property
and hidden within it that can not only record in high definition but using thermal imaging
and night vision. These cameras have been placed so strategically
that their is not a single blind spot around the White House. If you could somehow go undetected by these
cameras you will undoubtedly set off one of the other two monitoring systems on the grounds. The lawns surrounding the White and various
courtyards are filled with alarms underneath the ground that are sensitive to pressure
and if that’s not enough to stop First Fans from taking midnight strolls up to the President’s
doorstep they will probably set off the infrared sensors that monitor all ground activity. Number 5. “Secret Service” Just as important as all of the technology
used to protect the White House is the human element. In some cases the Secret Service is even more
efficient than all the cameras and radar that money can buy. The Secret Service has gone from being a small
force comprised of a handful of agents even as recently as the 1960s to around 3,000 agents
and 3,000 other employees in the tech, administrative and uniformed officer division. In addition to the agents you see in black
suits around the president on any given day there are hundreds of secret service members
posed as everything from gardeners to tourists disguised in plain clothes working inside
the White House and around it. There are also highly trained snipers positioned
on the rooftops of surrounding buildings watching like hawks around the clock. These are some of the most highly skilled
snipers in the world with the ability to hit targets over 1,000 yards in distance. Whenever the President or his family are home
there is also a SWAT team standby that takes to the roof whenever they are leaving or entering
The White House, ready for anything. All Secret Service members go through monthly
reviews and train in Washington D.C.’s Maryland suburbs, practicing for any type of attack
that may come their way. On The White House premises several different
teams of Secret Service Agents divide up the various patrol areas. If you are thinking about going fence-jumping
don’t expect these Agents to wait until you come near them, they are trained to immediately
rush and take out anyone breaching the grounds in their sights. Over the years there have been some extremely
brave members of the service who have lost their lives or been seriously wounded by protecting
the president, without concern for themselves. Number 4. “Operations Center”
Underneath the White House’s East Wing is one of the most important rooms in the United
States. This is the Presidential Emergency Operations
Center, and it is from here that the President runs the country in times of crisis. Known by the abbreviation PEOC, this room
was built President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940s and was specifically designed
to be able to hold up against a nuclear attack. Getting to this safe room is like the opening
sequence to the television show ‘Get Smart’, you have to go several floors below the ground
in an elevator and then a series of large metal vault doors with biometric eye scanners
and a series of key card pads. The inside looks like a giant boardroom with
several phones and televisions so the president can give orders and receive reconnaissance. The room is frequently used on a daily basis
for training exercises and various meetings. The most recent time that it was used as an
emergency headquarters was during September 11th when the National Security Council and
President George W. Bush orchestrated the aid-efforts and various strategic responses
for the tragedy. Number 3. “Tunnels”
The Operations Center isn’t the only secret that lies beneath the historic White House
grounds, jutting out in all different directions to locations throughout Washington D.C. there
are a series of underground tunnels. The first tunnels may have been built hundreds
of years ago but the was modernized in the 1950s while the White House underwent a three
year renovation process in which it was completely reinforced with more modern building materials
like steel and concrete. The known tunnel that was built during this
period was one that linked both Wings of the White House, the operations center and other
shelters. While President Reagan was in office in the
1980s a tunnel that leads from a secret door out of the Oval Office and into the safety
of the basement below. There are several rumored tunnels whose existence
has yet to be confirmed one that connects to the Vice President’s house, the Pentagon,
Blair House across the street and one that leads from the White House’s East Wing into
the Treasury Building’s basement. There may even be a secret tunnel that lead
from the White House to the common presidential retreat Camp David. Number 2. “Barriers”
Despite years and years of security tech upgrades one of the strongest intruder or would-be
assassin deterrent features of the White House is also one of the simplest–It’s iconic iron
fence. The original fence that was built by Thomas
Jefferson was actually made of wood and only designed to keep farm animals from wandering
into the White House gardens but as Washington DC grew and threats evolved so too did the
fence. The wooden fence was slowly replaced in the
1800s with an iron fence that was just over six and a half feet tall but this was initially
only for show. After several incidents of unwanted guests
traipsing up to the property, President Grover Cleveland decided to close off the open spaces
in the fence. During World War II the driveways were closed
off and the White House basically functioned as a military compound. The fence was strengthened to defend against
assault vehicles and guards were stationed at even points throughout its perimeter. After the nation lost President Kennedy in
the 1960s, there was a heightened fear of future attacks and the fence was increased
in height by just over half a foot bringing its new height to 7 feet and 6 inches. As threats became more advanced and weapons
improved the White House felt pressured to become even more of a castle adding concrete
barriers in front of the fence and closed off Pennsylvania Avenue traffic completely
to prevent attacks from IEDs and more sophisticated modern tactics. Number 1. “Drone Defense”
From one of the oldest features to one of the newest. In order to stop the threat of weaponized
consumer drones, the White House has incorporated some unique technology that can down them
in an instant. In what is called ‘geofencing’ the Federal
Aviation Administration requires that drone manufacturers have a program built into them
that requires them to enforce the Administration’s no-fly zone boundaries. This program effectively shuts down a drone
if tries to fly into the established ‘geofence’ which covers a 35 mile radius, encircling
the White House. Even if you were to accidentally fly a drone
into the air-space the security doesn’t stop where your drone does. As an owner of any device that is snatched
by the geofence will be subject to investigation and prosecution. There are many other government buildings
that have strict no-fly zones overhead and many companies are beginning to use them in
order prevent aerial espionage. So if you are an avid toy aviator be careful
where you drive your drone. If you were President and could upgrade the
White House in any way you desired, what would you add?

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  2. If the windows were truly bulletproof then a bullet wouldn't get wedged in the window ergo the windows r not fully bulketproof

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  4. That's great that you have such good security cameras but then why cuz they tried to deny that the bad or they bring in people that will make us bad but then they keep them perfectly safe why don't they do items to keep us all safe

  5. Seriously? The president is still human meaning he can be assasinated. He may have a mega security force and anti air/ground. But every system has a flaw in it. In this case I would upgrade anti drone features. By law they are required to have that program installed by manufacturers but what if somebody made their own with a type of weapon attached? Like a bomb or infectious deadly disease? Even getting shot down it would be extremely effective if he got infected or secret service guards were. Also what's to stop a sniper traitor from firing on the man they are trying to protect? The most respectable snipers no offense can be turned one way or another to the dark side. I wouldn't feel safe with my own guards having a gun pointed near or at my head. As for cameras cameras can be jammed or have the connection cut. Motion sensors would be a problem. But anyway there's plenty of ways someone could get to him.

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