【古琴Guqin|vlog】想让那些旧的、好的东西在这个时代重活一次The story behind Guqin music mv production

【古琴Guqin|vlog】想让那些旧的、好的东西在这个时代重活一次The story behind Guqin music mv production

(Shanghai City) (Tang Bin, artistic director of Zi De Guqin Studio, performing A Song of Guangling.) My name is Tang Bin, artistic director of Zi De Guqin Studio. I have been playing Guqin for 15 years. “When we talk about Guqin, the first word comes to people’s mind is ‘solitary’ or ‘lonely’.” “People have an impression that Guqin performers like me must be living in a vacuum, indulging ourselves in mountains and waters, enjoying ourselves…” “But actually there’s a large number of young people who are dedicating their hard work… in the inheritance and development of Guqin.” “And I hope we can make Guqin more interesting, more alive, and more youthful.” “This is the meeting room of our studio.” “This is one of our most high-tech online classrooms.” “We have three HD cameras to present our Guqin class in an all-round way.” We have also tried to produce a lot of World Music videos, mainly focus on Guqin. Hoping to draw more young audiences to understand or even be fond of Guqin. Young people like us love to innovate… not because we want to abandon the old traditions… but because we want to make the good old traditions… to ‘live’ again in our new era. “Today we discuss the instrument placement issue of our Chang’an Fantasy performance…” the drum may be unrecognizable when placed directly facing the camera… hence it must be placed with an angle. (sketching video previs) This is a custom made electric Guqin that I specifically ordered. Quite a mashup judging by the name, right? Although there are some controversies about it, people actually have been playing it for more than ten years. But most people play it as a Guqin with a bigger volume. I’m probably the only one using it as a synthesizer and compose songs for it. Guqin needs some new life to adapt into our new era. Maybe ‘electric’ is a good choice. (Tang Bin performing electric Guqin.) 1933 MICROTHEATRE is where our first official performance took place. This is where our dream began. This place actually used to be an abandoned abattoir. See? With some little adjustments, an abattoir can be turned into an art sanctum. Is there anything more magical than that? So why can’t Guqin make some changes? “This is where our first performance took place four years ago.” “It’s where our dream started.” (Toilet entrance) “Oops, wrong door.” Our innovation is based on solid traditional skills. The most traditional Guqin music can also be played very well. We’re still young, we want to explore new ideas on Guqin. So it could have more chance to be known by more people. Guqin has been passing on for more than 3000 years. In my view, though its heart is still beating, it’s slowly wearing away. It needs some new energy from this new era, to glow with the bright radiance of this era. “Welcome to our Chang’an Fantasy.” (Enjoy the show~)

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  1. 一群志同道合的年轻人一起做自己喜欢的事情,即能传承文化获得认可又能以此做为职业得以生活,有什么比这更幸福的吗

  2. 第一次坐在古琴前,就感觉到它的厚重、沧桑,手一接触琴弦,就感觉这乐器时入心的。跟吉他是i不一样的感觉。瞬间喜欢上这乐器。有时间一定要学习的。

  3. 古琴与其他乐器不同,作为世界文化遗产,它身上承载深厚儒道哲学文化,哲学从来只有信不信的问题,没有老不老旧不旧的问题,如果为迎合当前浮躁口味胡编乱改,那真是可悲了。“乐者,非谓黄钟大吕弦歌干扬也,乐之末节也,故童者舞之”。古琴对于有些人来说不止是乐器更是文化,而对于某些人来说只是个发声乐器,前者我们尊称为师,后者只配叫伎。伎在家随便怎么摆弄乐器别人管不着,但自比为师,把古琴与之承载的文化相剥离,鸠占鹊巢地加入浮夸肤浅的东西并向全世界宣扬让人误解,这就比伎更次了。文化之前意大利人筷子广告之所以惹怒中国人是因为筷子不单是工具更是文化,想想。另外,随着经济发展传统文化也越来越受重视,十几二十年前小孩一般都学西方乐器,现在越来越多小孩开始学传统乐器,楼下琴行古筝老师都不够用,不存在你危言耸听什么传统乐将死。如果让他国以你这种迎合巴结他人口味的四不像方式认识古琴,那宁愿不要,等等,等几十年后东方经济领先了,文化重心必然重回东方。

  4. 师者,传道授业解惑。 各位老师新年快乐。另外:想听白老师的声音,😄

  5. English subtitles please🙏🙏unfortunately i dont speak chinese😥 i really love the music from de guqin studio, artwork for the eyes and ears💞 🙏 nihao from germany🤗

  6. 站在時代的轉角,鼓勵創新,不忘初韻,給年輕人衝動的機會(人不輕狂枉少年,禪於心,狂於行),蹦出璀璨火花,需要那股動力!

  7. 支持,这是正统正宗的传统文化输出,好的东西经得起时间的考验,向团队致敬!

  8. 很喜欢自得琴社, 各个都是高手。 高山流水遇知音,古琴三千年了, 依然有人喜欢。 喜欢是古琴的古韵。 即使不染这样的移植曲都可以古意盎然。但是不赞成电子古琴,真正喜欢古琴的, 是因为缘分, 是来自远古的召唤, 不伦不类的东西是不会长久的。 之前有交响乐京剧, 越剧, 加入电声乐器,美其名曰吸引年轻人。 适得其反的事情。意大利歌剧, 守得住寂寞,才会在2020 年还是拥有大批的观众。 最民族的, 也是最世界的。

  9. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication, your channel has introduced me to the beautiful and awesome guqin. I love the music, and have listened to the pieces several times. 谢谢! 我很喜欢古琴的曲子。I am not a native Mandarin speaker, I'm sorry if there is a mistake 🙂

  10. 真棒。古琴的传承需要唐唐一些这样有想法和坚持的年轻活力血液注入。美玉也需要抛光才重放光彩,古琴也需要一些其它元素例如电音的金属感才能更贴近这个时代,编曲的中西结合确实能吸引更广泛受众。新年祝福自得琴社再接再厉,有天能在Lincoln center或者金色大厅开音乐会,发扬古曲的风采。

  11. 不要搭理很多人对麦克风的抱怨,麦克风不但完全不影响画面,甚至反而增加了一些不一样的感觉,今/古、直线/曲线、饱和黑色线条/不饱和色块……这样的对比在视觉上非常有趣。你们做得很棒!一切都很完美。

  12. Было очень интересное вступление, и очень красивая музыка. Спасибо за труды

  13. 支持你们,非常开心你们为咱们的文化传承做的努力,真的很感谢也你们,也是你们让我认识了古乐器,爱上古琴。

  14. Amazing Amazing!!! Jingrén Jingrén!! I love guqin, it has a Lovely sound and nimen work is incredible love all the vídeo clips!! 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  15. 什么叫重活 这些东西从未死去 不然你们这些年轻人又是从何处继承得来?
    说白了 国家积弱 民族不兴 这些玩意儿就成了愚昧落后的代名词 早几十年年轻人不玩迪斯科不跳霹雳舞搞这些那简直会被人当傻帽 现在一个个穿着汉服复兴文化多得意 你们应该为自己做的事情自豪 但也不要说得好像老一辈人把这些玩意儿给活活弄死了是你们刨坟掘墓抢救回来的一样 在整个民族都对自己的文化失去信心时 老一辈艺术家的坚持和传承才是真的不易

  16. 笛子这段好欢快放松,你们在给古典注入新的血液,加油年轻人们!

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