1$ Camera Rain Protection DIY – Learn Photography Benjamin Jaworskyj

1$ Camera Rain Protection DIY – Learn Photography Benjamin Jaworskyj

Hi and welcome in this video. Today I have a
quick tip for you how to build a rain or snow protection for the camera for less
than let’s say one euro, one pound, one yeng, whatever yeah for very cheap. I’m right now in Scotland and it rains a
lot. If you are not lucky like me because we have very great weather. Today it’s a
bit cloudy but we have almost no rain just two days there is almost nothing so
for Scotland in March. So what you can do when it’s raining or when it’s snowing
one thing first cameras usually can go through a lot of rain through a lot of
snow I photographed in Norway with that thick snow on my camera it still worked
but if it’s too wet or if it’s raining very heavy i use a protection for my
camera and it’s very easy to build one. You just need your lenshood, need a plastic
back and you need a rubber band and plastic bag is always good to have with
you in your photography back like I have right now. For rubbish so never leave
rubbish anywhere when you’re out in the nature and I have one plastic bag as
well for my protection so how does it work? First of all I screw my lens hood
on I have a polarizer now on it so it’s a bit more difficult to get it on.
Alright just like that alright. Always you sign on top that is the most important
thing so next I’m going to open the back let’s just place it over my camera like
that. So that’s the rain protection at first so you can use like that if you’re
just standing somewhere and you just want the camera to be out on the tripod
then it’s also rain protection but you want to photograph through the through
the back. So what you can do just do it like that. Take your rubber band put it
over your lens-hood like that. Then just open it up here on the top just a small
scratch and then just pull it over your lens-hood and boom done. No rain on your
lens, no rain on your camera. You can go like that through your camera still see
anything or everything and what I did once I even cut a small hole or scratch
the hole for my viewfinder and attached it just
with the thing over the viewfinder here so this small thing here. You can put it
off go over like that just clip it on it and then scratch a small hole and then
you can still see through your viewfinder. So it’s pretty easy, it’s
pretty tough it’s MacGyver like it’s all or it’s Jaworskyj like and I
use it a lot of time always when I need a fast rain protection. I also use like
real rain protection those heavy thermic things which cost like maybe 30 euro or
something you can put it over a camera but it’s not that comfortable to use
like just a plastic bag. So whenever you’re on rain or snow use your plastic
bag rubber band lens hood boom done. All right nice so if you liked the video
share with somebody who might interested as well and if you have other tricks
then post in the comment section below see you next time it’s right in this new
video about photography and post your pictures with the #jaworskyj on
Instagram, send me a snapchat everything is in the video description below.
See you next time and don’t forget Sag mal Einstellung Digger! Und haut rein. Are you interested in Lightroom check out my video course in the next lesson we will
talk about the whole comparing writing flagging whatever ring thing which is
pretty cool because you can choose the pictures you want to edit

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  1. you are definetly right, it's way better than "real" rain protection! i use it too, it's always in my bag πŸ˜‰

  2. I used the same combination when I was in the Loroparque at the orca show, because they splashed really wide. So only my polarisation filter got a bit wet. πŸ™‚

  3. MacGyver-like!!! Nice!!! By the way, can you do anything with a piece of string, some copper wire, a penknife and a flashlight?

  4. funny! but I have a question:in a few months I'm going to visit iranian deserts…do you think this 'systems' works as well for rain as sandstorms? I'm a bit worried with that (use a Canon 6d)

  5. Fantastic idea! Do you have any limitations regarding the focus pull? It seems like the bag might hinder your movements to keep focus.

  6. Could you please disclose what exactly cost here a dollar? πŸ™‚ A plastic bag which is for free or a rubber band that costs 2c? πŸ˜‰

  7. What's not to like this guy. Happy, energetic. Spot on all the subjects he talks about, his clips are short, not boring 20 mins with blah blah blah. Who else says, to find the best spot of landscape, check out postcards. Eureka! I wish I had an instructor like this guy.

  8. Hi Ben,die Videos sind echt geil auf diesen Kanal ich hoffe Videos wie das kommen auch auf den deutschen Kanal,so ein Video habe ich mich persΓΆnlich gewΓΌnscht,geile Sachen πŸ˜€

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