【Home Security】新年早々ニートになってみたけど、お隣さんが怖すぎた!

【Home Security】新年早々ニートになってみたけど、お隣さんが怖すぎた!

hi everyone virtual gamer , kizuna ai here shall!!! .. today isn’t?, start camping on .. stage go to talking here, home security, let’s try!!!!!!! it… little long time not log in on something like play FNaF this soon as since when it was being popular now? hem!!! what – what is this? morning? (english subtitle by mikazuichi sagawa) what this? whta this? what thiiis? what,what,what that?,….. what that? what this? …again.. .. again!!?.., scary !!!!!, ….. what this? again!!! below?… scary…scary…scary… got it.. aaa again!!! ..what happen to you? some like hard feeling? .. ah? try maintenance feeling like that? all try goal dummy failed isn’t? is that fine?… crying like that ? … should be yourself … eeeeiii… to fear me there … what this!!! men? why! damn you!! not understandable isn’t? what is the pain here? HAAAA!!!!!!! SCARRY !!! right? since when common this reset the game? ha .. scary? did even girl play this game there? why is this, myself say thinking about being haunted until die, feeling like that isn’t? demon strike ha? why is here? more quickly self killing strike myself , are over here!!! cannot open style always?? AAAA… over here … over here.. than.. why jammed here?… over nothing was… open it ,please,please, aaaaaa on this what should i do? being fixed now on hole , next? fixing take to take.. taking now .. scene so garbage damn you in here.. can be feel like that… key?…danger… this..this..this maybe really game over keys danger !!!! myself very friendly now isn’t? … a .. good or not? can open!! window still need to confirm now!! take at truely go … truly can… ha? truely not understand!!!! this side? “so friendly.. so friendly” tell you.. this time, but second time my body stuck in this place,refusing or not? strength real atmosphere … danger… (look at window) red alert!! red alert than was?..ending..ending…ending ending,always ending.. ending dangerous… dangerous.. dangerrrrr… not ending,not ending… not ending… NO!!!!!!!!!!! unbreak … over scary horrible goal, ni chan!!! ahh.. more scaryyyyyy… next 1 more step window where? .. gonna stage here did exist? stop it, not coming here next? eeee.. scary.. scary ..scary on here? wrong it damn you now!!!! this thing hard or not, ni chan?!!! this thing like maze friendly, myself now die itself in character .. second time right? fake this,second time coming here so cool? dangerous to much fear, why like this.. scary…scary…scary…all the zombie is waiting .. ano.. wait there, scary…scary..scary.. here was.. scaaary…scaaaary!!!! all searching me now … really unbreak where is!!! what is not allowed? unbreak, unbreak, oh unbreak unbreak,unbreak,oh unbreak eee … more unbreak!!!!! strength is impossible damn you danger… ending…ending ending.. AAAAAA AAAAAAA AAA AAA aaAAARRRG!!! impossible where hi can come in damn you … like this!!!!!? impossible where hi can come in it take more.. marking in pain.. even one time “clear” i want to reach, dangerous or not? in your home you watching it all door but not all window heal all window enough or not? accept to much scary…. zero task right? not scary now!!! show..show.. bio hazard cloning like this right third person shooting, shooting isn’t? …keep shooting tough …talking shooting again and again.. like no fear anything isn’t? sound feel exist .. key not exist, some door cannot be open damn you isn’t? ahh.. stuck in trap .. always like that .. scaryyyyy girl stuck can do, girl stuck tag was.. coming to get ka? girl stuck than tough shit mean.. responsibility all coming in can see, this time quickly … why!!!!! quickly…something locker maybe.. after that .. exist not know.. healing limit place to visit.. door in everywhere.. that place maybe next.. oni chan.. saving me next..don’t hide here.. together work will say “thanks” for each other .. but..now.. scary,scary,scary… open scaryyyy… style scary or not style scary?… dangerous to much danger scaryYYY thanks god… fixing it.. second floor is dangerous isn’t? aaa.. another door broken again now? scaaaaryyy over here… unbreak…really unbreak.. .eee go broken and fixing take… it got strike maybe… it got to sparing , sparing , scary or not? scaryyy wait take truely become friendly can do stay there dangerous.. until when the sun can be shiny morning? where is… second times!!! save me any one? neee.. surely was noting more aaaaaaaaaaa danger ..danger .. danger.. make sure 1 more time to check can good right? danger zone.. aaaa.. haaa. danger.. hard work really by myself truely is cannot be opened..oni chan in danger, myself in danger.. dangerrrrr aniiii old brother …not follow me… danger.. ueeeeerggghhhh aniii… don’t just stay in there now… did another trap… ahhhh.. thanks godddddd!!!! scaryyy… scary to much really.. magical impossible … responsibility again again… what is this… what is..? outside and running away? impossible more… what hell is this!!!!! my self in hell of cabin was.. more like to early on see this.. se you agaiiin

100 Replies to “【Home Security】新年早々ニートになってみたけど、お隣さんが怖すぎた!”

  1. With the increasing wooden barricade breaking off, might as well get a Carpenter drop.

    On day 1, you all be like repairing breached windows like it came from Call of Duty Zombies. On day 2, you have access to drones from Rainbow 6 Siege.

  2. あいちゃんが妖怪が出て「ギャアァァァァ━━━━(」って叫んだ時腹筋崩壊するほど笑ったわ

  3. I wait all this time on the subtitles and now that they're here they're so bad I might have just as well watched this without any translation

  4. Would some wonderful human being please retranslate the English captions? Its like someone ran this through google translate.

  5. The translation is Terrible. I'd rather use the auto translate of a different language, as I would understand it better than this trash. "why is this, myself say thinking about being haunted until die, feeling like that isnt" It's like your trying to speak to me, something very important, but I just dont understand!

  6. 1:00 she said "bura-za" > "brother" and the sub "again" What The …Fun
    The Shoddy English subtitle lol
    So damn hard to read

  7. Wow the english subs are worse than the autotranslated korean subs, Sagawa-san I appreciate the effort but your english subs are not good.

  8. このゲーム、ホンマに難しい!

  9. This poor girl is getting jumpscared and she dosent even kno what to do cuz the instructions are in english

  10. I don't know who translated this, but so much of it was either not translated correctly, or not translated at all. I still had a basic idea as to what she was saying.

  11. all of your games is scary and jumpie to and i lkue it i will keep forward to your next video🙌🙌🙌🙌

  12. OMG you're so funny XD when you shock I shock too LOL XD but laugh after that hahaha.. thank you for making my day Ai-chan <3

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