💥AIRBAG Sistema de Seguridad del Auto 💎🔐

💥AIRBAG Sistema de Seguridad del Auto 💎🔐

Experts in mechanics, my name is Nelson Ojeda from soloparamecanicos.com, your channel in automotive technology, today I come to talk about the AIRBAG system, let’s see a bit of history, the new features of this airbag system, the advances in technology and how the whole system has improved, so come with me to see it. AIRBAG, SECURITY SYSTEM The car’s airbag is considered a passive device. Because, its objective is to minimize the impact at the time of an accident. Its cushioning effect, based on an inflatable air bag, notably reduces the impacts of an accident. Being a device that has become so important, it is worth knowing a little more about its origin, scope and technology used in the automotive field. Interestingly enough, the automatic airbag is a safety device that originates not in motoring, but in aeronautics. Around 1930 it was already an innovative element. However, it was only in the 1950s that the first tests on automobiles began. Then, in 1974, they decided to use it as a prototype in impact tests. And finally, in 1981, it was officially incorporated in a Mercedes Benz S-Class car. Technology used in the auto airbag Today, when it comes to choosing a car, an airbag is just as appreciated by drivers as other devices, including assisted brakes. This is why the following technology is currently used in the design of the car airbag: – Bags made of nylon. – The bag is inflated using nitrogen gas. – As a supplementary aid, the vehicles have impact sensors inside. They detect where the immediate blow occurs. This could cause a chain reaction, and trigger the rest of the airbags for greater protection of the occupants of the car. – Modern airbags have an actuation time of 30 milliseconds. Activation of the airbag The car’s airbag bag is triggered when there is an immediate chemical reaction to the blow. This occurs by an electrical impulse in the impact sensor, which ignites a tiny amount of black powder in the airbag’s passenger compartment. There, next to the nitrogen gas container, are small capsules of sodium azide, which react to the heat of the micro explosion, causing an air blow in the airbag. This causes the bag to unfold, inflating with the released nitrogen. Types of airbags in cars Over the years the airbags in vehicles have evolved. Adapting more to the model of the car and causing the least impact on the occupants of the car, while protecting them. However, they still have a standard in their implementation inside the car. These are of three types, depending on where they are located: – Front Airbags: These are placed inside the steering wheel and on the glove compartment or dashboard of the car. – Side Airbags: These have been designed hiding them in the internal parals of the doors and in the edges of the seats. – Lower airbags: Curtains. This design allows an impact to unfold from the side of the roof to the door, the airbag, and protect occupants in the event of a rollover of the car. Well we have got to the end of this video, if it was useful please share it and like it! Additionally, if you have any questions, leave it in the comments and I will gladly answer you! Subscribe and activate the notification bell to receive everything new we have in automotive technology, ¡¡here in soloparamecanicos!!

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  2. hola buenas tardes te escribo de Argentina Provincia de Mendoza te pregunto tenes algun programa de airbag mediciones y instalaciones porque quiero anexsar airbag trabajo con autos modelos nuebos saludo.

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